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How to apply eyeshadow under the eye and make it look good?


Applying the eyeshadows under the eye can be a tricky business. The lower lash line makeup can either refresh your look or turn you into a raccoon. It can be knotty but not impossible. With some simple eyeshadow tips and hacks, you can master it easily. First, we will focus on the benefits of doing the under-eye makeup. Later we will focus on proper eyeshadow application guide.

Why should you Apply Eyeshadow Under the Eye?

Many like to skip doing the under-eye makeup to avoid the mess. Personally, I never do that. Mastering the eyeshadow application in the under-eye area has its own perks. It alleviates the eyes and adds depth to them. Soft smoky eyeshadows on the lower lash line help achieve that subtle and tantalizing look. The eyes look more open as the outline is increased and the cheeks are made smaller. Having the lower lashline done also makes the nose looks shorter and more defined. So it helps with the overall facial contour. And this is why it is so important to do it just right.

How to Apply Eye Shadow on the Lower Lash Line Correctly

Dive into any makeup with clean and moisturized skin. Prep the eye as you normally do with your favorite primer and concealer. One tip I had like to add is that use a primer base that is not too emollient or lines will appear in the makeup. Too hydrating bases can cause creasing. Also, don’t apply the concealer with a makeup brush. Rather put it on with a damped beauty blender. This ensures that there is the application of a light layer. Set it with translucent powder to get a baked skin. Now what I prefer is that use the same damp beauty blender to bake everything instead of buffing in with a big brush.

Since my focus here is on the lower lash line, I will not talk a lot about applying eyeshadows on the main lid. Do it the way you like, but don’t skip it. Some people put eyeshadows only in the under-eye area. This results in an imbalanced makeover, which you mostly want to avoid. Once you are done with the makeup on the main eye-lid, you are good to move to the lower lash line.

Step-by-step Eyeshadow Application Guide

The shape that you want to create with the eyeshadows in the under-eye area is of a little boat. It shouldn’t be too deep though. One way to get the idea of the perfect shape is by lightly squinting the eyes or smiling. When we smile, there appears a little semi-circular shape. It is what we want to define with the help of eyeshadows.


What you should take care of is that don’t apply anything dark near the tear ducts. Dark inner corner makes the eyes look very close, while what we want is wider and more open looking eyes. The same goes for the outer corner. Keep it higher at the ends and lowest in the middle. This makes the lower lashes richer too.

To make things easier, put the mirror at a higher angle. Make sure the lighting is good. Tilt your head a bit backward. This will give you an increased bottom area to work on. Now divide the area you want to work in, into three portions. In the middle apply a light eyeshadow and blend it. Then build the shade with a darker color. Finish it by putting a little highlighter in the inner corner and eye pencil in the waterline.

Makeup Brushes To Use

The makeup brushes you use for eyeshadow application in the under-eye area are crucial. You shouldn’t use a big brush as it can turn you into a raccoon. You can’t use a very tiny brush or you will spend too much time in making the shape and will end up messing it. So go midway. This way you can shape it properly and diffuse the shades smoothly to get a feathery look.

The Preferred Eyeshadow Colors For Under-Eyes

Makeup does not have hard and fast rules. It’s mostly about personal preferences. Many people, however, like to get soft looks. One of the mistakes people often make is that they hop in with a darker color. This ends in a harsh look. To keep it soft, begin with a lighter eyeshadow. Work your way to the darker shades gradually. Neutral matte shades are better to work with, especially if you are a beginner. Steer clear of shimmers for they need to be handled carefully. Glitters can cause creasing under the eyes. You may want to keep away from bold reds in the lower lash line area. Red eyeshadows under the eyes make you look tired. Avoid the light blues too as they make the eyes look bruised. Warm browns, greys, or mauve shades are more reliable choices. They will give you a more sultry look and bring the focus to your eyes. So beauties, are you ready to give your eyeshadows a go in the undereye area and create a perfectly ravishing look?

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