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5 Best Wispy Bangs Ideas


One may disagree, but in the majority opinion, the wispy bangs hair is so dope. They enhance your overall look and image. It may come as news to many, but the wispy bangs can also help correct various features of your face, say you have a wide face, you can make it look petite with hair bangs. Someone has a long face, well, cutting bangs is all that is needed to correct it. In short, the possibilities with a fringe haircut are endless. But to avail yourself of these possibilities for perfect hair care, you need to get wispy bangs that are just right for you. How to determine that? Well, I am going to help you with that just now. 

Face Framing Layers And Face Cut

Every person has a unique body type according to which he dresses. People have different eye shapes based on which they go for particular makeup styles. Likewise, every person has a specific face cut. And it is important to determine your face cut before you go for bangs or no bangs.

It is not necessary that what looks good on your friend may suit you as well. And the reason behind is your face cut and the way you style your wispy bangs. Thus, before you get a haircut with bangs, look at your face cut and get the layered bangs that look the best on your face. 

There are at least six basic face shapes. You can have one of these or a coupled face shape from these. For each face shape, you need to learn how to cut side bangs differently. Based on the specific face cuts, one may get layered bangs, thin bangs, straight bangs, curly bangs, long bangs, short bangs, or feathered bangs. With my guide, determine your face shape now and choose the wispy bangs that are just right for you. 

1. Hair Bangs For Oval Shape

6 best wispy bangs ideas

The oval shape is considered to be the most feminine shape. It is the ideal face shape, and the goal of wispy bangs with every face shape is to attain oval face shape ultimately. In the oval face, the forehead is slightly wider than the chin, and the length of the face is one and half times the width of the face. 

For an oval face, bangs are not really a necessity, and it is more like a personal choice thing. But side-thin-bangs are a more appropriate choice for an oval face. The details on how to cut bangs and how to trim bangs that you already have are shared in the heading ‘how to cut your own bangs at home.’ 

2. Hair Fringe For Round Face

A round face is basically just round (as if drawn with a compass). It is wider around the cheeks and appears more full. With a rounded face, the goal is to add more angles through the wispy bangs. To get this dimensional face, which is still a bit rounded, you need to learn how to cut side bangs just like Taylor Swift. The fringe haircut that suits the round face most is the side-swept one. Learn to do that, or just ask your hairdresser for wispy bangs angled to one side. 

The idea of blunt bangs on one side is to chop off the wide cheekbones (Don’t get me wrong, for I mean FIGURATIVELY!). Moreover, you should go for short bangs. You don’t want to cut the length of your face but the width only. All you want is to suck on those cheekbones. But if you are a fan of long bangs, I would recommend you to get layered hair with bangs. Your wispy bangs can be long on the outsides but go for short bangs in the middle area.  

3. Wispy Bangs For Square Face

wispy bangs

The square face is somewhat similar to the round face. The square-faced people, however, have both wide chin and wide cheekbones. This face cut is super angular, and the goal of wispy bangs is to cut off some angles and make a face appear somewhat oval. 

For a square face, you really need to get layered hair with bangs. The layered haircuts with bangs on the sides will soften your look. The wispy bangs you get must be long on the sides and short in the middle. It is pretty much the same as the round face people do. 

4. Cute Bangs For An Oblong Face

An oblong face is clearly long (in terms of face length). It may appear oval, but the oval is kind of squished on the sides. So, the side width is less, and face length is more. Now you will need to have wispy bangs that cut the length of your face without chopping off the width. But if you do want something on the sides, go for thin bangs on the sides that don’t make your cheeks sucked up. 


The way to do hair bangs for an oblong face is to get a longer hair fringe. There is a wide forehead that you need to cover for a flattering look. The blunt bangs reaching below the eyebrows look great on the oblong faced people. 

5. Feathered Bangs For Heart Face

best wispy bangs ideas

The heart face cut is literally like a cute little heart. The hairline is bent down in the middle to give the heart shape. The face is wider at the top, and the forehead is large. Heart-shaped faces have higher cheekbones and petite chin. Here the wispy bangs are required to decrease the width of the forehead. Otherwise, the face cut, in general, is good. 

