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SkinCare Routine Tips And Products


The fall is just around the corner and everyone is feeling so post-summer (that’s the word for this feeling). Anyways, it’s time to welcome the beautiful season of Autumn. The approaching season means just one thing: time to get cozy. We are all going to have a cozy wardrobe, cozy evenings, and getting cozy fashion-wise. So while we are on it, I think it is time to think about getting cozy on our skin too. It is time to welcome and prepare for the seasonal changes that are going to affect the skin in the upcoming months. So, today we are going to talk about the fall skincare routine. 

The Ultimate Fall Skincare Routine

The fall skincare routine will focus on repairing the summer damages, give the skin a healthy glow, and prepare it for the upcoming colder days. This skin care regimen will help you maintain the skin during the fall and upcoming winters. Now without further ado let’s jump straight into fall skincare tips and regime. 


The key step to any face or skincare routine involves cleansing. Even if you are someone who stays indoors most of the time, don’t think about skipping this step. Just remember that your lifestyle habits and skincare regimes are the major factors constituting to how radiating your skin looks. There are a number of things that take their toll on your skin even while you stay indoors without makeup and all. Pollution, harmful skin products, stress, imbalanced eating habits, and unhealthy sleeping routine are bitter enemies of your skin. The glowing skin secrets lie in the practice of proper skincare. This specifically is true for colder months when the skin is already going through a lot due to weather changes and is particularly fragile. So cleansing ensures that your skin looks youthful and fresh even during fall. 

If you are someone who likes to wear makeup, then I would recommend you to go for double-cleansing. First, take some micellar water with cotton pads or the makeup removing wipes to break and remove as much makeup from your face as possible. One of the really good makeup removers is the Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm. It has sort of a gel-like formula that turns to oil to take off the makeup. Once you have rubbed it all over your face, wash it off with some water. It’s easy to use and really effective. It takes off makeup in one go unlike many other makeup removers so it’s good for just any type of skincare routine which involves removing the makeup. 

The next step is to wash the face with a good face wash for double-cleansing. It ensures that everything is removed from the face before you go on applying the rest of the skincare products. The best cleanser for the fall skincare routine is the one that has a creamy consistency. You should not get the exfoliating or foam cleansers. We would recommend you to use Avene antirougeurs face wash. This is a dermatologist-approved skincare product that fights-off acne and redness. Also, it makes the skin super soft to touch. Make it the part of your nighttime skincare routine and wake up with silky smooth and clear skin every morning. Its creamy formula is very gentle on the skin and is perfect for all skin types so do include this product in your fall skincare routine. 

Most people nowadays use face massagers to do the cleansing. These facial massagers are good for exfoliating the skin. But here is one of our fall skincare tips: do not use it every day. It is highly recommended to keep away from the electronic facial massagers during the colder months. The skin gets really sensitive during the fall/ winters so be gentle with it. You should massage the cleanser in your face with nothing rougher than your fingertip pads. So include the gentle face massage with fingers in your everyday fall skincare routine.

Fall Body Shower Products

After the cleansing, it is time for a soothing warm bath. Since the skin tends to get very dry during the fall, washing it with soaps can increase the skin dehydration. So use a washing gel instead. Our favorite is the gel body wash in Autumn Bloom by Bath & Body Works. Complement it with a gel body scrub, in which we will recommend the Orchard Leaves for exfoliating by the same brand. Both of these products are truly magical. They help in rejuvenating the skin and making it literally glow. Also, the fragrance of these body washes is to die for. So I will definitely ask you to ditch the soaps and include these awesome body washing gels in your fall skincare routine. Finish off the cozy bath with a gentle body mist. This skincare routine is perfect for both day and night regimes. 

