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How To Disguise Grey Hair With Highlights In 2021


Grey hair can cause a lot of problems. From ruining the parties to making your school days the worst of your life, grey hair can be problematic. But if you take the right steps you can make sure that you get the right makeup look. So what can you do? Basically, if you want to get the right makeup look, you should first look towards covering your grey hair with highlights. You can do that by disguising grey hair with highlights. So, how to disguise grey hair with highlights?

Can You Highlight The Grey Hair?

The answer to this question is a big YES. The grey hair can be highlighted. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that when you highlight the grey hair, you should make sure that you blend the silver strays and you create an ultra-natural finish.

So, how can this be helpful? Well, the first benefit of highlighting grey hair is that it can help the people who love the highlights but they want to blend the grey hair so they can get the coverage they need. Also, this will happen without the loss of that lust-worthy and light-reflective glow.

How To Disguise Grey Hair With Highlights

These days, there are a lot of ways through which you can apply highlights. From babylights to balayage, there are a lot of techniques that can help you out. Each and every technique provides a new and unique effect. Although not all processes can meet the demands, there are some that you can go for. Thus, below is the answer to your question “how to cover grey hair with highlights?”. The answer includes three different techniques. So let us get into it.

1) Balayage And Hair Painting

This technique brown hair with grey highlights technique involves a freehand painting strand that helps in creating a natural-looking highlight. Although people usually believe that the balayage hair is very similar to an ombre, this is not entirely true.

One thing you need to remember is that you should start with the roots. The reason behind this is that if you start the highlights halfway down the head, then your grey roots will be sent behind.

2) Foilyage

This transition to grey hair with highlights is considered quite similar to the balayage technique. But, there are some differences that you might notice. In this technique, the major difference between the two sides is that this technique adds a bit of foil to the mix.

Numerous highlights are put in the required places. After this, they are wrapped in a foil separately to make the effect a bit more no and intense. The foil will seal in heat and this helps you in allowing the strands to get lighter and brighter.


3) Babylights

Have light grey hair? Go for this blonde hair with grey highlights technique. This technique is the best option for those who have light grey hair. This technique provides a fine blonde highlight throughout the hair that helps you in giving a sun-kissed look. These strands will help you in brightening the light grey mane and they will give you a way more youthful appearance.

Some Tips To Take Care Of grey Hair With Highlights

No matter which base colour you choose or whether you choose a highlight or a lowlight, the tips to maintain this will always stay the same. Thus below are the ways that can help you out.

1) Use Color-safe Products

The first thing you need to do is to make room for a conditioner and a shampoo that is safe for colour-treated hair. By doing this, you can keep the best colour for stubborn grey hair safe and sound.

2) Keep Everything Cool

When you go for a shower, I would recommend you to use cold water instead of hot water. The reason behind this is that high temperatures can cause dryness. But, if you use cool water, things will stay in your hand.

3) Add A Hair Mask

Another go-to tip is to add a hair mask to your routine. Once a week, you should swap the daily conditioner with the hair mask. This will help you show your strands some TLC.

4) Do Not Go For Heat Styling

Heat styling can be costly and I believe that it is quite unnecessary as well. The reason behind this is that heat can be dangerous for the colour making it tough for you.

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