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The Basics of Eye Makeup


When it comes to applying any makeup, there are generally no rules. It is all about you playing with different techniques and colors to see what suits you the best. However, with applying eye shadows, there are certain tips to help you get a seamless finish. Read on to get to know various do’s and don’ts of applying eyeshadows.

Prep Your Skin- Key to Basic Eye Makeup

To begin with any sort of makeup, the crucial step is prepping the skin. Your face should always be clean and well hydrated. Just wash your face and apply any moisturizer which is not too oily for you.

Prime the Eyelids

Priming the eye before you hop into playing with various colors is an indispensable step. For perfectly blended eye makeup never skip priming. This will ensure that the skin oils do not mix with your eyeshadows to create harsh lines. It creates a smooth base which is easier to work upon. Priming the lids prevents creasing, makes your makeup last longer and gives a vibrant finish to the eyeshadows. Most importantly, a primer hydrates your skin and prevents flakiness.

To prime your eyes you may use gel-based or hydra-based primers. You can alternatively use a concealer. The texture of concealers is creamier, so it helps fill in any lines. To apply the concealer you may use a brush or a damp sponge. One of the don’ts here is that you do not rub anything against your skin. You want to use bouncing or light dabbing motions.

Set the base with translucent powder. You can also use face powder or an eyeshadow similar to your skin tone. You should set it with a big fluffy brush only. It will result in the brush to glide on your lid and make the colors blend flawlessly.

Transitory Shades

Begin your eye makeup with light transitory shades. Their purpose is to help you blend other shades into each other perfectly to get an airbrushed effect. I personally prefer going in with a subtle orange to peachy shade and later blend in a light shade of brown or mauve depending on the look I am creating. The basic tip here is to start with a lighter color and gradually build on.

For the transition shades, it is better to begin in the mid crease area and work your way around the crease. By directly going into the corners you may end up with harsh lines which is a big NO! NO!


You may wanna use a brush with a tapered end to pack the shadow in the crease. It gives you more precision. You don’t wanna use any brush with compact bristles. Once you have completely blended out the eyeshadows in the crease line you wanna move towards the outer corner.

One of the tricks I use for working on the crease is to hold the mirror at a lower angle and look down. If you look straight into the mirror instinctively you may squint the eyes and it will mess up everything.

The Outer V

For the outer corners, using slightly fluffed up brushes is convenient. But don’t use a very big one or you will get the product everywhere and mess up the eye makeup. Also, you don’t wanna go in with a lot of powdered products at once. Before applying the color always tap the brush to get rid of excess product. This will also help prevent fallouts. Use matte shades for the crease and corners. It gives you a more defined finish. Don’t poke the brush or use a wind-shield wiper like motion. Use light circular strokes with a very gentle hand. You don’t wanna put a lot of pressure if you want an ombre effect. For this, always hold your brush from the middle or slightly towards the end of the handle.

The Main Eyelid

The next step is to use a shimmery eyeshadow for the eyelid. Try never to use a fluffy brush to put a glittery shade. For this, you want a small compact brush. Alternatively applying shimmers with your fingers works just perfectly. Put a little highlighter in the inner corners to make your eyes pop.

Lower Lash Line

You wanna use the same light shades for the lower lash line that you used in the crease. In a similar manner create a gradient by feathering light colors. Never use dark shades directly on the lower lash line or it may result in a sleep-deprived zombie look! One of the best tricks of working on the lower lash line is by tilting the head down and looking upward. This makes you work closer to the lash line.

Finishing Off Your Eye Makeup Look

Finish off your eye makeup look with mascara or false lashes. You may also wear eyeliner of your choice! Take into account these little details and BOOM you got a flawless look!

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