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Tie-Dye Eyeshadow Looks To Blow Away The Onlookers


The world of tie-dye eyeshadow sees so many innovative looks every other week that it makes our heads spin. We cannot help but marvel at the genius of the people who create any tie-dye eyeshadow look. The principle behind tie-dye eye makeup is to create a psychedelic effect on a small canvas such as the eyes.

Makeup gurus who are an expert on crafting complicated eye makeup look often get stumped when trying to create tie-dye eye makeup looks. If the same thing is happening to you, it doesn’t indicate that you are losing your touch, it just means that you need our help in giving you freshie’s course on this tie-dye eye makeup.

Tie-Dye Eyeshadow Is Captivating

The tye-dye eyeshadow trend is still alive as people love how trippy it can be and it gives off big fun vibes that not many other eyeshadow looks can do.

Trending Tie-Dye Eyeshadow Looks

We want you to serve up the best tie-dye eyeshadow looks out there which is why we have made a list of 15 tie-dye eyeshadow ideas that you can try out.

Tie-Dye Eyeshadow Rainbow

For this, you do tie-dye eyeshadow in a rainbow formation. The bottom of the rainbow goes on the outer edges i.e. towards the eyebrows and the purple, indigo and other colors of the top of the rainbow start toward the lash line.

Spiral Tie-Dye Eyeshadow

This tie-dye eyeshadow look will leave you spinning as it is sort of a rainbow that is painted in a spiral with the center of the spiral starting on the middle of the eyelid.

Layered Tie-Dye Eyeshadow

Layer up a tie-dye eyeshadow look by creating a wave-like effect with the different colors.

Neon Tie-Dye Eyeshadow

When doing a neon tie-dye eyeshadow look, take extra care as mistakes can be extra obvious when going neon. We would recommend sticking to yellow, orange, green, and pink colors.

Floating Tie-Dye Eyeshadow

Do a tie-dye eyeshadow look but keep it a few centimeters above the lash line and that is what will make it floating. Clean up well between the lash line and the eyeshadow using a concealer. To make it pop, outline it with white eyeliner.

Pastel Floating Tie-Dye Eyeshadow

Most tie-dye eyeshadow looks are brightly colored but this one is all about subtle pastel colors that float above the lash line.


Rays of Tie-Dye Eyeshadow

Make it look like sun rays are thrown everywhere but in a complete tie-dye fashion that features each sun ray of different bright colors.

Circular Tie-Dye Eyeshadow Look

The tie-dye is done simply but the look should features circles upon circles and that is what will create an awesome illusion.

Broken Swirls Tie-Dye Eyeshadow

Do the usual look as you would do the swirly tie-dye eyeshadow but take it up another notch by breaking down the swirls to create asymmetry.

Muted Colors of Tie-Dye Eyeshadow

We want you to try out the opposite of neon tie-dye eyeshadow look by only using dark muted versions of the normally bright colors and see the magic spread throughout the look.

Tie-Dye Eyeshadow With Silver Glitter Outline

Up to the crease, paint your lid in tie-dye eyeshadow then top off the look by outlining it in a silver-colored glitter eyeliner.

Tie-Dye Eyeshadow With Golden Glitter Outline

The same technique will apply as above but instead, you will be using a golden glitter eyeliner.

Chunky Tie-Dye Eyeshadow

Instead of doing the usual sleek tie-dye eyeshadow look, expand it to make it look chunky that not only goes above the crease but also spreads out from the other corner of the lid.

Different Tie-Dye Look On Each Eye

Tie-dye eyeshadows are being done by many people so stand out from the crowd by trying one tie-dye eyeshadow look on each eye.

Tie-Dye Eyeshadow And Cat Eye

Do a normal tie-dye eyeshadow look and trace the crease of your lid by drawing the line just below the actual crease and doing a cat eye with it.

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