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10 Best Makeup For Men Looks


The mainstream media has for long portrayed the makeup and cosmetic industry to be fit for women only. On every other cover page of glamour magazines, you can find women wearing makeup in all styles. But is makeup really just for women? Clearly not. Fortunately, with time, the fashion industry is welcoming men with makeup too. Be it festivals, runways, or the red carpets, men can be seen wearing makeup everywhere. And honestly, this end of gender biases in makeup has made us all super-excited. With that being said, today we have brought for you the ten best makeup for men looks and ideas. It’s time to take no shit and try these jaw-dropping looks with confidence and forecast your beautiful features.

1. The Classic Cat Eyes

Be it, men or women, the classic cat makeup look is for just everyone. This bold eye makeup complemented with a dramatic liner is to die for. For this makeup look, all you need to do is create some depth with smoky eye makeup and then balance the things out with a classy winged eyeliner. But is it that simple to do the classic cat eyes?! Well, not really for it requires a lot of patience and the right technique to master the sleek wing. Here buddies is how you can create this beautiful cat makeup look.

Start off by priming your face and applying a nice and smooth foundation. Here the main hero is going to be the eyes so do not focus on contouring. Just contour your jawline and bronze the rest of the face. Make sure to brush through your eyebrows and give them a messy (aka ‘manly’) look. Next, its time to move to the eyes. Prep the eyes with a tinted or clear eye primer. Set it with some translucent powder. Take a deep brown shade and blend it in the corner and crease. Do not go above the crease. Fill the rest of the eyelid with a light brown and blend both colors so that there are no harsh lines. Now create the wing with a liquid or gel eyeliner. Keep the ends tapered and the middle part very fine for a sleek look. In both corners of the eye, create an extended wing. Apply a thick coat of mascara. Finish the look with a light lip tint or nude lip color. 

2. Billy Porter’s Jewel Makeup For Men

Billy Porter’s Jewel Makeup Look

At the last year’s met gala, Billy Porter totally made his mark by going extra. The gorgeous golden outfit and jewel makeup was a true head-turner in makeup for men. It’s 2020, but people are still obsessed about Porter’s out of the box ravishing look. Without a doubt, he knocked everyone out with his baroque look. If that is what you too want to pull off, here is what you got to do. 

Once you are done with your favorite primer and foundation, go on to bronzing. Again the focus here will not be on the contour. Afterward, move to the eyes. Paint the eyelids with a bright mustard-gold eyeshadow. Do the same under the eye. Put some glue on the eyebrows and after it has dried, apply some eyeshadow there too. Put some golden glitter under the eyebrow (apply some glue and stick the golden shimmer on it with a flat brush). Use a nude eye pencil in the waterline. And now comes the fun part: jewels! Take some face glue and apply it along the boundary of your eye makeup in the undereye area. Also apply it above the eyebrows and in a straight line along the nose joining the corner of the eyebrow to lower semicircle. Then stick some golden rhinestones on it. 

For the bold lips, apply a deep purplish-maroon lip color neatly. Then take some metallic gold eyeshadow to create a highlighting line in the middle.  With the same metallic color, draw a small line on the chin too. And with that, you are done!

3. Warrior Makeup For Men

Warrior Makeup Look

If we are talking about the met gala look of Billy Porter, then how can we ignore the brilliant warrior makeup look of Darren Criss?! Last year Daren went with a warrior makeup look with the magnificent blue eyes and red line on the lips. This is a popular makeup look when it comes to ‘makeup for men’. Any guy can totally rock this surrealistic look anywhere anytime. Here is how you can recreate this awesome makeup look.

First, even out the face with a nice foundation. Do not go for any bronzing or contouring for it will over-power the magical illusion we are going to create in the eye area. Put a little neutralizing eyeshadow on top of your eyelid. Pop a little bright blue on the little boat under your eyes. From there, extend a wing too with blue eyeshadow till your hairline. Draw the other line from the outer corner of the eye to the hairline crossing the outer tip of the eyebrow. Fill in the blue shade with a blending brush. Put some white pencil, eyeshadow, or silver highlighter in the inner corner of your eye. Finish the eyes with a vibrant blue mascara and nude eye pencil in the waterline. On the lips, just draw a little red thick line (rectangular) in the middle of the lower lip. And, that is it! Furious, no?

