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How To Do Natural Eye Makeup


A chic way of creating a makeup statement is by going all-natural. Natural eye makeup is very trendy with everyday glow up routines. It makes your eyes look more open, fresh, and well-rested. Today I am going to share a detailed step by step guide for beginners with some simple and amazing tips to show how anyone can create a flawless natural eye look.

1) Prime Your Eyes

Always begin your eye makeup with priming. The key step to an exquisite look is to prep your skin. Primer creates a smooth canvas to work on, hydrates your skin, and makes the eye shadows last longer.

2) Conceal

This step is completely optional. If there are any blemishes, you may cover them with a little concealer. It also helps create a slightly lighter base to work on and makes your eyes pop.

Tip: Liquid concealers work best if blended into the skin with a small damp sponge. Set it then by brushing on some translucent powder.

3) Define the Crease

The key to mastering eye makeup is to begin with the lightest shades in your palette. I personally prefer a romantic pink, blush, or light brown which is closer to my skin tone. Pack a little eyeshadow on a medium blending brush and work from inner to the outer corner with small gentle strokes. Next blend in a slightly darker eyeshadow and seamlessly blend both shades into the crease.

Tip: Do not use harsh and bold colors in the crease and avoid glittery shades. If you have small eyes, you can make them look bigger by putting the crease shadows a little above than your crease and blend it upwards. Also when applying eyeshadow to your crease, tilt your head back and look down into the mirror so you have the full surface area of your eye socket, but look straight in the mirror when blending.

4) Create the Outer Corner

You can add some depth to your eye makeup by applying a slightly darker brown color. Pack the product on your brush and with gentle circular stokes create a rounded outer corner.

Tip: While applying a darker shade to the outer corner, use a small brush, and ‘poke’ the eye shadow into place. Then use a blending brush in tiny circular motions as opposed to windshield wipers like strokes. This helps merge the colors evenly without messing up.

5) Make Your Lashes Look Big

Take a sharpened brow pencil or a blackish-brown eyeshadow to create a very thin line just above your eyelashes. If you have closer inner corners, do not go all the way and draw a line only from the middle to the outer corner. However, if your eyes are apart, you can draw a little extended inner corner. After drawing the line, smudge it with a brush or a q-tip to soften the look.


6) Apply the Eyeshadow to the Lid

To make your eyes look bigger, use a glittery eyeshadow or a gold base highlighter and fill in the middle part of the eyelid. You can also put a little highlighter to inner corners to make your eyes look bright.

Tip: Glittery shades tend to fall out so it is better to use your finger to put them on.

7) Lower Lash Line

Take the transition shades used in the crease to define the lower lash line. Use lighter shades towards the inner corner and a slightly darker color for the outer corner.

8) A Light Water Line

Black pencils do not go with natural looks anymore. You may use a white or light pink pencil for the waterline. This makes the eyes look more open.

9) The Eye-liner

Instead of using a liquid or gel eyeliner, take dark brown or black eyeshadow to create a cat-eye look. Use an angled brush to draw the line and a small blending brush/q-tip to smudge it a little.

10) Finish off with Mascara/ Eye-lashes

Finish your glamorous eye makeup look with your favorite mascara. You can also wear false lashes if you have naturally thin lashes.

Tip: Coat two layers of mascara on upper lashes to add volume to them. Stroke the mascara brush slightly to the tips of your lower lashes to keep a softer look.

11) Fill In Your Brows

Nowadays, brows are essential for any eye makeup look. Just take a dark brown eyeshadow and fill in your arches. Brush your brows with the brow brush to make them look voluminous. With a thin brush put a little highlighter on the brow bone.

Follow these simple 11 steps, and Viola! I bet once you have mastered the art of this daytime eye makeup look, it will become your go-to in no time. This look is great for highlighting your natural features.

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