The Best Toner For Fall Skincare Routine

In a fall skincare routine’s CTM (cleansing, toning, and moisturizing) ritual, toning is the most important. A good toner clears the dead skin cells lingering on your face. It neutralizes the skin’s PH and helps the skincare products sink deeper into the skin. Some people may say that toners do nothing, but it is a magical part of any skincare routine. The astringents in it helps in fighting blemishes and the little bumps on the skin appearing out of nowhere. The best toner for oily skin and dry skin is the Insta Natural’s Vitamin C toner. This toner is pure wonder. It encourages the production of collagen which makes the skin tight, thus, prevents premature aging. For people having acne prone skin and looking for ways to get rid of oily skin, it hydrates the skin properly so that the skin does not go on producing excessive oils. Moreover, this toner contains vitamin E oil for skin complemented with glycolic acid. The two components help in restoring the skin’s PH level while being gentle on it. Overall, it hydrates the skin, purifies it, and decreases the appearance of pores on the skin. 

Exfoliants For Natural Skin Care

As the weather begins to change it imparts some side effects to the skin. The skin gets dry flakey patches. To get rid of those you need to exfoliate twice a week and get the glowing skin. One of the tried and true exfoliants that are absolutely adored for its results is Olehanrickson’s Transforming Walnut scrub. It is the OG of exfoliants in the market. It is perfect to transform the texture of your skin, get rid of the dull epidermis, and reveal smoother and brighter skin. Also, it minimizes the pores and fine lines on the face. So take my word on it and use it as a part of your weekly fall skincare routine. Now one of the fall skincare tips that I have for you regarding this product is that don’t rub it too hard on your skin. You need to be very gentle so that the tiny grains in it do not irritate your skin or cause any sort of redness. Take care of this and you are good to go with this natural skincare exfoliant. 

Moisturize And Hydrate

Moisturizers and day-night creams are the sines qua non of every skincare routine. They are mandatory for hydrating the skin. Due to the cold, in the fall season, the skin gets very dry, rough, and dull. Thus, to restore its natural glow, moisturizers are crucial. The moisturizers that work really well for the fall skincare routine are the heavier formulas. Of course, not all skin types can handle a lot of creamy formulas so we are going to break it into the best moisturizer for dry skin and oily skin. 


The Best Moisturizer For Oily Skin

People who have fairly oily skin still need a good hydrating lotion/ cream. The oil on your face is basically due to excessive sebum production. This oil can cause acne and pimples. When you cleanse your face during the skincare routine, you basically not only get rid of excessive oils but also strip the skin of its healthy natural oils. Thus it gets dry and flaky. It may feel too tight after the cleansing or hot water bath. So to replenish the moisture you need a richly hydrating cream. The best moisturizer for oily skin that you should add to your fall skincare routine is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel-cream. It is a water-gel based moisturizer that works best for acne-prone oily skin. Include it to your fall skincare to get a smooth, soft, and hydrated skin. The hyaluronic acid in this cream helps retain the water and improve the health of sebum glands so that they do not produce excessive oils.

The Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin

For people with dry skin, the fall means just one thing: breakouts. The skin gets really flakey and there are dry patches all over it. Due to dryness and cold weather, it feels tight and itchy. So the moisturizer is one thing that no one with dry skin can skip from their fall skincare routine. But one problem is that most moisturizers for dry skin available in the market are heavy and many just don’t like that. If you too hate such formulas, well then you need to take my recommendation. The best moisturizer for dry skin to incorporate in the fall skincare routine is Adaptogen Moisture cream by Youth To The People. This is such a lightweight product. It is not too creamy. Moreover, regardless of being light, it provides tons of hydration. 

In addition to this, this cream has adaptogens in it. The adaptogens are the extracts from mushrooms. They help comfort and calm the itchy skin during the chilly days. It restores and maintains the soft skin and prevents it from redness.  So do take my word on it and include this moisturizer asap to your fall skincare routine. 

Moisturizer For Whole Body

Your face and hands are not the only parts that require attention in fall. Your whole body may feel dehydrated in cool weather. So get a full-body moisturizer too. One of the best body lotions that you should incorporate in your fall skincare routine is The Body Lotion by Augustinus Bader. This body lotion is the ultimate moisturizer for your skin. It is lightweight and has an elegant fragrance. But above everything else, it is a product that actually works. You will notice visible improvement in your skin’s health by regularly using this body lotion during the fall and winters. In addition to this, if you are looking for a relatively cheap and dermatologist approved body moisturizer, then Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream is a fine option. 