4. The Lucifer’s Stare

The Lucifer’s Stare

Sometimes the best you can do is go utterly bold with your makeup. This look is not only perfect for concerts and runways but also for the upcoming Halloween festivals. It is a popular and best makeup for men who like to experiment with the unique and startling makeup looks. And the best part is that recreating the lucifer’s stare is undeniably simple. 

The cornerstone in this makeup look is the eye area. And since it is going to be in black, you will need a contrasting base. Therefore, we would recommend going for a foundation that is 2-3  tones lighter than your natural skin color. Your foundation base should be matte for this raging look. Even if you use a glossy foundation, set it with a mattifying powder. Skip bronzing and contouring completely and move directly towards the eyes. 

Begin by priming the whole eye area for a stark color effect. Take a jet black eyeshadow (better be gel or liquid for it is easier to handle and build). Start by blending it under one of the eyes. Then draw vertical slanting lines on the same eve (extending from under the eye to just above the eyebrows as if some dragon scratched your eye). Paint the other eye completely black from just beneath the eyebrow to the undereye area. Then extend the black eyeshadow out of both eyes to meet the hairline. Fill in the nose area too to create a horizontal rectangular eye mask. Use a white pencil in the waterline of the latter eye. Finish the look by applying a single coat of transparent or black mascara to give the eyelashes a little lift. 

5. Holographic Highlighter

Holographic Highlighter

If you are ready to challenge yourself with a look that is definitely going to turn heads, try this holographic highlighter makeup look. This is a super glamorous makeover that can go with just any outfit and hairstyle. Whether it is the men or women, anyone can wear this makeup and totally make their mark. Now without further ado, let’s hop right into it.

Start off again with a mattifying base. Use a matte primer. Primer is compulsory for this look to close all the pores and give you a smooth canvas to work on. Since a lot of vivid highlighting is involved in this makeup for men, close pores with a silicone-based primer is a must. Next, go on to apply a light layer of foundation. You definitely need to contour your face, but keep a low hand on bronzing. Use the bronzer only to warm up your contour lines. As for highlighting, highlight only one side of your face. Now that your face is prepared, we can move on to create this stunning makeup look. 

On the side you have not highlighted normally, we are going to create a holographic highlighter makeup look. A little pro tip: before diving into any color make sure that you have a clean brush so that you don’t muddy your makeup. Begin with a teal-blue shade and apply it above your eyebrows, under your eye (covering the inner half side of the cheek), the bridge of your nose, and your chin area. Then take a purplish eyeshadow and blend it in the boundaries of the blue. Blend the purple into the skin with a hot pink shade. Also, use the same color to shade the crease of your eye. Finish the eye look by applying a thick winged eyeliner and mascara. Now highlight the blue areas with a shimmery metallic blue eyeshadow, and tada! Man, you are going to look awesome. 

6. Blue Eyeshadow Looks With Nude Lips

Blue Eyeshadow Looks  With Nude Lips

One idea for men`s makeup that everyone likes without getting biased about gender or anything is blue eyes with nude lips. Also, since blue is the color of the year 2020, how can we not include this look in our list of top 10. It’s basic yet classic. 


Go with an absolutely light to medium coverage simple foundation and a very light contour (never miss an opportunity to elevate your pretty features). Swipe some electric blue on your eyes. Blend a little blue under the waterline too. Use a burnt brown eyeshadow to draw the eyeliner. Complement your eyes with a striking blue mascara and white pencil in the waterline. Afterward, finish off your handsome makeup look with a nude lip color. 

7. The Ultimate Dramatic Makeup For Men

The Ultimate Dramatic Makeup Look

To be honest, there is nothing cooler than a vividly dramatic makeup look. Going extra with makeup styles is truly aesthetic and boy you got to experiment with all you can. This one is a surrealistic makeup which you will one hundred percent appreciate if you are into the aesthetic makeup. It is a popular look with exquisite photoshoots in 2020. 

