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How To Cut Your Own Hair In Layers


Going for a layered haircut can help you out in numerous ways. A layered haircut can freshen up your hairstyle and provide you with the illusion of volume. Besides, the layered haircut is unique and can be used for any face shape or size. Therefore, it is important to go for a layered haircut if you want to create the right makeup look.

Besides, a lot of people also ask how to cut your hair in layers. Thus, to help you guys out, below are a few steps you guys need to follow if you want to create the right hairstyle for your evening party. So, here is the answer to “how to cut your hair in layers step by step”.

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How To Cut Your Hair In Layers

“How to cut your hair in long layers?” There are numerous ways to do this. But to help you out in a much easier manner, I would provide you with a simpler and easier method to create your makeup style by going for the layered haircut. So, let us get into it.

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Part 1: Getting The Hair Ready For A Layered Haircut

Step 1: Check Your Hair In The Mirror

The first step of part 1 is quite simple. As you need to cut your hair at home due to the pandemic and all. You need to take a detailed look before you start. Thus, the first step is to decide where your layers will be. This way you can get an idea of where you should start.

Besides, you can also take a picture of your face, print it out, and then you can mark on the picture where the layers should be. Some people think that going for long and natural-looking layers is way better. While others believe that opting for bolder looks is much better.

The layering of the hair also depends on your hair texture. Layering is used to add body to the hair. Especially if you are a fan of short layers. If you already are blessed with full-bodied and layered hair, you need to go for the longer layers as they can make you extremely extra gorgeous.

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Step 2: Buy A Good Pair Of Scissors

The second step is to buy the scissors. Scissors can help you out in numerous ways. Besides, when it comes to the cutting of the hair, scissors are the most important tool that is required. Therefore, you need to buy a scissor that is sharp and does not rust.

Step 3: Set The Things

It is important to cut your hair in layers in a well-set-up place. Therefore, I would suggest you access a sink and a mirror. The best place to do a haircut at home is to do it in a bathroom.

You need to have a towel with you that you can drape over your shoulders. Also, fetch a pair of hair clips that will help in holding a few sections of your hair back. Meanwhile, your comb and scissors will be doing their work.

Step 4: Wash Your Hair

The last step of this part is to wash the hair. Once you have set up your hair and everything you need is in front of you, I would suggest you start things over. You should start by washing your hair.

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Part 2: Cutting The Hair layer By Layer

Step 1: Divide The Hair Into Sections

The first step of part 2 is to divide the hair. In case if you want an asymmetrical style, you need to ensure that the layers on the sides of your head are of the same length. In short words, the layers behind your ears should have the same length as compared to the hair that is in front of your hair.

Step 2: Trim The Front

The second step is to start the rimming process. You will need to trim the front top box. Just unclip the front box section, lift your hair at a ninety-degree angle and hold it straight between your first two fingers. Once you have it between your fingers, you should now move the finger to the tip of your hair.

The reason why I said you need to go for a ninety-degree angle is that by going for a ninety-degree angle, you can easily get a layered haircut.


It is easy to cut the layer that is under the earlobe. You can take the picture that you took to use a reference.

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Step 3: Trim The Right Front Section

This is a major step that you need to take. Just unclip the right part of your front hair. Lift the hair with your fingers again at a ninety-degree angle. Hold the part of your hair you want to cut in your forefingers or the middle fingers. Once this is done, you should bring the finger down to the tip and place them where you want to cut the hair. You can now use scissors or a trimmer to cut the hair that you have chosen to be cut.

Step 4: Go For The Front Left Section

Now the time has come to go for the left section of the front of your hair. Now again, you will need to lift your hair with the fingers at a ninety-degree angle from the head. You should hold the hair straight between the fingers. Bring it down to the section where you want to cut it and that’s it, you are ready to go.

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Step 5: Trim The back Section

If you are interested, then you can also add layers to the back and side of your hair. You just need to get help from a second mirror. This will help you out in checking your work. You will just have to start lifting numerous small sections of your hair and you will have to trim them, with a trimmer or a scissor.

Step 6: Comb The Hair

Once you are done with the trimming, you need to do a detailed check. Check the layers you have recently cut. This way you can ensure that everything is done correctly. You can also check it again by doing it horizontally and vertically. If you witness any unsuitable or uneven layer, you can gently cut it. Once this is done, please try to comb the hair so that you can make the right hairstyle.

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Part 3: How About A Shortcut

Step 1: Go For A Ponytail

The easiest way to cut your hair in layers is to just turn the head down, use a comb, and gather all the hair. Once done, you can use a band to make a ponytail on top of the head. One thing that you need to make sure of is that the ponytail must be at the top of the scalp. This will help in ensuring that the layers are in the right position.

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Step 2: Slide The Elastic Band Down The Length

If you are a fan of short layers, then you should not move the band a few inches from your hair’s tip. But if you have longer layers, then sliding it down and stopping an inch before the ponytail is the best way.

Plus, if you are not comfortable with an elastic band, you can use your fingers as an alternative.

Step 3: Cut The End Of The Hair

With the use of scissors, you now need to chop the section that is out from the ponytail. In case if you are blessed with thick hair, then you need to go for more than just one snip to get through every layer.

Besides, you will not need to cut the hair at an angle because this way, the layers will be jagged. Therefore, you just need to hold the scissor horizontally and cut it straight across.

Final Words

A lot of people ask how to cut chunky layers in your hair? Well, the answer is simple and easy. Thus if you want to know how to cut layers in your hair, then you should follow this guide.

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