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10 Best Natural Makeup Looks In 2021


Does the phrase natural eye makeup spring Asian Eyes Makeup into mind? What with all the craze around natural makeup since the last few years, the trend will also include natural eye makeup and continue well into 2021.

Some of our scouts fret that there are only so many ways to have a natural makeup look but what if we were to tell you that we can give you 10 natural eye makeup looks outline the natural eyeshadows and even giving you a few hints about natural eyeshadow palettes? Ready? Let’s delve in!

1. Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial Worthy of Instagram

Seeing the divas of Instagram, we all want to look like them so we thought about sticking to natural eye makeup as they do. How does one begin to apply “natural eye shadow” to bring natural attention to the eyes?

  1. Prime your eyes with your choice of primer.
  2. With an angled brush, apply a little amount of cream eyeliner close to your lashline. If you go for any other kind of eyeliner, it will be too harsh and will not seem natural at all.

2. Colored Natural Eye Makeup

Colored Natural Eye Makeup

Our second natural eye makeup look involves the color silver color is silver! You might be wondering that silver doesn’t exactly say “natural” and sure, shimmery silver doesn’t but matte silver does. In the 350 Nature Glow Asian Eyeshadow Palette, there are beautiful shades of silver that will look beautiful swiped on your eyelids hence it is our pick for a natural eye shadow palette.

3. Rosy Natural Makeup For Eyes

One of our most beloved natural makeup looks is blending different shades of pinks to create dimensions of a rosy natural makeup look for the eyes. From the inner corner of the eye, apply the lightest shade, and go darker towards the outer corner of the eye. Caution: Do not, at any cost, choose dark shades because you are trying to achieve a natural makeup look.

4. Natural Makeup Look For Eyes In Taupe

Natural Makeup Look For Eyes In Taupe

Do we all remember that time when taupe shades were frowned upon? Not only that, people scoffed at them, holding them at fault for making the whole makeup look “too dull”. Despite all of that, taupe made a strong come back as a natural eye shadow. It is the beautiful and mysterious blends of shades of gray and brown that come under the best natural eye makeup.

5. Brown Shaded Natural Eye Makeup

If you have ever thought about going for a “natural eyeshadow”, you must have mentally picked out the color brown for your eye shadow. It is certainly the way to go for creating depth to your natural makeup. Just put on some fine mascara with it and you are as natural as anyone can appear with makeup on.


6. Natural Eyeshadow For Slight Smokey Eyes

Natural eye makeups for Smokey Eyes

We promise that you can pull off the natural makeup look with minimalistic smokey eyes. What you do is that you apply cream shades to the main lid and utilize warm brown tones for the darker edge.

7. Classic Natural Looks For Eyes

Classic Natural Looks For the Eyes

One look that instantly pops up in the mind is applying quality mascara to your lashes and luminous eye shadow on the inner corners of the eyes and just like that, you are wearing one of the best natural eye makeup looks!

If not this, you can dabble into the classics mentioned next.

8. Neutral Eye Shadow Tutorial

Learn to play with neutral eye shadow colors to get the most out of a natural makeup look. For this look, you need to apply your choice of neutral colors to your crease only. It will open up and brighten your eyes to the maximum.

9. Natural Eyeshadow Palette Of Choice

James Charles palette is the best investment if you love doing eye makeup. It might not seem so but it can be a natural eye shadow palette if you were to stick to some of the lighter shades in the palette. After priming your eyes, apply and blend the palest shade close to cream and the lightest brown into your crease. Next, blend the dark eye shadow on the outer corner of your eye, near the crease only. The last color to blend is a shade darker than the one before and blend it just so near the lash line on the outer corner of the eye.

10. Light Center And Warm Corners

Sleep often eludes us and gifts us the appearance of a tired face. Hallelujah for makeup that saves the day; apply the lightest shade you can find on your palette to the center of your eye and make the corners of your eyes stand out by applying warm browns.

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