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How To Shape Eyebrows: A Complete Beginner Guide


The perfect eyebrows are a total game-changer. The eyebrow shapes matter a lot when it comes to your overall appearance. They really do create a huge difference in how you look. So it is extremely important to always keep your eyebrows in check. Literally, you can put tons of effort into your makeup and everything, but unless you don’t tame your eyebrows, you are gonna be a mess. But like various other cases, it is easy to say than to do. That`s why, we have a made a complete guide on how to shape eyebrows to help you in this process.

How To Shape Your Eyebrows

how to do eyebrows

Shaping eyebrows perfectly is all about minding which eyebrow shapes suit you. One way to find out is to start by figuring out your face shape before you go for your eyebrow shaping. Only then you can have the perfect eyebrows.

Considering that you have figured out your face shape by now, here we are going to only suggest the eyebrow shapes that go with each of the face shapes. 

For an oval shape or a face that is very slim, any type of eyebrow shapes will do. Just one thing you need to be careful about is that let your brows be too arched or too straight. Keep it midway for a flawless look.

Since the square face has sharp angles, you need to cut a bit on the sharpness. So you should keep your brows soft to soften your whole face. 

A round face is the one that demands a lot of attention when it comes to eyebrow shaping. Too thin eyebrows will make your face look very small and too thick will make it appear big. So ensure that you have just the perfect eyebrows – not too thick nor too thin! Also, the bulb and tail should be horizontally aligned.

For a long face, it is recommended to keep short but thick eyebrows. This shape cuts the length of the face and neutralizes things a bit. Plus, make sure that you don’t go for too arched to shape eyebrows if you want somewhat curvy brows. 

How To Map Eyebrow Shapes

eyebrow shapes

Eyebrow shapes can be really tricky. There is a lot that goes into shaping eyebrows just right. One wrong hair plucked out can totally screw everything. The eyebrow shaping process, therefore, needs to be very precise. Owing to this it is highly recommended to never take a risk with your eyebrow shape and always visit professional stylists for perfect eyebrows. 

Here are some starter tips though to explain how to shape eyebrows perfectly. You need to begin by mapping out the eyebrow shapes that you want. To do this you need to follow the following steps.

12 Steps For Mapping Eyebrow Shapes

  1. Get a piece of a clean thread of dental floss. Then stain it with some gel liner or an eye pencil. We will use this string to map out the eyebrow shapes.
  2. Pinch the bridge of your nose and try to identify the center point of your face. Mark it by drawing a small point with an eye pencil.
  3. Then line the stained piece of thread or floss on the center point of the nose and extend the line from the forehead to the middle part of the nose. 
  4. Mark the beginning of the brow by lining the thread with the outer edge of the nostril and extending up to the brow. Repeat this step for both eyebrows. This is an integral part of getting refined shape eyebrows` look .
  5. While keeping the eyes open, mark the length of the brows by placing the thread at the corner of the nose to the corner of the open eye and up to the eyebrow. 
  6. With the eyes still open (and while you look exactly straight) it is time to mark the highest point of the arch for the perfect shape eyebrows` look. So it by placing the thread at the corner of the nose extending through the outer part of the iris up to the brows. 
  7. Using the calipers or brow sticker, measure the arches to ensure they are even. Uneven arches are a total disaster to shape eyebrows.
  8. Now you will need to mark the lowest part. Place the thread horizontally underneath the brows to map the lowest part of the bulbs. 
  9. Then place the thread above the brows horizontally to mark the highest part of the bulbs. 
  10. Now place your thread on the lower line. Cross it through the center line, extend it to the arch and mark the upper edge of the brows. 
  11. Place your thread on the upper line, crossing through the center line to meet the lower line of the opposite eyebrow. Extend the line further to the arch and mark the upper edge of the brow. 
  12. Now place your thread at the end of the tail of your eyebrows and mark the lower edge of the tail. 
  13. Place your thread on the arch point of one brow and place your thread across the forehead to check that the height of both the arches is similar. 

Now the eyebrow shaping part is done. What is left is to pluck the stray hair and get flawless shape eyebrows. 

How To Shape Eyebrows At Home

how to shape eyebrows

Yes, we have said that you need to visit professional stylists for perfect eyebrows but it can be an unaffordable option for some whose hair grows really fast. Well, there are people who need eyebrow shaping every week. They may not be able to spend $80-10 (on average) on every visit. Also, babes, why spend all of your hard-earned dollars like that when there are ways to get well-groomed eyebrow shapes at home. And honey here’s how to shape eyebrows at home. 

