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Double Eyelid Vs Monolid Eyes Makeup Ideas


Do you have monolid eyes? Then there is no noticeable eyelid crease line on your eyes. These unique eyelids are gorgeous and you can find them in a number of East Asians. Doing monolid makeup may seem pointless, but it isn’t. Believe me, there are multiple ways to beautifully define those peepers even if you have monolids. In fact, you might have more monolid makeup options than those with hooded eyes. Hence, there is no need to bum out thinking about your monolids. 

When it comes to monolid eyes, there are a number of questions that pop up in people’s minds. Some are looking for a comparison of monolid vs double lid while others are looking for the types of eyelids people commonly have. While others are curious to know what are hooded eyes. We will take a look at each question one by one and get the answers for you. In the end, we will reveal to you some of the most famous celebrities with hooded eyes. Let us get straight to the point without any beating about the bush. 

Double Eyelid Vs Monolid Eyes

Double Eyelid Vs Monolid eyes

On top of our questions’ list, we have the one where people are curious to know about the difference between double eyelids and monolids. I get tons of queries where peeps ask me for double eyelid vs monolid. Let us have some of the noticeable differences between these eyelids. 

What Are Monolids Eyes?

Monolid is also known as an epicanthic fold and single eyelid. It is a skin fold on the upper eyelid. Hence, it looks that there are no visible crease lines below the eyebrow. That is the reason people call it a single eyelid. You will commonly notice monolids in the Asian eyes. But they aren’t limited to Asian eyes only. In fact, Korean eyes also highlight this feature. 

Tips For Monolid Eye Makeup

To do monolid eye makeup here are a few tips you should follow. 

  1. Always Start With Primer
  2. Carefully Make a crease
  3. Vertically apply the gradient eyeshadow
  4. Try Monochromatic Looks
  5. Keep It Cool
  6. It’s better to use dense shadow brushes

What Are Double Eyelids?

Double eyelids are the eyes where a person has a crease on the upper eyelid. It appears when the eye of a person is opened. People find double eyelids to be more beautiful and more energetic but that’s the personal opinion of everyone. If we talk about the monolid vs double eyelid, there is a clear difference between both types of eyelids. People with single eyelids often use double eyelid tape to create a temporary crease. Double eyelid tape is immensely popular in Korea where people are crazy about having double eyelids. 

Tips For Double Eye Makeup

Let us have a look at the tips to do makeup for double eyelids. 

  1. Horizontally apply the gradient eyeshadow
  2. Opt for Bold Lashes
  3. Play With Undertones
  4. Use pick shades that complement your skin tone

Types of Eyelids

monolid eyes makeup

You should always know about yourself, determining the eyelids is the most important thing when it comes to eye makeup. Knowing how to apply any eye makeup comes after finding out what types of eyelids do you have. There are six common eye shapes you should consider when identifying your own. 

  1. Monolids
  2. Round Eyes
  3. Almond Eyes
  4. Downturned eyes
  5. Upturned eyes
  6. Hooded eyes

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have an extra layer of skin on their eyelids. This layer droops over the crease and causes the lid to appear smaller. Here, your eyeshadow can do a disappearing act. Your eyeshadow will disappear within minutes after you apply it. Luckily, there are a number of tricks to avoid this problem. Some people are born with hooded eyes while others get them as a gift of their aging. Having hooded eyes can make your eyes look smaller than they actually are. Hence, some people find it way complicated to get the makeup look they want to do 

Tips For Hooded Eyes Makeup 

  1. Prime the lids and lay down a neutral eyeshadow base. The shade should be one tone lighter than your skin tone. 
  2. Add eyeliner to the root of your eyelashes at your upper waterline. 
  3. It’s better to not add liner above the lashes. It may make your eyes appear smaller due to the less lid space in the hooded eyes. 
  4. Always add mascara on the top and bottom of your lashes after curling them. 

Celebrities With Hooded Eyes

Celebrities With Hooded Eyes

Wanna know about the celebrities who have hooded eyes? Hooded eyes as you know are also called “bedroom eyes”. These are the eyes that have the lids that seem partly closed and bulgy. Here are some of the most renowned celebrities with hooded eyes. 

Megan Fox

The symbol of hotness after Monica Belluci in contemporary Hollywood is former transformer star Megan Fox. Who by the way has been enlisted as the most beautiful woman in the world several times. Her secret of success and beauty is her hooded eyes and her skills to carry them.  

Jennifer Lawrence

This American actress has grossed over billions with her films internationally. She used to be one of the most paid actresses in the past years. Jennifer Lawrence’s flawless body, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, uplifted cheekbones, and close-set lid make her so damn hot.

Emma Stone

Emma stone hypnotizes everyone every time with her charisma. Her makeup artist opted for a hot look by lining the lid crease, and lower lash in copper brown and then in Topaze to take you to depths. If you’re lucky enough to have Emma Stone’s hooded eyes, do try this makeup style. 

Taylor swift

Do you know why Taylor Swift has left so many boyfriends behind? Leave it! Focus on how she got them in the first place. Because she carries her infamous hooded eyes with such brilliance that her cat-eye has become an icon itself. If someone has carried winged eyeliner with such an embellishing aura, it’s none other than the hooded eyes Taylor Swift. 

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