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How To Cut Cowlicks For A Smooth Look


Bedhead is bad enough but cowlicks are worse. We agree that cowlicks are awful in the morning but they don’t settle down much during the day. How does one tackle these monsters? We will not only tell you that but also give you a detailed guide on how to cut a cowlick in the back of the head and how to cut hair with cowlicks in front. As a bonus, we thought to let you in on a secret of how to cut bangs with a cowlick.

Scouts, we cannot tell you how many times we have heard people worrying about how to get rid of a cowlick. Somehow, we have not heard anyone asking how to cut cowlicks so we thought to rectify it because we have had cowlicks and they are a huge thorn in the side.

What Is A Cowlick And How Is It Formed?

How many of you think that cowlicks are exactly what they sound like? Spoiler alert, they are not! Cowlicks are sections of hair that stand up in a different direction than the rest of the hair. It is why people wish to cut cowlicks. It forms when a section of hair grows in a spiral formation which can look unsightly hence the question of how to deal with a cowlick comes into mind.

How To Deal With A Cowlick Naturally

Everyone searches how to cut cowlicks but how about taking a different approach and instead look for how to deal with cowlicks? If you want to be completely natural about it then we would suggest you just embrace your cowlicks. They are a part of you and there is nothing wrong with them.

How To Get Rid Of A Cowlick

However, if you are not down with that and are still searching “how to cut cowlicks”, might we suggest looking for “how to get rid of cowlicks”? It is possible to try to tame the swirling mess by going with the growth direction of the hair. If you do this and get good at it, you will never need to search “how to cut hair with cowlicks”.

1) Gather your supplies (a large handheld mirror and a comb) and stand with your back to a large mirror.
2) Hold the mirror in a way that you can really see where each cowlick section’s direction is. If you are unable to do it, invite a friend and ask them to determine it.
3) Wet your comb and start combing down each section of the cowlick in the direction it is growing in.

If your cowlicks are stubborn and a wet comb is not doing the trick then apply a styling product.

  • Fatboy Hair Perfect Putty
  • SexyHair Style Control Maniac Styling Wax
  • Baxter of California Hard Cream Pomade for Men

How To Cut Cowlicks Appearing At Different Locations

Maybe you are tired of having cowlicks and are on the search step of “how to cut cowlicks”. We understand completely and wish the same for you. We generally recommend going to a professional for this but if you have decided to do it on your own, let’s get started.


How To Cut A Cowlick In Back Of Head

1) Grab a handheld mirror, barber scissors, and comb. Make sure that your work station is well lit and stand with your back to a large mirror.
2) Wet your hair and start cutting at the top of the hair as it will serve as a guide.
3) For how to cut a cowlick in the back of the head, start cutting the cowlicks, making sure to leave the hair a bit longer than the rest.
4) Cut the hair in the direction that it is growing and blend it with the rest of the hair by manipulating the length of it.

How To Cut Hair With Cowlicks In Front Of The Head

1) Stand in front of a large mirror and wet your hair. It is the first step to how to cut cowlicks.
2) Cut the hair around the cowlicks to start on your answer to “how to cut hair with cowlicks in front”.
3) When you get to the cowlicks, cut each section of them in the same direction that they are growing but keep them longer than the rest of the hair.
4) Blend in by trimming the hair but make sure to not cut the cowlicks too short.

How To Cut Bangs With Cowlick Professionally

1) Wet your bangs but they should not be dripping wet or else the “how to cut cowlicks” can go downhill fast.
2) Loosely hold your bangs with cowlicks and start cutting them.
3) Pause on the “how to cut bangs with cowlick” when you are within 1-2 inches of the length that you want for your bang and dry out your bangs.
4) If they are not standing up in cowlicks and you feel that there is more give, start trimming the bangs from this point forward to have strict control.

You need to remember not to pull the hair too much or else it will leave a gap when they are dry.

How To Cut Cowlicks With The Right Products

Other than the styling products that we have mentioned to cut cowlicks, you need more products to do a proper “how to cut hair with a cowlick”.

1) Quality hairdryer for “how to get rid of a cowlick”.

  • Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer
  • Remington Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology

2) Comb for “how to deal with a cowlick”.

  • BYRD Pocket Comb
  • Alan Truman CB-10 Standard Rat Tail Carbon Comb

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