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10 MakeUp Mistakes You Must Avoid


Applying the makeup seamlessly looks pretty easy when it is done by professional makeup artists. But when it comes to applying makeup on your own, many of you may realize that it is not some piece of cake. It takes a lot of practice and patience to achieve the perfect makeup look. Good makeup can boost your confidence by highlighting your natural facial features and making the face look radiant. And if things go wrong during makeup application, it can go a long way. Whereas the good makeup boosts up your look, some simple makeup mistakes can cause serious makeup disasters. Today, we have gathered for you a list of the top 10 common make up mistakes that beginners make and end up messing their makeup. 

1. Makeup Blunders In Foundation And Concealer Application

Makeup Blunders In Foundation And Concealer Application

There are many people who are wonderful when it comes to eye makeup. But no matter how much effort they put in or how good brands they use, they simply fail while applying the foundation. There are three major makeup mistakes that cause such problems.

Choosing The Wrong Shade

Either most people go for too light or too tan foundation shades. The perfect foundation shade is the one that is just one or two shades lighter than your skin. Also, it is not advisable to check the foundation shade on your hands. Check it by applying a little drop near your jawline. Another thing that you need to mind while choosing the foundation shade is your undertone. Know your undertone (which is completely different from your complexion). It is either warm or cool. If you have a warm undertone, then choose the foundation that has a yellowish undertone. And if your undertone is cool then you gotta go for a foundation that has pinkish shade in it. Choosing the shades otherwise can cause major makeup blunders.

Applying the Foundation Incorrectly

Another foundation mistake that people make is while applying the foundation. First, many people like to drip the foundation directly on their faces. This is a big no-no because by doing so you may end up wearing a lot of foundation. And that is the root cause of a cakey base. Instead, you should take a little product on top of your hand, and with a makeup brush or beauty blender, shift it to your face little by little (so that you can build on the intensity). Secondly, the beauty blender that you use should always be damp. This is very important, as the dry beauty blenders suck all the product, and there is a lot wasted. Also, it leads to an uneven application. Thirdly and most importantly, for heaven’s sake do not go with rubbing or swiping strokes when blending your foundation. It just takes off the product from the face which is the biggest makeup mistake. Just dab the product by using light bouncy strokes so that the foundation is applied smoothly on your face. Although we love beauty blenders, many people are fans of brushes. Now, if you want to use a brush instead of a beauty blender, take the oval face brush. Damp it too before using and go in small circular motions instead of swiping strokes. 

Major Makeup Mistake With Foundations

A very crucial point to consider when applying the foundation is, the areas that you apply it in. What most people are habitual of doing is covering their faces only with the foundation. Now, fellas, this is not even a makeup mistake. It is a big makeup blunder. Seriously, who naturally has a two-colored face, neck, and ears?! Never (and we cannot emphasize this enough) neglect your neck and ears when applying the foundation. Or you can end up in the list of those having horrible makeup fails. 

Now that we are done with the foundation mistakes, it’s time to move to the concealers. Although the makeup artists suggest you to go for lighter shades in concealers, it doesn’t mean that you have to go with the fairest shade. Rather, just settle on a shade 2-3 times lighter than your natural complexion. Again, do take care of your undertones when choosing the right concealer shade. When it comes to the application, do not apply it too close to the waterline because that is where your tiny wrinkles are. If you don’t want any creasing under the eyes, avoid this makeup mistake. Also, instead of drawing a semicircle under the eyes, draw an inverted triangle. This makes the eyes look more open (which ultimately is our goal).

2. Setting Everything Into The Place

Setting Everything Into The Place

After the foundation is applied, you need to bake it to make it long-lasting. For this, you need the setting powder (compact or loose translucent powder). Now the common makeup mistakes done at this point are: taking too much or too little product and applying it wrong. You shouldn’t take the powder on your brush and go on in the windscreen’s wiper-like motion all over your face. Rather you need to tap the brush and really focus on the areas where you have the oil-problem. By avoiding these makeup mistakes, you can make your makeup last considerably longer.

