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15 Gorgeous Winter Nail Designs Ideas


We love our sweater weather and as soon as the temperature dropped, we started thinking about winter nail designs. Can you imagine wearing a cute wool sweater that is made better by your winter nails? So can we!

What with 2020 being a bust, we are determined to see only positive vibes in 2021, and what better way to do that than by indulging in all the winter nail colors that you can get your hands on.

Why Are Winter Nail Ideas Popular?

Are you wondering why everyone is blabbering like a monkey about nail styles, especially winter nails? You see, winters can be gloomy for some people so we like to spread joy in this time by coming up with winter nail ideas. Try out a few of our nail art ideas and you will be smiling from ear to ear.

Winter Nail Designs To Bring Life To Your Hands

winter nail designs ideas for hands

Winters require us to keep our hands moisturized and well-tended to but why stop at that? Why not bring the party to your hands with some adorable winter nail designs?

Since it’s winter, let’s paint our nails to reflect the soul of it and maybe even Christmas too with some statement nail ideas.

1. Snowflake On A Red Background

Snowflakes might just be the most magical things we have seen and we want to see that magic on your nails. Paint your nail blood-red entirely. One of our cooked up design ideas is to draw the perfect little snowflake on it by using white nail polish and a toothpick.

2. A Steaming Cup of Cocoa

Since we have dedicated our winter nail designs to all things winter, warm your hands up by drawing a cup of cocoa. Paint a solid background with a chocolate brown color and make a little steaming cup on only one finger of yours.

3. Lit Up Christmas Tree

Don’t forget that winter always equals Christmas and it should definitely have a place in your winter nail designs. Apply the transparent nail polish to all your nails to give a blank canvas. Trace out tiny Christmas trees and string up the bauble with red and yellow nail polishes.

4. Tiny Bulky Santas

Santa is coming to town! Are any of our winter nail ideas even viable if we forget to include Santa? Perch him up on the top of your nails and make sure to give him his signature bulging belly.

Holiday Nail Art Ideas For Winters

Holiday winter Nail designs

To be able to do holiday winter nail designs is a joy as it allows creativity to flow through the body and fills up the air with a holiday aroma. We are not short on nails ideas for the holidays so without keeping you waiting further, let us plunge in.

5. Mrs. Claus And Her Nails

We always wanted to be Mrs. Claus to see all the gifts beforehand so we imitate her spirit by painting her nails red but there is more to one of our favorite winter nail designs. You can also draw ribbons of presents and complement them with straight horizontal lines to give the illusion of a deconstructed present. Use a glitter-filled gold color for this purpose.

6. Glittery Nail Line

We love all things glitter but we also lean towards sophisticated winter nail designs. Matte nail polish in gray color lined with glitter on the bottom end of every nail is one of our best design ideas yet.


7. Snowy Night

Depict a dark and snowy night as of the nail designs. Color all your nails black or a dark shade of blue except one. For that one special nail, choose a shimmery silver nail polish that can be seen from a mile away.

8. Marbled Nail Surrounded By Pinks And Blues

Create a marble-like effect on only one finger of your hand and surround it with soft pink and blue colored nails. It is a multi-colored look but since it is toned down, it can be worn to work or any formal occasion.

Winter Nail Colors To Suit The Weather

Many people do not stick to a group of nail colors for the winter season because they believe that every color works. While that is true, we like polishing up our winter nail designs with the colors we know will pop and suit according to the weather.

Traditionally speaking, winter nail colors and winter nails are ones that are more on the dull end to complement the gloomy weather. Winter nail ideas revolve around keeping the look subtle and the winter nail colors reflect the mood of the weather. We have got a little treat for you (we follow in Santa’s footsteps), a plethora of winter nail ideas to match the right colors!

9. Nude Colors

Winter nail styles look best when there is a neutral color involved. Go for a matte finish in nude nail polish and it will well with light-colored sweaters and coats.

10. Ombre Nails

Contrast with the weather and go for an ombre look with purple color. To take it a step further, accent your ring fingers and give them a snowy powder like effect.

11. Dip Into The Grays

Acquire a glossy gray for all your nails to keep them simple and chic. For many people, the right winter nail designs are the ones that are only about the grays and browns.

12. Mauve Colored Nails

If you are not drinking the wine, you can certainly remind yourself of it by painting them in wine colors. Wine colors involve brown, mauve, and red. The choice is up to you scouts but we love mauve in winter nail colors.

13. Burnt Orange

Get a fresh color for your winter nail designs of burnt orange to remind yourself of autumn. People list it as one of their favorite winter nail ideas because their nails look great in burnt orange when they are holding a pumpkin spiced latte and taking a picture for their Instagram account.

Toenail Designs To Dress Up Your Feet In Winters

Toenail winter Designs

Winter nail designs are not only about hands, it would be a crime to forget to mention toenail designs. We urge you not to be lazy and to explore and implement our nail ideas for your feet too.

The winter nails have a signature look to them, in fact, they have two kinds of look. One is festive whilst the other one is on the south pole and is dull but chic.

14. Bells on Toes

Grab your anklet and toe rings and pair them with nail styles that include tiny bells. The bright and shiny yellow bells would stand out on a green background.

15. Geometric Nails

From our brilliant minds, we add to the list of winter nail designs by introducing contrasting geometric designs to your little toenails. Keep the background color dark like black or dark blue and draw stark white lines in geometric patterns on them.

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