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How To Cut Your Own Bangs


Hair salons were one of the most relaxing places to go because that is where everyone used to get our mojo on. Since the start of the pandemic and lockdown, many of us have not visited those sacred grounds, if any of us have, we have always been in a state of anxiety. We can safely say that it is time for you to search up “how to cut your own bangs.” The only trouble is that there are too many tutorials out there, and some are not shot and done by professionals.

Lucky for you, we love cutting bangs hence have plenty of knowledge on bangs hair for your perfect hair care routine. Sit tight because not only are we going to tell you how to trim bangs, you will also know to cut your own bangs with our help.

Basics Of Cutting Bangs By Yourself

cut your bangs yourself

Have you seen all those videos of professionals where they seem gorgeous at the end of the video? Mates, it is because they know how to cut bangs! You ought to rein in your jealousy because you will soon be learning how to cut your own bangs. The first step before the actual first step is to start this process only when you are completely awake, comfortable, and perhaps there is excitement coursing through your system.

  1. Gather your supplies and keep them plain insight on the working station near where you will be working.
  2. Most salons tend to do bangs hair by completely drenching the hair, but you should not. Cutting bangs when the hair is dry will allow you to see the dimensions and look the bangs are taking. Haircuts with bangs are fairly easy to do, but you would need to follow the instructions just right, so keep your hair dry.
  3. The next step is to find the starting point of your whole procedure, which is also the point where your bangs will start. Get a comb and place it on the top of your head and keep it flat. Turn to your side and notice in the mirror where your head starts to slope down.
  4. Now that you have gotten your points to guide, you pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail so that it gets out of your way. Twist the hair that you had marked earlier, and it will seemingly make a triangle.
  5. To cut your own bangs, make sure that the twisted section of the hair is in front of your face. The inches of hair you cut off depends on the length of your hair, but there is a general rule. Cut the level of the tip of your nose.
  6. Open up the twisted hair and assess how your bangs are coming around. To get that professional look, make sure that you add layers to make the bangs seem flowy and not blunt.

Tips To Follow For Cutting Your Own Bangs

We have covered the basics of cut bangs, but when you are doing it at home, it can become a little messy and might even induce frenzy in you.

  • If you want to get long hair with bangs, it might be a little challenging, but the key is to make well-defined sections.
  • If you have watched a couple of “how to cut your own bangs” tutorial videos, you must have noticed that their work station is well lit. It applies to you too because you cannot hope to cut your own bangs right if there is barely any light to work with.

How To Cut Side Bangs And Give A Sweeping Effect

You are only an expert in cutting bangs if you know how to cut side bangs too. When we say side bangs, we mean the bangs that frame one side of the face prominently and have layers to give them depth.

Side-swept bangs can be achieved by following the same initial steps for bangs hair. In the last step, you will need to point-cut your bangs. It will allow the bangs to look soft and natural.

How To Trim Hair And Keep Bangs In Shape?

In comparison to cutting bangs, you will have no trouble following our trim hair and keeping your bangs looking fresh. You will need the same tools as before and prep your hair as if you are cutting bangs.

  1. Once you have brought your bangs in front of your face, gather them in between two of your fingers and hold them above the point that you want to cut.
  2. Hold up and flip your fingers upwards. Do not at any cost cut straight across. Start point-cutting your hair below your fingers.
  3. Once done, let your bangs down and touch up any strands that are left.

How To Cut Bangs At Home Single-handedly

If you are cuttings bangs for the first time, we would emphasize that you hire the help of a friend to help you through the entire process. Your dream of making a successful “how to cut your own bangs” tutorial can come crashing down if you have no one to help you the very first time you are cutting bangs at home.

How To Cut Your Own Bangs With Right Tools

tools to use for cuting your bangs

After watching haircuts with bangs tutorials, do you ask yourself should I get bangs? Do you have the urge to forgo all the precautions and do your own tutorial on “how to cut your own bangs”? Bad idea! We urge you not to go down that path because cutting bangs with garden shears, that pocket-sized scissors, or any other will ruin your hair.

Why are all professionals screaming to only use proper barber scissors? Hair shears are designed for the sole purpose of working on hair, including cutting bangs. We would strongly advise you to hold onto your horses and help you choose the proper tools.

  • Professional sheers
  • Free clips
  • Hair tie
  • Comb set
  • Blow dryer
  • Plastic cutting sheets

The free clips and hair tie will allow you to keep your hair in place when you are learning how to cut your own bangs at home. The comb set that you purchase for this purpose necessarily should include a comb with a tail because it is the only tool that will give you the most precise sections. The cutting sheets will be used to ward off the fallen pieces of hair and keep them away from sticking to your clothes and body.

Look Your Prettiest By Cutting Your Bangs

how to cut your own bangs

There is a common consensus that having bangs, even curly bangs magnifies the beauty of the person. There is one very essential question that you ought to ask yourself before taking the plunge:

Should I Get Bangs With My Face Cut?

We will give you the answer to your question but first, let us discuss if face cuts really affect the hair cut you should get or not. Every human has a specific face cut, and it makes them unique. One of the ways to enhance your face cut is to get the right hair cut. Believe us or not, hair cuts make a lot of difference in how you look. For, e.g., people with round faces tend to frame their faces with layers to give the appearance of having a thin face. Should you be asking how to cut your own bangs with your face cut? The answer is a booming yes! The best thing about bangs is that anyone can rock them. It is true that if you have a small face, then you might want to steer clear of long hair with bangs, but short hair and bangs would look the bomb on you.


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