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8 Steps That Answer “How To Cut Short Shaggy Layers Yourself?“


Every person has a different choice. Some are a fan of shaggy layers while others want to create simple curly hair looks. No matter which hairstyle you want to get, it is important that you follow the right steps to create the perfect hair look. Hence, I am here today to provide you with the right steps to follow to create the cut-short shaggy layers. A lot of people ask about “how to cut short shaggy layers yourself”. This is the answer to these people. So, let us get into it.

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How To Cut Short Shaggy Layers Yourself

To know how to cut short shaggy layers, you need to follow a few steps. Thus, below are the steps you should follow.

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Step 1: Prepare The Hair

No matter which type of hair texture you are blessed with, it is an important thing to go for a dry cut. Doing this properly is the key as this will ensure that the scalp and hair are clean. This will make sure that there is no build-up of sebum or weighing the hair down at the roots. This will help in causing the hair to lay differently after it has been washed. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your hair has been washed recently and is free from all the products.

There are two things you can do. One, you can leave your natural texture intact and let it air dry. The second is to smooth out your hair texture if that is the way you normally wear it every day. The major point of telling this is to cut the hair the same way it is worn. The reason to do this is that you can notice how and where the hair will fall. You should not curl, straighten, or use any hot tool to style the hair just yet. We only need to choose between the natural hair movement or a smoothed-out blow dry.

In case you are wondering why you shouldn’t cut your hair when wet, the reason behind this is that when our hair is wet, it will naturally shrink up when it gets dry. For a home cut, you do not need any surprises. By going for a haircut while the hair is dry, we will be able to cut the hair in response to its cues, not against them.

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Step 2: Section The Cutting Area

The second step is to find the natural and perfect parting area. In case you want to toss the hair around and switch up the parting frequently, you should go for a center parting. Once you have identified and cleaned up the parting, you should use the edge of the cutting comb to section the hair behind the ears for half an inch.

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Step 3: Decide The Starting Point

The third step is to choose where you should start the process. You need to know that the face-framing layers are only about opening things up and highlighting the facial features of a person. This is one thing you need to keep in mind when choosing a beginning point. As the majority of hair is clipped back already, you should take a moment to notice the face shape as well as the features you want to notice. If you have a square face shape, then to get the best result, I would suggest you go for the front layers to accentuate the cheekbones.

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Step 4: Slide Cutting

To go for the slide cutting is quite tough. Slide Cutting is a gentle approach that helps in enabling flexibility and reduces the chances of error. The thing you need to focus on is to take these steps quite slowly. By staying vigilant, you need to let your sheers glide their way down the front of the hair. One thing you need to remember is that you are not cutting your hair. Instead, you are going straight down from the guide.

Slide cutting will help in giving you a perfectly imperfect gradation that will act as a base for your framing layers. You should use the cutting comb to keep your hair forward. Once done, you should now pinch out one tiny subsection at a time. Each subsection must be beneath the other one. Going for small subsections and a gentle approach with this cutting method will help in providing you complete control.

You should glide the shears down in a safe way, and then, you should subtly pulse your two main fingers as they will make their way down. You can also practice doing this before you take the shears to your hair. Without the help of these gentle pulses, you might make the mistake of dragging the shear down. Therefore, you must practice them.


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Step 5: Point Cut

To know how to cut short shaggy layers yourself, we will go for pint cutting. You should start by beginning at the shortest length, then you should slowly lift the hair in numerous and small sections. Once done, then you should make soft cuts directly into the hair. This will help you in softening the lines and will give you another chance to eliminate all the frayed-looking ends. This will also help you in lightening things up wherever you feel that your hair is bulky.

You can use the comb to direct the hair across the face at a low 45-degree angle. This will help in showing the line you have created in the front. In case there are any pieces on the top or any uneven areas, you will have to make them even by cutting into those spaces.

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Step 6: Go For A Cross Check

Once you are done with the previous step, I would now recommend you to go for a cross-check. You should now comb the hair down around the face. You need to check whether there are any major changes between the two sides or not. Although we are looking for a perfectly imperfect look, still there should be some obvious symmetry.

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Step 7: Blend The Back Section

Once you have determined that the front is looking fine, you should bring the back forward and see how well it will blend. You should remove the clip and then, you should use the comb to split the hair down the middle. This will help in bringing each of the sides forward. By going for a pint cutting to blend the lengths, you can ensure that all the curly hair is soft and untangled.

By blending the front layers into the overall length, you can ensure that all the disconnections are avoided between the front layers and the ends of the overall hair length. If they do not organically mesh well, you will have to cut some corners.

If you would ask me then, I would like to announce that I am not a U-shaped fan. Thus, as I would have loved to avoid it, I found a perfect solution. To avoid it, I used point cutting to trim my ends on both sides directly across. Once done, then I blended the newly trimmed ends into the new face-framing layers.

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Step 8: Style The Way You Want

Once you are done with cutting, you should style your hair with anything you deem suitable. I used a blow-dry primer for my natural lift, a smoothing and dry texture spray, and a heat protectant. Although I only cut short shaggy layers for my front hair, I couldn’t believe that I felt like my whole haircut got a makeover.

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Final Words

A lot of people do not know how to cut short shaggy layers yourself. Thus, to help you guys out, I have written a complete 8 steps long answer that will help you in creating the look you want. So, read the paragraphs above and find out the answer to “how to cut short shaggy layers yourself”.

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