Use Sunscreen Everyday

Sunscreens are a must all year round. No matter if you go out daily or spend more time indoors, wearing a nice sunscreen is important. Be it summer, winter, or fall skincare routine, it should always have sunscreen in it. Now those who stay indoors may wonder why the sunscreen needs to be the part of their everyday routine when they are not even going under the sun. But let me break it to you that the UV rays of the sun can infiltrate the indoors too. So you are as exposed to them indoors as much you are under the sun. These UV rays can penetrate through the skin and cause aging. The only way to avoid it is by wearing sunscreen regularly.

The best sunscreen that you should add to your fall skincare routine is the Dear, Klaris soft airy UV essence. It is a Korean sunscreen with SPF 50 (SPF is sun protection factor). The reason why this sunscreen is among our fall skincare routine’s top picks is because it is so lightweight compared to others. It is perfect to wear underneath makeup as well. No matter how many layers of this sunscreen you apply, it will not feel heavy on the face. Moreover, this sunscreen not only prevents fast-aging but also helps in reversing the damage already done to your skin by the sun. So do consider buying the next time you go skincare products shopping. 

Look For Summer Damages

During the summers, many people suffer from various skin-related issues. The skin can have more pigmentation, spots, acne, or any such problem due to the intense sunlight. Thus, before finalizing your fall skincare routine, it is important to survey the damages. Get a dermatologist to take a look at your skin and prescribe a treatment. Get the prescribed creams and lotions and include them too in your day and nighttime skincare routine. This will help repair the damages of the summer days spent on beaches getting the beautiful tans.

While we are talking about skin repair, I would also recommend you to include face serums in your fall skincare routine. Serums have essential ingredients in them required to boost the health of the skin. The best serum to use in the fall season is Krave Beauty’s Great Barrier Relief. It keeps the skin hydrated and resolves skin problems such as sensitivity, high pigmentation due to summer, spotting, and redness. Overall, this serum is just incredible, and simply put, it is a gamechanger for the skin.

Face Masks

Face masks are a trend nowadays. Many people like to incorporate face masks in their everyday morning and night regimes. Now if you too are a mask person, you will need to change your type of mask in your fall skincare routine. During the summers, many people like to get clay masks having Cailin to reduce the excessive oils in their T-zone. During the fall and winter season later, you should shift to more nourishing and hydrating cream or sheet masks. My top favorite face mask that is suitable for all skin types is the Fresh Rose face mask which you can get from Sephora. This one is perfect for hydrating and toning your skin. This is an incredible gel mask that gives booze to your skin (your skin is definitely gonna be like ‘Woah’). It also controls the oils in the t-zone. After using the mask your skin is just going to be so plump and moisturized which is perfect for fall.

Face Serums

The windy fall weather really messes up with the skin. No matter how much you take care of your skin, it cracks in some places. But no need to worry anymore because the face serums are available in the market. Serums are the powerful stuff that can help in restoring youthful skin. The best serum for you to add in the fall skincare routine has to be the Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum. It is a gel-like formula that restores the glow of the skin and makes it appear dewy and more healthy. This serum is available at a pocket-friendly price. But if you are good on a budget, I would recommend you my personal favorite face serum: Lancome Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum. It is a bit expensive but trust me it is totally worth every single penny. It makes the skin look like 16. In less than a month you will be able to notice improvement. Another really good serum for skin during the fall season is the Great Barrier Relief by Krave Beauty. It acts as a barrier to retain moisture within the skin. It also fights off sensitivity and redness on the face. This serum has two mono oils which are great to fade any pigmentation spots that you may have suffered during the summers. It also treats the breakouts and acne caused when your skin was too oily.

With the autumn season approaching, it is time to get all the nice products for the fall skincare routine. Use these products regularly to ensure that throughout the fall and winter your skin looks youthful and plump. Get your perfect skin glow this fall by adopting this healthy skincare routine. 

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