3. Makeup Mistakes While Doing The Eyebrows

One of the things about-face makeup that everyone needs to understand is that if your eyebrows are not in check, everything will look off. When it comes to the eyebrows, you want them to look as natural and symmetrical as possible. And this is where certain makeup mistakes are made. The three common eyebrow mistakes that people make are:

  • Overlining the eyebrows while trying to create the perfect arch
  • Not brushing them (um, for reasons unknown)
  • Applying too much product to make them look fuller

These makeup mistakes can make your eyebrows look really artificial. So you kinda need to avoid them. What you need to do is to make them look natural (almost as if you are gifted). To achieve this follow these steps instead:

  • Before beginning to do eyebrows, tame them. Take a brow gel to smooth the hair. Alternatively, you can also use soap.
  • Instead of overlining, just follow your natural line. If you have extremely thin eyebrows and you want to overdo them, do it on the upper side. Do not draw extended eyebrows on the lower side or they make the eyes look small.
  • Please, just don’t make this makeup mistake. Not only eyebrows but with all the makeup, go on with light shades and don’t pack too much product on the brush. If you need to intensify the colors, you can always go back and take some more. So, the next time, just mind this and go subtle. 

4. The Importance Of Primer

The Importance Of Primer

The first and the worst thing that you can do to yourself is not to prime. This is a makeup mistake that many people often make and don’t even realize. They are like, ‘hey, I did everything perfectly. Why is my makeup all flakey and cakey then?’ Girl, duh! You missed your priming step. Priming is important to get rid of big pores that you don’t even realize are there. It creates a smooth canvas for you to work on. Also, it ensures that your makeup stays flawless for long. If you use a colored primer, it will further help you out by evening your tone. So, do not ever avoid the step of priming if you want a nice glow up with your makeup. 


5. The Contour Mistakes

Who doesn’t like a well-defined jawline, the perfect nose, and a slim face? With a nice contour, you can make your chubby potato-like face look like a runway model’s face. But you need to really work on your contouring skills and avoid the common makeup mistakes that people often make when contouring. First, please stop making the fish face to contour your cheekbones. When you suck on your cheeks to get that contour line, it turns downward. And that is not natural. Rather, feel it with your finger. You can find your cheekbone starting from the tip of your hairline and bring it down until right beneath the mid of your eyebrow arch. That much is only the part that you need to shade. Doing otherwise is a makeup mistake that can give you a muddy look. As for the nose, instead of following the natural line, move slightly inward. Draw two straight lines on your nose that are close to each other. Then blend them outward. This makes the nose look really really defined, pointy, and slim. Finish off the contouring by blending very little product close to your hairline. 

After the contour, if you want too bronze too, there are some makeup mistakes to avoid at this step too. Now, most people take a lot of bronzing powder with the same brush and do it over the contour lines just as if they are still contouring. Honey, stop! First, you need a clean brush for bronzing unless you want a murky look. Second, take just a little powder, tap off the excess, and with gentle strokes, blend it a bit into the contour lines. You don’t want to draw extra lines but to warm-up the contouring lines.  

6. Highlighter And Blusher

After the contour, you need to do your blush-on. Now a lot of people apply the blush right on top of the contoured part. This is not even a makeup mistake (SMH). Babes, this is a makeup blunder that you need to quit doing. The right place to put your blusher is your cheek’s apples. Just pop a bit over there and you will glow as if natural. Then comes the highlighting. Now, instead of highlighting the whole area under your eyes, just focus on the high planes. And if you have big pores or any acne, then don’t go for a sheer highlight. Keep a light hand on it. There are 5 areas that you need to highlight:

  • Right at your cheekbone where the light normally hits.
  • On the sides of your forehead (applying it in the middle is a makeup mistake). 
  • The bridge of your nose.
  • The cupid bow of your lips.
  • The inner corners of your eyes (optional).

Under no circumstances try moving on to any other area when it comes to applying the highlighter. 