Cutting bangs for heart shape is kinda tricky, so you definitely need to learn how to cut bangs at home if you want to do it by yourself. The hair fringe is not cut on the sides. The way to do it is to cut wispy bangs by taking a section of hair just above the eyebrow arches. These bangs need to be made way less wide than normal hair bangs. This will give you a beautiful, more rounded oval face. 

6. Face Framing Layers For Diamond Face 

Although the oval face is considered to be the most feminine face shape, yet the diamond face cut is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. The diamond face people have accentuated cheekbones and jawline. The chin is very pronounced, and the jawline is very angular. The forehead is also small. The width is only in the high cheekbones, which is kinda cool, so who wants to get rid of it with wispy bangs.

The diamond face people can actually get just any sort of bangs that they like, for it will suit them perfectly for there isn’t any proportion problem. So this gives the opportunity of playing with various heights and thicknesses of bangs. Short bangs, long bangs, feathered bangs, straight bangs, curly bangs, and so on all look flattering on the diamond face. 

Wispy Bangs And Winter Hairstyles

wispy bangs styles

Winter is coming! (lol, pun intended). Anyways, it means it is the time of the year where you can experiment with various hair down styles. This year the coolest winter hairstyles are the ones with layered bangs. I have already elaborated on how to choose hair bangs based on your face cut, so it is time to discuss various hairstyles with wispy bangs. So here are my top 3 super cute winter hairstyles featuring feathered bangs. 

1. Tousled Romantic Hairstyle

For this look, curl your hair except for your gorgeous layered bangs. Instead of curly bangs, go for straight bangs. Aster curling your comb through them with your finger for a tousled look. Then take a section of hair on both sides above the ear to make two fish braids. Take some hair in the crowns section to form a little hump. Then pin both braids at the back of the crown. Adjust your bangs on both sides. Ta-da! Super romantic hairstyles are done. 

2. A Cute Everyday Ponytail

wispy bangs

For this ponytail, again, you will need curled hair. Grab all your hair and tie them into a ponytail at the nape of your neck, just where the hairline is. Then tug the hair above the pony gently for a more poofy and voluminous look. With this ponytail, you can go with both curly bangs or straight bangs, depending on your mood. 

3. Side Hair Look

This hairstyle requires straight hair. Straighten your hair and part your hair on one side (whichever side you are comfortable with). On the side with a smaller partition, tug the hair back behind the ear or with a bobby pin. Then brush your cute wispy bangs on the other side with the rest of the hair. It is a super cute and simple hairstyle that you can go for any day when you are feeling lazy. 

How To Cut Bangs At Home

how to cut wispy bangs

The best way to get the perfect hair fringe is by getting it done by a professional hairstylist. But if you are up to some experimentation, here is how to cut your own bangs. Also, it is the current trend to learn how to cut bangs at home. So here is how you gotta do that.

  • Start by parting your hair nicely into the center. The center parting needs to be perfect. One tip is to trace a line from the tip of your nose to your hairline. That is where your parting needs to be before you cut your wispy bangs. 
  • Then separate out a small triangle in the front hair. If you want a lot of thickness, you can add a little more hair to your triangle.
  • Cut your hair for bangs near your lips, just below the tip of the nose. (don’t worry, we are going to discuss how to trim hair for bangs length). 
  • Now keep on trimming your hair fringe to the length that you want to go for. 
  • Once you are happy with the length of your hair bangs, it is time to turn them into feathered bangs. For this, trim the ends in very small triangles by keeping the scissors slant. This will help you attain a softer look compared to the blunt bangs. 
  • Now, if you are happy with the bangs, leave it like that. If you feel like you need to add some kind of face-framing layers, then take two little strands from the parted hair to cut longer bangs on the sides. Then cut the strand by angling the scissors towards the forehead. And you are done!

Should You Get Hair Bangs?

Many people wish to get cute bangs but are scared by the idea that what if they don’t suit you. Well, girl, lemme tell you one thing: there are no rules when it comes to fashion and styling. Whatever you like is perfect for you. Besides, as they say, YOLO! So don’t shy away from experimenting with your hair. These are your hair, and you can style them as you like. And just remember that your bangs are not going to stay like that forever. The hair will grow back for you to style them differently if you wish to. So don’t let your shyness hold back your plans and get the wispy bangs now to rock your winter hairstyles. 

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