In this one, we will focus on eye makeup so for the face you can follow your everyday routine. Once you are done with the face and brows, its time to move directly to the eyes. Start by packing some coral eyeshadow on one eye and teal blue on the other. Take some small adhesive star stickers and stick them randomly around the corners of your eyes. Stick one right beneath your eyes too. Now take a bigger blending brush and start blending the colors out to the hairline. You want to do it sort of like tribal makeup. Take a contrasting eyeshadow to blend it under the waterline. Now remove the star stickers. Put on white mascara and use a nude eye pencil in the waterline. Pop some shimmer in the inner corners of the eyes to widen them and add a little glow. Finalize the look with nude lip color and you are done.

8. Euphoria Makeup For Men

Euphoria Makeup Look

The Euphoria makeup look is the most trendy of makeup for men in year 2020. It is popular among men and women alike. It is perfect for those who are looking for aesthetic makeup styles. And on the plus side, it involves some glitter (by some, we mean definitely a lot of glitters!) but most of all, the euphoria makeup is about the muted eyeshadow colors.

The euphoria makeup involves various makeup looks such as watercolor makeup, glitter tears, random glitter, edgy eyes, and so on. The focus of this makeup remains in the eye area so the foundation and contour are light. The lip colors used in these looks range from warm to cool nudes only. But for an extra punch, you can always use glossy lip colors. Now that we have settled on the full face makeup, let’s get into various eye makeup styles:

Edgy Eyes

It is more like graphic makeup (which we have discussed below). Take the shadow of your choice and draw a rectangle on your eyelid. Fill it in and wear nothing else but transparent mascara to lift the eyes. 

The Sparkly Eye Makeup

Take a light brown eyeshadow and create soft matte smoky eyes. Use brown eyeliner and transparent mascara. Blend some brown near the waterline too. Then take the face glue and apply it from one inner eye corner to the other across the nose bridge. With a flat makeup brush stick some sparkles on the glue and you are good to go. 

Glitter Waterfall

Take some black eyeshadow and smudge it close to the waterline. Smooth it by blending in some burnt brown. Then brush some glitter under it. With the help of face glue sticks some silver rhinestones on top of the glitter. 

9. Floral Makeover

Floral Makeover

If you want to try a spunky runway makeup look, this one is definitely for you. It’s bizarre but glamorous (although it may feel like you are carrying your own little garden on your face). Anyways, this makeup look will surely bring out your sassy confident personality. 

Prep your face with a moisturizing primer and apply some dewy foundation. Follow your usual contouring and highlighting regime. Once it’s done, let the magic begin. Start by taming your eyebrows with some brow gel. Fill your brows for a full and messy look. Put some sheer highlighter under the eyebrow arch. Take some fresh flowers and paste them on both sides of your face in the small ‘c’ shapes. Start the ‘c’ from above the eyebrow and end it right under the middle of the eyes (repeat it on both sides). Add some pink blush on for a china doll look. Apply some pinkish nude lip color and you are good to go. Fancy, huh!

10. Graphic Makeup For Men

The most appealing and striking makeup looks are those which involve graphic eyeliners and random lines. They are sensual and appealing. Today we have three graphic eyes makeup looks that anyone can carry.

60s Twiggy Eyes

First, you need to put some concealer on your eyes to neutralize them. For the doe-eye effect, with a small brush draw a semi-circle over the crease in a black-brown shade. For this semi-circle, you need to follow the socket with your brush. Put a beige cream color under this half-circular line. Apply a smudged eyeliner and two to three thick coats of mascara on both top and bottom eyelashes (pro tip: curl the eyelashes before applying the mascara). 

Upside Down Graphic Eyeliner

Take a bright-colored eyeshadow (neon makeup colors are a better choice) and create an inverted wing near the waterline. Complement it with a nude or white eye pencil in the waterline. 


On a matte face draw a vibrant colored thunderbolt on one of the cheeks. Fill it in and done. 

These are just some of the best makeup for men. But when it comes to experimenting with makeup, the options are truly unlimited. Just be ready to go extra and think out of the box. Our pro tip is that no matter what others may say, don’t shy away from the makeup. Instead, accept it and wear it with confidence and let it reflect back your personality. Happy experimenting!

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