7. Eye Makeup Mistakes

eye makeup mistakes

There are a lot of types of eye makeup and we are not going to get to that. We are going to talk about the very basic eye makeup mistakes that we have observed in the makeup beginners. To make it easier, let’s break everything into 4 steps:

  • Always prime your eyes before doing the eye makeup. There are teeny-tiny pores and fine lines that may show-up otherwise. Also, the makeup doesn’t blend out well if you do not prime the eyes. The colors remain looking dull and there can be a lot more fallout. So, instead of going through so much trouble, just avoid this makeup mistake and start priming. 
  •  Now, let’s talk about eyeshadow mistakes. Never go in with a darker shade. Always start at the crease with a light transition shade. Gradually build the color and move on to the darker ones with which you need to make your corner. The key to a seamless look here is proper blending. 
  • Keep the shimmers or glitters for the middle part of the eyelid. The darker shades always remain in the outer corners and only the highlighting shades should be applied in the inner corners. These, you can say, are the basic rules of doing eye makeup. And going against any of these rules at the beginner’s level is a makeup mistake.
  • Before moving on to any color, take a clean brush. Most people use the same brush to do all of their eye makeup and end up with smudgy eyes. No matter how much they try, they cannot get the flawless eye makeup. And the reason is that they are too lazy to move on to a cleaner brush for every shade.

8. EyeLiner Mistakes

Eyeliners are a key element of whole eye makeup that can either lift your eyes or make them look dull and droopy. Now a makeup mistake that most people make while applying the eyeliners is that they draw a thick line from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Then extend it a bit and fill in (ta-da, you just did a droopy eye). Instead of doing this, you need to draw a very thin line close to your eyelashes. Start in the middle and extend the line that if extended, will meet the ending tip of your eyebrow. Draw another line from the lower lash line to make the corner and then fill it in. With this trick, your eyes will definitely look more open and almondy. 

To add depth to your eyes, apply some eye pencil in the tear line. Well, that is what most people do and there is nothing wrong about it. But what most people do not do is apply the eye pencil on the upper tear line. Now, this is not a major makeup mistake, but just a little trick. By doing this, you can make your eyelashes look a lot more full.

9.  Makeup Mistakes With Mascaras

Makeup Mistakes With Mascaras

Who doesn’t like long alluring eyelashes?! Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally gifted with the beautiful lush eyelashes, but the good news is that with makeup you can do just anything. But some people make some major makeup mistakes when applying the mascara. Therefore, no matter how high-end the brand they use, their lashes do not look lifted up. Here the common makeup mistakes they are doing:

  • Most people don’t curl their eyelashes before applying the mascara. As a result, their lashes look drooped or very light. 
  • It is better to apply mascara on clean lashes. If there is foundation or eyeshadows on your lashes, remove it with a cotton bud and then go on to apply the mascara. 
  • Some people use mascara only on the tip of their lashes. No matter how many coats they do, their lashes don’t look full. Now if you don’t want to repeat the same mistake, you need to start applying the mascara right at the base and gently move towards the tips. 
  • Seriously stop completely ignoring your lower lashes. Stroke your mascara brush slightly over them for a soft sultry look. 

10. Makeup Blunders With Lipsticks

Makeup Blunders With Lipsticks

Lipstick is an essential part of any makeup look. It pulls your whole look together. Nailing your lips, however, is just a little more tricky than swipe-n-go. Here are the makeup mistakes that you like other people might be doing while applying lipstick. 

  • Most people don’t tend to care for the condition of their lips before applying the lipstick. And trust us, there is nothing worse than applying lipstick on dry cracked lips. Now to avoid this makeup mistake, we would recommend you to apply a lip balm or lip corrector at least 20 minutes before you start doing your makeup. 
  • Don’t let your liner go out of line. Lip liners are a complementary addition to lipsticks. You don’t need to overline your lips with them or make your lip liner stand out. Honestly, you just want to enhance the shape of your lips and not recreate it. With your lip liner, just follow the natural lip line. Then blends it inwards with a small brush before applying the lipstick. 
  • As is the case with foundations and concealers, you need to choose lipstick shades wisely too according to your undertone. For yellow undertone, you stick to the warmer shades and for pink undertone, your preference should be cooler colors. If you go otherwise, instead of making your makeup pop, the lipstick can wash your look off. And that is what we call one of the horrible makeup fails caused by a slight makeup mistake. So be sure to take care of this.

It is true that in makeup there are no rules. But it doesn’t mean that there isn’t the right way of doing it. If you want a posh look, you need to work on these slight makeup mistakes. Once you have mastered these teeny-tiny makeup rules, you are surely going to rock just every makeup look.

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