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5 Best Skeleton Makeup Ideas


Halloween is finally here, which means only one thing: time to get spooky. But if you are someone like me who pushes stuff till the last minute and up with nothing, don’t worry, I got you. I know how hard it can be to come up with last-minute Halloween costumes and Halloween face makeup ideas. But lemme tell you that you can still rock the Halloween party even when you have nothing! I mean, it’s time to DIY, baby! Just take out your old black jeans and t-shirt for the party and transform your look into a real spine-tingling one with these skeleton makeups. Here are the skull makeup ideas for just everyone: girls, boys, and kids. Yay! So let’s get right into it and get spooky!

Skeleton Makeup Ideas For Women

Skeleton Makeup Ideas For Women

Keeping the Halloween spirit up, today, I will walk you through two skeleton makeups for women. One is a cute and sparkly skeleton makeup look to go with any of your outfits, while the other is a little ghost-like yet vibrant. We will first talk about how to create the glittery skull makeup look

1. Glitter Sugar Skull Makeup

You will need to start by priming your face and applying your foundation for this colorful skeleton makeup. Now take the orange eyeshadow and contour your whole face and neck with it. Build the color up to intensify the skeleton makeup look but make sure to blend it out evenly so that you don’t have harsh orange lines on your face. After the contour, but the same bright orange on your eyes and blend it. With a nude pencil, map out two circles around your eyes and fill in with glitter. To add more sparkle to your skeleton makeup, draw two glitter lines on the forehead to make a triangle. 

Then, with the black eyeshadow, shade the areas on your cheek that you want to look hollowed out. Add a bit of darkness to the rest of the contour lines, too, on your face and neck. Take black gel eyeshadow or a black pencil to put a thick eyeliner (one covering the whole central eyelid). Once you are happy with the shape, set it with a black eyeshadow. Now it’s time to add vivid details to your skeleton makeup. Take a black eyeliner pen or black face paint to outline the glitter circle around your eyes. Add little drooping lines on the semi-circle around the eyes downward. Trace the outline of glitter lines on your forehead too. Then draw a spider web on your forehead with the same eyeliner pen. To give a pretty realistic look to your sugar skull makeup, create a hollow area on the tip of the nose with the same black pen or paint. Retake the black eyeshadow and shade the teeth area on your lips. Then between the shading lines, add glitter so that your skeleton makeup looks like having sparkly teeth! (LOL, right?). Anyways, the face is almost done, so move to the neck. Taking your eyeliner pen, trace out some designs around the contour lines on your neck. Once you are done with the linework, it is crucial to shade them with black eyeshadow for a realistic sugar skull look. Finish your skeleton makeup by placing three black dots between the eyebrows and on your chin. Also, don’t forget to wear thick lashes for extra drama. And you are done with a daunting Halloween makeup!

2. Neon Half Skull Makeup

To do this, half skeleton makeup looks, you need to select one eyeshadow color that goes with your outfit. This you can do after choosing the eyeshadow, prep your face till the foundation using your regular makeup routine. Don’t forget to do your eyebrows too before diving into this look. Also, create smoky eyes based on the color that you selected. Now that you are almost ready let’s talk about how you can make this easy skeleton makeup look. 

Now take a white pencil and map out your teeth on top of your lips. Also, trace your cheekbones and a sharp jawline. Once you are satisfied, blend out all the white lines with a light shade of your choice (the one you selected before). After blending all the lines, take the same eyeshadow in one shade lighter and shade a little to create the hollow effect. Now take the black eyeshadow and fill in the rest of the area between the lines. Also, draw the hollow of skull makeup on the nose. With a clean brush, blend everything. Finish the look by tracing everything with a vibrant white line to create the neon skeleton makeup look. Viola!

Skeleton Makeup For Men

Skeleton Makeup For Men

The Halloween face makeup for guys is essential for the overall look as it is for women. Since our focus is on skeleton makeup, we will only talk about two skull makeup variations for men. The first is a skeleton face paint, and the second is the grim reaper makeup look.


