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Best Winter Nail Colors And Styles For 2021


The season of sweaters and scarves is just around the corner. And along with this cold weather what we are all looking forward to warmly welcome is the winter nail colors and styles. Here we are going to talk about the cute winter nail designs and colors, nail paint styles, and much more. But before getting to that, we first need to talk about the dos of applying nail colors so that your mani looks professional. Here is the nail paint routine that you need to follow if you are looking forward to using winter nail colors that last long.

Ultimate Winter Nail Colors Routine

Ultimate Winter Nail Colors Routine

Exceptionally, guys, it would be best if you stopped spending your money on high-end salons to get your nails done. With a few tips, you can master the professional nails at home (and trust us, it’s way more fun!). So here’s is the best winter nail colors routine that you need to follow to make your nail color not only look pro but also last much longer. 

Prep The Nails

Before applying any nail paint, it is highly recommended to prep your nails. It is particularly important to do so in winters when the nails are dry. But hello, dry nails don’t mean you need to put some nail oil first. That is the enemy of winter nail colors and styles. The first that you need to do is trim your nails and fix their shape. Then buff your nails but don’t go too harsh with it or you can damage your nails. Light buffing is all you need to make your winter nail colors done professionally. When you buff, the surface of the nails gets a bit rough, which helps the polish stick better. If you are not a fan of doing that, you can skip this part, but then your nail paint may not last longer than 2-3 days. 

Alrighty! After this get a cuticle pusher. Push your cuticles back a little and trim off the dry cuticle with small scissors or cuticle nippers. Now if you are too scared to trim if, you can also use your buffer or file to scrape off the fry cuticle. Remove the residue and dust from the nails and paint them with nail paint remover to properly clean your nails. Ta-da, you are now good to go to select and apply the pretty winter nail colors. 

Apply The Base Coat

Apply The Base Coat

Under every professionally done manicured nails, there is a base coat. This coat makes the nail polish stick to the nails and lasts longer. Also, a good base coat works as a primer and ensures that your winter nail colors look smooth and stunning. There are various types of nail paint bases available out there in the market. You can select a:

  • Mattifying base
  • Smoothing base
  • Peely base
  • Long-lasting base

The one that you select is really up to your personal preference. But when we are talking about winter nail colors in 2020, our recommendation is to go for a stable base. It smooths out the texture of the nails by filling in the ridges and is perfect for both glossy and matte nail paints. 

Wear Your Mani

Please select your favorite winter nail colors and apply them neatly on your nails on top of the base coat. For a lasting mani, apply two to three coats of your nail paint. But wait for at least five minutes between using each layer to let the first one dry completely. The best way to apply nail paint professionally is to apply some in the middle near the base. Extend outlines on the sides of the nails and finish off with a stroke in the middle to smooth the lines. 

The Final Touch

Once your nail paint has completely dried, seal it with a nice topcoat. Like the base coat, it too comes in both mattifying and glossy finish. Here, the choice is totally up to your personal preference. Let the topcoat dry completely. Then with a clean brush dipped in remover, clean off the edges or any part of the skin where you got the nail paint. Now apply your hand cream and a cuticle serum (or oil) around the cuticles to rejuvenate the dry skin. Viola! Your nails are just going to look as if done professionally.

Trendy Nail Paint Styles 

Trendy Nail Paint Styles

Nail paints are the best accessory to complement any winter look. How you wear your nail colors says a lot about who you are. This is why people are incredibly picky when it comes to choosing nail paint styles or designs. Here we are going to present our top picks of nail paint designs that you can create easily with your favorite winter nail colors. 


1. Elegant French Manicure

Okay, before any of you guys come at us for suggesting an old-style, let us assure you that the long-forgotten french tips are back in fashion. But instead of white information, the nude ones are the recent trend. Choose nude winter nail colors for this look. First prep your nails and apply a nude tinted base coat. Crete the tips with a slightly darker nude color or use a black for extra drama on the advice of your nails. Finish off with a glossy topcoat. 

2. Blue Snow Nails

Nothing can ever go wrong with a cute ombre. Try a nude and blue or white and hazy blue ombre this winters. Apply the darker color at the base and lighter on the tips. Then blend the both in the middle using a small flat brush or a little piece of sponge. Finish off with a matte topcoat for a more sophisticated look. Additionally, you can complement this design with a glittery topcoat on either the index or ring finger. For these nails, there is just one word: Classy!

3. Stripes With Butternut Squash Nail Color

This color is so a go-to for beauties this year. Apply the butternut squash nail color by DND on the tips of your prepped nails in small rectangles. Then draw two parallel matte golden stripes in the middle. For this, you can use Essie Million Mile Hues, which is perfect for such designs because of its opacity. If you don’t trust your hand to remain steady while creating the stripes, you can use the artificial adhesive golden stripes. Finish off with a long-lasting glossy top coat. 

