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How To Cut The Back Of Your Hair


Cutting the back of your hair is quite tough. You need to focus on a lot of techniques to cut the back of your hair. Besides, there are two different ways to cut the back of your hair. You can do this by using clippers and scissors. So, how to cut the back of your hair.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of things you need to care for. You must have 2 mirrors. One mirror should be on the wall while the other one should be handheld. This can help you in taking a good look at your hair at the back of your head. When you use a clipper, you need to create a guideline and then you should start the process. To give a more detailed answer to your question “how to cut the back of your hair”, here is a piece of complete information that can help you out.

How To Cut The Back Of Your Hair?

As mentioned before, here are the two methods through which you can cut the back of your hair. So, let us start without wasting any time.

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How To Cut The Back Of Your Hair Yourself Using Scissors

To help you out, I have gathered five steps for you.

1) Buy A Pair Of Qualified Hair Cutting Scissors

The first step is to invest in a hair cutting shear. Now, hair cutting shears are available in the majority of department stores. Besides, these are specially designed for cutting the hair. These magnificent scissors will cut the back of your hair cleanly and neatly without any issue. The best thing about cutting the back of your hair through scissors is that they help in avoiding split ends.

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2) Comb Your Hair

The next step is to comb your hair. For that, you need to make sure that your head is hanging down lower than the neck. This way, you can make sure that all of your hair is off the neck. You should brush your hair calmly and you should make sure that there are no tangles.

One more thing that you need to note is that whether your hair is dry or wet, it will not matter. Therefore, you will not have to worry about this.

3) Cut The Ends While The Hair Are Flipped

The third step is quite an important step. In this step, you will have to cut the ends of the back of your hair while the hair is still flipped. This way, you can easily remove the damaged hair or split ends. Nevertheless, you need to be vigilant while doing this as well.

You should also make sure that you make only small cults and check the hair in the mirror after a few seconds or minutes. This way, you can determine the length. You can check this by just turning your head slightly.

4) Trim The Hair To The Desired Length

The next and perhaps the most important step of “how to cut the back of your hair short” is to cut the hair with the scissor to the required length. You may want to end this as quickly as possible, but believe me, you must make only small cuts to avoid mistakes. You should not trim it more than 1 inch at one time.


In case you mistakenly cut off the hair a little more than you wanted. You will be forced to cut the rest of your hair to that specific length.

5) Check How They Look

The last step of cutting the back of your hair with scissors is to check whether they are looking good or not. You will just have to stand with your back to a wall-mounted mirror, like a bathroom mirror. You should hold a mirror towards the face and check the back of the hair.

How To Cut The Back Of Your Hair Short Through

Unlike the previous technique of how to cut layers in the back of your hair, this technique that involves clippers contains 7 steps. So, here we go.

1) Stand By Keeping Your back At A Wall-Mounted Mirror

The first step to cut the back of your hair with a clipper is to stand by keeping the back towards a wall-mounted mirror. To cut the back of your hair with a clipper, you should ensure that your face is on the opposite side of the mirror. You can use a bathroom mirror for this purpose.

2) Get Assistance From Someone To Hold The Mirror

The second step is to ask someone who can hold a small mirror at the back of your head. To find the best angle, you need to also hold some experiments. You can get aid from your relative or your friend.

3) Position The Clipper With The Base Side Set Upwards

The teeth of the blade must be towards the back of the neck. You need to make sure that you swap the hand that you use to hold the clippers with.

Besides, when you swap the hands, you must swap the mirror between the hands as well.

4) Shave A Horizontal Guideline Straight Crosswise The Back Of Your Neck

The next step is to shave a horizontal guideline. You need to make sure that you look for a natural hairline and shave the line along your natural hairline. You will find this where the outline of your previous haircut will be.

5) Turn The Clippers Over

The next step is to turn the clippers over. You need to be facing in the opposite direction to the way you held them previously. You need to make sure that the teeth are set in an upwards direction.

6) Shave From The Bottom To The Guideline

You need to make a small vertical stroke that will help in reaching from the bottom of your hair to the neck. You should continue shaving the vertical sections to the guidelines until no hair is left below the guideline.

Final Words

A lot of people these days ask the question about how to cut the back of your hair short. Thus, this is the answer to that. By using these steps, you can cut the back of your hair without any issue.

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