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20 Stunning Updos For Long Hairs Ideas


Anyone who has or had long hair can attest to the fact that it makes one feel powerful. If you have long hair, you will also agree with the fact that doing updos for long hair is a real hassle. How many times a month do you just want to sentence your hair to the scissors? We empathize with you and truly comprehend that it is not easy to handle and take care of the hair of such length but do not sacrifice it on momentary frustration.

We love the compliments and admiring gazes that people bestow upon us whenever they see our long locks. To counter the problem of management due to the length of hair, we thought up a solution, constant simple updos! With updos, your hair will not bother you throughout the day. With our 20 easy hair updos, your hair care routine will become 20 times easier so let us style away.

Updos For Long Hair Management and Styling

updos for long hair ideas

When it comes to styling long hair, there are so many options like bridesmaid hairstyles and homecoming hairstyles that our spirits get lifted. Hold on to your long tresses because we are about to blow your mind with our updos for long hair.

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1. French Braid

We have seen countless celebrities managing their long hair in braid updos and one of them is the French braid. If you have never done it then it might take you a few tries but the result will be fabulous. This braid starts from the very front i.e. hairline on the forehead and gathers and braids the hair till the nape of the neck.

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2. Twisted Bun

If you have seen the tutorials of twisted buns then your vision might be tunneling a little bit but take deep breaths because it can be done and is an easy updo. The first portion of the tutorial would involve you twisting and making knots so the trick is to take time. The end product is one of the most beautiful updos for long hair as straight hair drapes around a bun and the whole artwork is held in place by bobby pins.

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3. Braided Flower Crown

Our inner little girl screams whenever we look at this updo and we bet you will feel the same way when you see the crown made out of hair flowers! It works well in the category for updos for long hair because the longer the hair beneath the crown, the better the visual of it. The front of the hair is divided into three little braids which are loosened greatly. The flowers are molded out of the loosened braids and woven together via bobby pins.

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4. Half Dutch Braid

Even though it involves a dutch braid, it gives an edgy look to the wearer because the braid comes on only one side of the head behind the ear. As far as updos for long hair go, it is fairly simple to do and can be topped off with a statement flower clip.

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5. Lopsided Fishtail

Messy updos for long hair are trending for the last few years. For a simple updo, you can make a fishtail on the side with a very small section of hair. Once done, bring it over to the other side and pin it underneath a lock of hair.

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6. Rope Braid

The bulkiest braid out of all the updos for long hair is the rope braid. From the larger section of your parting, the braid starts and gathers all hair. After the nape, the hair is tied in a rope-like manner till the very end.

7. Space Buns

Easy hair updos require the least amount of time and energy spent and this is exactly how space buns work. The double buns sit on the top corners of the head, parallel to each other and equal in size. The parting is done in the middle and every strand is caught up in the bun. If you are looking for an easy updo for your fringe then you can make the double buns and keep your fringe hanging loose stylishly.


8. French Braid Blended With Twisted Bun

It is a blend of two updos for long hair i.e. the French braid and twisted bun. The front, top, and back of the head feature the French braid whilst the nape supports the elegant twisted bun.

9. Pompadour And Tight Bun

Great volume combined with long hair can be challenging to style but it can be done with a pompadour and a tight bun. Gather as much volume as you can in the pompadour and tease it out. In contrast, the rest of the hair will go in a tight bun to create a stark contrast within the hairstyle.

Easy Updos For Long Hair That Catch The Eye

Easy Updos ideas For Long Hair

Scouts, raise your hand if it takes around 30-40 minutes to style your long hair. If it takes you more than that, we salute you. Why not let us make it better for you by easy updo ideas that will take you considerably less time to do?

10. Messy Bun

We say this with confidence that a messy bun is the sexiest out of all the updos for long hair. It is a casual easy updo that brings all the attention to itself rather than the face whilst strangely also complementing it at the same time. Make up top bun and loose and tease out some strands of hair that frame your face in a messy but charming manner.

11. Two Ponytails

We categorize it under easy hair updos because it literally involves making two ponytails. The first one goes on the crown of the head and the second one is beneath it after 2-3 inches only. It might sound wonky but the hair tie of the second ponytail gets completely hidden by the flowing locks of the first one. It gives the illusion of one very long ponytails and wows any viewer.

12. Khaleesi Twist

Out of all the simple updos of Game of Thrones, the Khaleesi twist is one of our all-time favorite updos for long hair. It is elegant yet uncomplicated. It stars two sections of small sectioned ponytails that are turned inwards to give them the look twists. But unlike most of the twists, the majority portion of the hair is left open.

13. The Classic Ponytail

The ponytail has been around for decades and is going nowhere in the foreseeable future which is why it has its own permanent pace in updos for long hair. Being an easy updo, it takes two minutes to make a good voluminous ponytail no matter how long and thick your hair is.

14. Top Bow

Often known as the half bow, it is the most enchanting of all the updos for long hair. The simplicity of it allows it to slide in to the group of easy hair updos. The bottom half of the hair is left free whilst the top portion is converted into a thick bow and secured with bobby pins.

15. Front Side Braid

Boho braid is the front braid that is made on only one side of the head, the open hair can be left straight or curled for more volume. Like all the other easy updos for long air, it will take you 3-4 minutes if your length goes beyond the middle of your back.

16. Hairband Braids

For our simple updos, we often do the halo braids. The braids are made from sections behind both the ears and are then crossed over the top of the head to form a hairband of sorts. If that is not an easy updo then what is?

17. Pinned Back Beach Waves

You don’t necessarily need to go to the beach to enjoy such updos for long hair. It can be worn to any party, hangout, or date. Pinback the waves to keep the attention entirely on your face.

18. Half Bun

Concerning easy updos for long hair, a half bun will take you a minute to make. If you leave the open hair straight, it might be too simple so might we suggest beach waves under it?

19. Double Bun

We reserve the double bun for fancy parties’ updos for long hair because it might be a bit too intense otherwise. The double bun comes in its true form if the strands are teased out and made to be a little messy.

20. Knot And Low Ponytail

Gather the top of your hair into a knot and secure it on the crown of your head, make sure that it is secured well. The hanging tresses of the bottom half go in a long hanging ponytail. With such updos for long hair, you get the illusion of lengthening of hair.

Tools Needed To Create Updos For Long Hair

Tools needed to create Updos For Long Hair

Hairstyling easy updos are not possible without a few necessary tools that you should absolutely house in your makeup station. You can always add to the list according to your need but basically, you will require a few essentials.

Styling Updos For Long Hair

  • Hairbrush
  • Comb set
  • Hair spray
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair ties
  • U pins
  • Curling wand
  • Hair elastics

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