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How To Make Your Hair Grow Super Fast


Fed up with your short hair? Want to make your hair grow fast? Don’t worry. Whether you want to know how to make your hair grow fast or you want a long haircut, you need to follow a few tips and then you will get the hair length you need.

You might be asking yourself, what are the tips you can take to grow your hair at a faster pace. To help you out, below are some of the tips you can take. So, here we go.

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How To Make Your Hair Grow Fast?

There are a lot of ways you can follow to grow your hair faster. To help you out, I’ve got the 14-tips guide for you that will help you in making your hair grow faster. Thus, here is the answer to the question “how to grow hair faster naturally in a week?”. So, let’s delve deeper.

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Tip 1: Go For A Scalp Massage

Going for a scalp massage is quite important. We probably spend a lot of time and money on collecting numerous products but we mostly forget where it all started from. Therefore, you must go for a scalp massage.

According to research, scalp massage has numerous benefits on stress hormones, blood pressure, and heart rate. Massaging your scalp will also help in increasing the blood flow to the scalp as well as it will enhance the strength of your roots.

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Tip 2: Use Egg Yolk Mask To Prevent Breakage

If we look at the research and the recent studies, we can see that the hair grows to a quarter to a half an inch per month. Although it is tough to speed up the growth process of your hair, what you can help with is to affect the quality of the shafts of your hair each follicle produces. Besides, there are numerous things we can focus on to increase the high amount of hair follicles in your scalp. This will increase the hair in the growing phase and will help you in getting thicker hair.

So, what can you do? To complete this task, I would recommend you to go for an egg yolk mask. Eggs contain lecithin and protein. This will help in strengthening, nourishing, and healing the strands.

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Tip 3: Check The Medications

According to the studies, there are a lot of medications that are linked with hair loss. Some of these are commonly prescribed categories of drugs. This can help exacerbate hair loss including blood pressure, hormone replacements, and cholesterol.

Tip 4: Rinse the Hair With Cool Water

Similar to hot water’s abilities to cause hair loss and dryness, rinsing cold water has numerous opposite effects as well. Cool water can close the cuticle and strengthen the hair follicles. Therefore, it is important to rinse your hair with cold water.

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Tip 5: Go For A Hot Castor Oil Treatment

This is a very important tip. Castor oil is helpful for you in numerous ways. Castor oil has so much benefit that you might miss coconut oil for this. Although coconut oil is good for your hair as well, this does not deny the fact that castor oil can help you out.

The first reason why castor oil is helpful for your hair is that it contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. These properties help it in combating the scalp infections that prevent the hair from growing. Secondly, castor oil is filled with omega-6 fatty acids, proteins, and vitamin E. These can help in penetrating the parched strands and can seal the hair shaft to retain moisture.

Tip 6: Do Not Smoke

No matter how big a smoker you are, if you want to grow your hair fast you need to make sure that you stop smoking. Well, smoking is something personal and we won’t judge you on that, but this act highly affects your hair in some ways.

Smoking frequently can reduce the blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles. This can prevent the oxygen and nutrients from reaching the scalp.


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Tip 7: Go For Healthy Fats Instead Of Hair Growth Supplements

You can use a hair growth supplement easily. But if you ask me honestly, there is no guarantee whether these supplements will help you in growing your hair faster or not. Besides, hair follicles might contain a higher yet unnecessary amount of vitamins and minerals. This can destroy your hair strength.

Thus, the best answer to how to make hair grow faster in men is to go for healthy fats. Going for fats like omega-3 lets you ensure that your hair growth routine is on the right track. Healthy fats are essential to hair health as our bodies cannot produce omega-3s on their own.

Tip 8: Reduce Heat Styling

Although you might be aware of this fact, every hairstylist will recommend that the best way to grow your hair faster is to reduce the routine of hot tools. Blow dryers and styling irons can help you in damaging your hair as they make your hair more brittle and dry. This can result in your hair’s breakage and can cause a shorter hair length.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not use heat styling.

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Tip 9: Do Not Over-Shampoo Your Hair

According to numerous studies and researches, it is said that over-shampooing can lead your hair to break, get dry, and get brittle locks. This also depends on your hair type as each hair type works differently. Thus, it would depend on your hair type for how many times you can shampoo the hair weekly.

Tip 10: Trim The Split Ends On a Regular Basis

Although this might sound a bit weird, whyRegularlywhy would anyone who wants to grow their hair talk about cutting them. But trust me, this is for your good. By going for regular trims, you can remove dry and damaged split ends. Split ends can go all the way to the shaft or the hair strand and can cause breakage. Due to this, the only thing that will grow will be your frustration.

Therefore, it is quite important that you start cutting the split ends as soon as possible. If you cannot do it yourself, you can call a friend or someone who knows about this.

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Tip 11: Brush Your Hair Gently

Nothing is worse than properly detangling the knots in your hair. But this is an important tip to do if you want to grow your hair strands faster. Besides, you mustn’t rush it. If you are a fan of Hulk, and you rip your hair quickly, then you need to reconsider it immediately. Thus, when it comes to brushing your hair, you need to think it through and go for it gently and slowly.

One more thing you need to do is to choose the right brush, Although a brush that has metal bristles is considered to be with a purpose, a wide-toothed comb and a detangling brush is a far greater option.

Tip 12: Prevent Taking Stress

Stress can indeed affect your body in more than one way. But when we talk about hair, we can assume that stress is among the biggest causes of hair loss. There are different types of stress. Some might suffer from hair loss due to severe and traumatic stress, while some autoimmune diseases of the hair and scalp can cause the same amount of hair loss as well. Therefore, alongside me, there are a lot of professionals who recommend you to keep the stress to a minimum. You can go for different therapies if you like as well.

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Tip 13: Avoid Tangles

Avoiding tangles is another way or answer to how to grow hair faster in a month. But how can you avoid tangles? Well, the best way to do that is to sleep in a silk or satin hair cover or pillowcase. This will help you in various ways. Although it might not help you in making your hair grow faster than before, it can. However, help generate a less amount of fiction that will provide your hair a softer surface to rest on.

Tip 14: Use Keratin Based Products

Using keratin-based products is helpful. These products can help you out by combating dryness and can make your hair appear shinier. Apart from this, keratin-based products can help in strengthening the hair and preventing future breakage from happening.

Final Words

A lot of people ask how to make your hair grow faster in a day? Although completing this task in a day is utterly impossible, what you can do is take your time. By doing that, you can increase your chances of getting strong hair at a super-fast rate. Thus, you should go for it without wasting any further time.

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