1. Skeleton Face Paint

This is a super glamorous, spooky yet comfortable skeleton makeup look for which you need black and white face paint. To create this look, begin by moisturizing and priming your face. Then, with the help of a damp beauty blender or sponge, apply a layer of white face paint all over your face. Let the first layer dry completely before applying a second coat. Using a thin paintbrush, draw the eye sockets with the black face paint. Either paint the eyelashes as well or apply mascara to cover any white paint marks. For the nose, draw an off-center line down its length. Then paint a curve around the nostrils. Fill in the space to form the hollow part of the nose in skeleton makeup. Then create a crescent moon shape around the temples. Now, using black eyeshadow, blend the inner edges of the crescent to add detail. 

Now, it’s time to draw the teeth. Paint a thin black line from the corners of the lips to the cheekbones. Then paint the teeth along the lines. One easy way is to draw stitches and then to blend the inner edges. Draw a sharp jawline with the black paint too and continue the black paint to cover the neck. Then add more details by drawing small black lines around the curves. Then take red and white rhinestones and paste them on top of the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose. And you are done!

2. Grim Reaper Makeup Look

Again for this skeleton makeup look, you will require black and white face paint along with some black eyeshadow. Start by painting your whole face white. Then take the black eye pencil and fill in your eyebrow. Bring the black line a bit on your nose. Fill the entire eye area with a black pencil. Then take a blending brush and start blending out everything towards the hairline just above your temples. Blend some black pencil under the eye too. Then set everything by patting a little black eyeshadow. With the help of a fine brush and black paint, draw some thunder lines around one eye and blend them to look a bit faded. Next, take the black eyeshadow to sculpt your cheekbones. Also, incorporate a little black on the forehead and anywhere else that you want to look hollow. For the under-eye area, take a little brown eyeshadow to draw the dark circles. Paint your lips in white, too, and blend some black eyeshadow in the inside of your lips. With a fine brush, trace some teeth very finely and blend the lines to look faded. Now to complete this skeleton makeup inspired by the grim reaper makeup look, start painting your neck with black face paint. Blend the edges near your jawline to look greyish. Finish off with white lens in your eyes (totally optional, though). Ta-da! 

Skeleton Makeup For Kids

Kids are always most excited about Halloween every year. Their enthusiasm is unbeatable. So it is only fair to talk about skeleton makeup looks dedicated entirely to the kids. Although Halloween makeup is usually scary or grim, with kids, you have to add some colors. Here is the sparkly sugar skull makeup look – a colorful skeleton makeup for kids to try this year.

1. Sparkly Sugar Skull Makeup

This is a super fun skeleton makeup look, perfect for adding color and sparkle to the Halloween party. Begin by painting your whole face with white. Next, fill the inner part of the eyes with lilac eyeshadow and the outer part of purple. With a dark purple, draw a circle around the eyes and blend all three shades nicely. Then make a black outline of the circles. Paste some self-adhesive plastic rhinestones around the circles to add vividness to this skeleton makeup. Next, draw a pretty spider web on the forehead and add little pink to shade the black lines. Take a spider sticker and paste it between the eyebrows. Then draw a hollow mark on the tip of the nose. Next, apply a colored glitter lipstick (pink or purple). Then draw the cheekbones with pink or purple eyeshadow. Then smoothen the cheekbone lines with a black outline extending from the corner of lips all the way to the temples. Now, to finish this look, draw a pink or red rose on the chin. For more details, you can draw black swirls here and there. And that is it!

Apart from doing this sugar skull, you can also try the neon as mentioned earlier half skull makeup on kids (just replace the smoky eyes with monochrome glitter look) or the grim reaper look. With that being said, it is time to wind up our skeleton makeup here. Do try these unique and easy skeleton makeup looks this year and add spice to your party. Happy Halloween!

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