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7 Tips For Doing Makeup For Men Perfectly


We couldn’t be more blessed to be in the 21st century where people are excited about makeup for men. People celebrate men wearing makeup and this how it should be. Sadly enough, not many men artists are in the makeup industry, the ratio of male to female is pretty low so guys entering the world of makeup have limited choices of male makeup artists to look up to and help them with men’s makeup. We are here to remedy it with our 7 tips that will not only be about man face makeup but also show you some gorgeous men with eyeliner and more.

7 Makeup For Men Tips

How does one go about cashing in on their natural features? You have to enhance them by contouring and highlighting.

1. Highlighting

No man face makeup is complete without a little highlighter. Locate the ridge of your cheekbone and sweep the highlighter in your pouch along it, going up to the temples. For a little additional sparkle, dust your cupid bow with a pearly highlighter. Do not forget the nose, blend a straight line of the magic product in the center of your nose and you are illuminating!

2. Contouring

Men wearing makeup are darlings, especially if they know how to contour right. Contouring creates negative space and dimensions to the face. One tip that we cannot emphasize enough with makeup for men is to never ever do harsh contouring. Harsh contour lines make the face looks like something out of a horror movie so take your time in blending and use the right techniques.

3. Natural Makeup For Men To Brighten The Day

Tips of Natural Makeup For Men

Work on your natural makeup skills till you can wear natural makeup for men every day without anybody noticing a single flaw. Concentrate on keeping the coverage minimum, conceal all problem areas, and concentrate on making your face glow by using a highlighter in the right places.


4. Makeup For Men To Cover Up Shaving Mistakes

Makeup for men should be multi-functional and one of the ways to have natural makeup for men is to use eyebrow cake powder to draw on a little fake stubble. With it, you can rock men’s makeup and No Shave November or simply cover up any nicks you made during the shave.

5. Daily Skincare Should Be Your Mantra

tips for men makeup

The top tier makeup tip that we can give you guys is to never skip on your skincare routine. Invest in your skin if you want to perfect makeup for men. Buy all the bougie products that your skin needs and treat it right every single day.

6. Buy All The Applicators

Some makeup products used for men’s eye makeup can be applied with a finger but what about the rest of the face? Spend the money and buy applicators for every part of your face, like brushes of all kinds, beauty blenders, sponges, and more.

7. Perfect Your Men’s Makeup Guyliner

Do you want to show people that you know everything there is about makeup for men? Learn how to do the guyliner because there is nothing hotter than men with eyeliner. The trick is to not only stick to the black eyeshadow. You need to use eyeliner and mascara smartly to create a Jared Leto type look.

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