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How To Cut Your Own Hair Short


Switching from long hair to short hair can be a big and frustrating step. Whether you are doing it with your own choice or due to any other reason, this step is never easy. That is why you must ensure you pick the right style and go about it in the best and most stress-free way possible. So, what can you do? Should you reach out to a professional to get your haircut, or should you do it yourself? In my opinion, you should do this work by yourself. By doing this, you can make things quite easier for yourself.

How to cut your hair short? The answer to this question “how to cut your own short hair?” is quite easy and simple. To help you out, below are the numerous steps that will help you in cutting your hair short. These steps are divided into three parts, which will help you in clearing your queries and confusion. So, let us get into it and find the answer to how to cut your own short hair at home.

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How To Cut Your Own Hair Short

Part 1: Choose Your Favorite Style

Step 1: Match A Hairstyle With Your face

The first step is quite easier than you think it is. In this step, you will have to choose the right hairstyle. Whether you are a fan of an ultra-short punk rock look or you are excited to give yourself a nice summer look, whatever you are looking for, it is important to match the style with your face.

In case if you are blessed with a round face, you might find the bob or the layered cut more amusing. If you are a person with a narrower face, then you might like the pixie style.

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Step 2: How About A Layered Cut?

This part is all about testing numerous short haircuts on your face. So, don’t get bored. If you are not finding anything suitable, you might consider a layered cut, a dynamic or layered cut involves sectioning off your hair and cutting it slightly in numerous lengths. This will help in making the hair fall gently on the back of your head.

If you want to cut your hair in layers, the first thing you need to do is to decide where you want the shortest layer to fall, and then you will have to cut the top layer of your hair to match that length. Once done, you should make sure that you use the cut layer as your guide, and then you can easily cut the rest of your hair.

Step 3: What About Going SUPER-SHORT?

Perhaps the easiest way you cut your long hair to short is to use hair clippers. In case if you are fed up with your long hair and you want to change it, you do not need to give it much time.

Another quick and easy step to go for the ponytail. Once you have put your hair into the ponytail, then you should just cut it off with ease. When done, you can use a mirror and go back over the ends of your hair and you can quickly clean them up.

Step 4: Take A Look At Hair Inspirations As Well

If you are not finding any clue, you can use the help of pictures. Just take the pictures of hairstyles that you love and this will help you in getting geared up for the cut. If you feel that short hair will be suitable for you, you can pick the right short haircut.

Part 2: Start Preparing Your Hair

Step 1: Start By Going For Hair Treatments Before And After

The first step of this part is to use hair treatments. In case you have had a long time since you had your haircut, you need to ensure that when your hair loses its body instantly, this doesn’t affect your hair. Sometimes, people suffer from limp and thin hair. Therefore, it is important to use treatments as well as you need to opt for the shampoo and conditioner that will help you in making your hair strong again.

I would suggest that you use the treatments that include keratin. This will help you in strengthening your damaged hair.

Step 2: Wash Your Hair Thoroughly

If you are interested in cutting your hair by yourself, you should make sure that you cut your hair every day. You should also straighten your hair with a tool or a brush. Also, use hairspray and water. If you have loose curls or waves, then they will become straight when you make them wet. But if you have tight curls, they will not get straight even if they are wet.

You can also use curlers, rollers, and hair tools to help in restoring the curls and waves when you are finished with the cutting of your hair. But, if you are a fan of straight looks, then you can keep it that way.

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Step 3: Go For The Small And Sharp Scissors

One thing you need to know is that you cannot cut your hair with a ratty old pair of scissors. To complete this task, you need to make sure that you use sharp and clean scissors that are specially made for the cutting of one’s hair. By doing this, you can make sure that your job goes fine with ease and smoothness. Using a small pair of scissors is important because this will make sure that everything goes as planned.

Some people believe that using razor combs for your hair is the best option. But let me tell you one thing, to get the best results, you should cut your hair using a regular scissor first. You can also give the finishing touches through a razor comb.


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Step 4: Cut The Hair In A Clean but Hard Floor

If you haven’t gone for a haircut for a longer period, you will have to collect a lot of it. If you start things off with a ponytail, you will have to keep everything in one place with ease. But apart from that, everything will be in a big mess. Therefore, you will have to take a few steps if you want to make sure that it is easy to clean up.

One more thing that you need to make sure of is that you need to be somewhere near the laminated and hard floors such as the bathroom or your kitchen. You will need to clear out every bathmat, rug, and other stuff that will get in the way of your sweeping. You should sweep up the hair immediately when you are finished.

Step 5: Get A Grab On Some Hand Mirrors

Whether you are the one who will do the cutting or you have asked any of your friends to do it, you must have numerous hand mirrors in your hand ready to rock and roll. A mirror will help you in seeing the head from all different angles. This will help you in making sure that you haven’t missed anything big.

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Part 3: Go For The Cut

Step 1: Start From The Ends

The first step is to cut the split ends. Therefore, you will have to start from just above where the higher amount of split ends are. This will help in making your hair way healthier and will help in maintaining the locks.

If you have curly hair, you may have to spend some eight weeks to get your hair trimmed. If we look at the other hair types, the majority of the other hair types need some six weeks.

Step 2: Start By Cutting Your Hair Inch By Inch

In case if you are not sure what type of hairstyle will suit you or which one you would like to go for, you should start cutting your hair inch by inch. This way you can determine which haircut or style is the best for you.

You can hold the hair in your fingers and measure them. If you are looking for a blunt cut, I would suggest cutting the hair in straight and even line.

If you want a bob haircut, you should hole the hair at some 45-degree angle. If you want layers, you should clip off the hair being used.

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Step 3: Go For Diagonal And Short Cuts

Cutting short hair is never easy. You just don’t have to cut straight across the hair, but you need to ensure that you make the diagonal snips when you have your hair as long as you want them to be. This will help you in keeping your hair more healthy.

If you do not want flat and dull hair, you should stop making long and straight hair. When your hair dries, it will not stay straight. Therefore, you do not need to worry that all of the ends in your hair are the same and exact.

Step 4: Leave It For A Few Days

The last step is all about patience., When you change your long hair to short hair, you may find it bad and you may not find the result amusing. Often, the change only seems bad to you and you may have to wait for a few weeks to adjust.

You can style your hair in different ways and do numerous experiments. This way you can make things easier for you. In case you disapprove of the new style, you should wait for a month or two and your hair will grow back. Then you can try any other hairstyle.

Final Words

A lot of people ask the question “how to cut your hair short layers?” The answer to this question is quite simple. You just need to follow a few certain steps and you can cut your hair with ease. The above-mentioned steps are the perfect example of “how to cut your hair short in the back”. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it.

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