Steps To Shape Eyebrows At Home

The first step is to brush your eyebrows with a spool brush. It is also called an eyebrow brush. It has kind of spiral hairs at one end. Now the brushing technique is also important as it contributes to the final eyebrow shapes. Just brush all your hair upwards with your spool brush. This will get the hair out for you to locate the stray hair and decide the eyebrow shapes you wanna try. 

The second step is to get rid of messy babies. With tweezers pluck out all of the excess hair for shaping eyebrows nicely. Since it is important to get rid of extra hair not only from beneath the brows but also from the upper side to get the best eyebrow shapes, move to the upper part. 

Brush the hair down and figure out the hair messing up with your natural shape. Then pluck the extra hair in the direction in which your hair naturally grows (trust us, it is gonna hurt less this way). 


Now that you are done with plucking the hair, it is time to trim the brows to get perfect eyebrow shapes. Now once again comb the brow hair with a spool in the upward direction. With small beauty scissors, cut off the ends of longer hair. You want to trim them enough so that your brows look sharp and it has some gaps that can be easily filled. 

If you can still spot the long or bent hair messing up the eyebrow shapes, comb your brow hair in the downward direction. Then cut off the ends of longer hair. This will make your perfect eyebrows much more clean and neat. 

The last step is to make sure everything is super smooth. Take a face razor and clean the areas around your eyebrows. With the small gentle strokes, clean till just where your eyebrow starts. This will give your brows an extra oomph and much more precision. Just be careful not to use the razor too close to the eyebrows as you can easily cut the wrong hair. 

Pluck Your Hair To Shape Eyebrows

When it comes to shaping eyebrows by plucking, there are some tips that you can follow to make the whole experience gentle, less painful, and easier. Eyebrow shaping by plucking the stray hair is a stingy process, but our guide can help you make the whole thing a bit less painful.

So before going into getting any of the eyebrow shapes, it is preferable to prep the area. We recommend you to sanitize your hands. Clean the area around the eyebrows with micellar water to get rid of any makeup or accumulated oils. Then hold a cotton pad dipped into warm water on the eyebrows for a few seconds to open the pores and soften the hair follicles. This makes plucking easier, thus, helps with creating the various eyebrow shapes. 

It is always wise to map out the brow shape with a pencil before you start plucking. A good way is to draw your eyebrows with a white pencil. Any hair outside the white boundary is then your target. You can pluck it and get the perfect eyebrows easily by yourself. 

To get rid of the extra hair there are several methods. You can either use tweezers to pluck your hair, but it is a time taking and painful process. Or you can go for threading which is a painful yet the most effective method. But if you are looking for something less painful, we would recommend you try eyebrow shaping with wax. In waxing, you can opt for either sugar waxing or hard wax. Though the latter is better, even less painful, and very effective. 

Otherwise, you can also decide to go with razors for eyebrow shaping. In fact, with razors, you can try just any of the various eyebrow shapes easily as it is very convenient to use. It gives prison to the brows. However, there is one setback that the hair grows back faster so you have to do eyebrow shaping every now and then. 

Ok, enough with the exploration of various ways of shaping eyebrows. It’s time for some tips that can prevent brow disasters. With these few tips, we are sure that you will be able to get the perfect eyebrows every time. So, without further ado, let’s talk business!

4 Tips To Shape Eyebrows By Plucking

1. Avoid overplucking your eyebrows – anyone can go wrong with plucking. A lot of people end up with thin or mismatched brows every now and then due to overplucking. So to avoid it, the rule of thumb is to mark the brow territory and don’t pluck anything inside the boundary line. 

2. Pluck in the right direction – always pluck the hair in the direction it is growing. Plucking the brow hair from the opposite side can not only be painful but can also make the hair break instead of getting pulled out. Consequently, you are left with the overall messy eyebrow shapes. 

3. Keep the length of your brow tail in check – some people naturally have long eyebrows which makes their eyes appear droopy. So one non-surgical face and eyelift that you can give yourself any time is by checking the tail of your eyebrow. While shaping eyebrows, make sure that you trim the extra hair. 

4. Keep the eyebrow shapes in check – we don’t have anything against messy brows but please mind that big messy brows don’t have to be shapeless. Always groom your brows and give them some shape. For a guide on perfect eyebrows for your face here is a little guide. 

And that is it for now. Hope you have gathered the important tips that will help you get the perfect eyebrows even at home without any fuss. 

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