4. Simple Metallics

Nothing beats something simple yet sophisticated. One way to style your nails is by applying any of the cute metallic winter nail colors for a graceful look. Metallic nail paint goes best with everyday outfits. 

5. Marble Nail Paint Style

A chic winter nail colors style is the trendy marble nails. It may look complicated to create, but trust us all you need to master is a little trick. Here is how you can make the marble stone looking nails easily. Begin with a white nail paint on top of your base coat. Once it dries off completely, apply a second layer, and leave it wet. With black gel polish, draw random marble-like lines and let it dry for a minute. Afterwards, for a more realistic look, draw some small black lines and spread them out with some rubbing alcohol. Next, add some metallic details with a gold gel polish. Then finish the design by applying your favorite top coat. You can do this to either all your nails or just one or two of them. 

Top Winter Nail Colors For 2020

Top Winter Nail Colors For 2020

Now that we have already talked about the best way of applying the nail polish professionally. Various styles in which you can use it let’s talk about the trending fall and winter nail colors for this year. We have a brand-wise list for you to choose from. So, without further ado, let’s get to the business. 

1. Best OPI Winter Colors

Best OPI Winter Colors

The OPI is a cherished American nail paint brand known for its extensive range of colors. The OPI colors come into two variants: one is the OPI nail lacquer, and the other is OPI infinite shine variant. Bith variants are super cute and favorites of polishers. Talking about the OPI winter colors for 2020, our recommendation is the OPI Muse Of Milan winter nail colors collection launched this year. This year, they have found a lot of oranges and purples instead of the reds in their OPI winter colors collection. Here are our top picks from this brand new collection:

  • Addio Bad Nails, Ciao Great Nails – this is a dusty purple shade that has a nice touch of dark purple shimmers running throughout it. The shimmers in it are not like the regular ones but have a textured grainy look to it which, to be honest, is kind of pretty in its way. Although it looks textured, the formula itself is smooth and self-levelling, which makes it very easy to work with. The color itself is cold and the perfect shade to go for in fall or winter. Upon our recommendation, you can try this shade. If you agree with us, you need to add this to your personal winter nail colors collection. 
  • Duomo Days, Isola Nights – this is a gorgeous slightly dusky to medium dark blue shade. This color is a perfect glossy shade and one of the best winter OPI colors from the latest collection. The formula is super opaque that you need just a single coat. And the two coats of this lousy baby is a total game-changer. 
  • Drama At La Scala – it is again a slightly dusky dark cream shade. But since it has a greenish tinge in it, it looks more of a teal blue color. It is a lovely muted color that can go with any outfit. The brightness in it makes it really stand out, so definitely go for it and add it to your winter nail colors. 

2. Essie Winter Colors

Essie is a nail paint brand that is the most popular among the nail polish addicts. All the hype given to Essie is well-deserved for the formula of these nail colors is totally to die for. The procedure is super creamy, and with two coats, you are always good to go. The colors are super smooth and lasting. Talking about the fall/ winter nail colors, here are our most cherished and the best Essie winter colors:

  • Essie Hear Me Aurora – the Essie nail polish Hear Me Aurora is a stunning dusty rose color. Although it is pink, it’s not like a summery pink, but a shade that goes in both fall and winter seasons. This particular color is very versatile. It is a very neutral-ish shade for winters. So babes, get it and we guarantee that it is going to be your crush in no time.
  • Essie In the Lobby – this color is a cinnamon plum which is one of the best winter nail colors. It is a very dark red-plum shade which looks gorgeous in the colder months. 
  • Essie Bon Bon Nuit: This is from the latest collection by Essie. Bon Bon Nuit is a subtle purplish shade with golden shimmer in it. Unlike, OPI’s Addio Bad Nails, Ciao Great Nails, the shimmer in it does not have a grainy texture. Instead, the formula is incredibly creamy, and the glitter is spread throughout. This is one of the best winter nail colors for tan skin.

3. Zoya Winter Nail Colors

Zoya Winter Nail Colors

Zoya is the best nail polish brand of all time. Their nail paints and nail accessories are all very intriguing. The creamy formulas with beautiful finish are to die for. Here are our favorite winter nail colors by Zoya from their brand new winter/ holiday collection:

  • Nico – this is a unique lemon-lime shade with golden shimmer running throughout it. This color is not very opaque, and you have to apply at least three coats, but the final result is worth it. With three coats, the paint builds us gorgeously and has a lovely sheen to it. 
  • Regina – this is a beautiful emerald shade that is perfect for fall and holiday season. The color is very royal and rich. Also, this color gets utterly opaque in two coats only. 
  • Isti: Isti is a beautiful glittery shade having a pop of brilliant royal blue which gives this color an added vibrancy. Unlike most glitters, you don’t have to struggle with this one to get a uniform finish. Two coats of this baby are good to go. This is one of our favorite winter nail colors that is indispensable this winters.

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