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How To Apply Eyeliner In 2020


No matter if you are dressing u for a casual day out or for a party, a beautifully applied eyeliner is all that you need to add drama to your eyes. It enhances the eye and makes it look more deep and defined. But to achieve perfect eyeliner looks is a tiresome task. Not everyone is able to do it in a single sweep. If you are among those for whom putting on the eyeliner is the most worrisome part of the whole makeup, then I am here to help you. I am going to tell you how to apply eyeliner. But before knowing how to put eyeliner, there is something much more important that you need to know about if you want to know how to apply eyeliner like a pro. And that is which eyeliner looks are perfect for which eye shapes. After discussing the basics of eye shapes and eyeliner looks suiting them, I will tell you about the various eyeliner types and help you choose the best one for you. 

How To Apply Eyeliner For Different Eye shapes

You must have seen women deciding which clothes to buy based on their body’s shape. Well, the same thing goes for the eyes. Not all eye shadow or eyeliner looks are for everyone. What may look good on your friend may look eerie on you. And the reason is a different eye shape. Therefore, before learning about how to apply eyeliner, you need to determine your eye shape. Now, if you are wondering that ‘what is my eye shape?’, then let me help you with that. There are six major shapes of the eyes. These are hooded, monolid, round, almond, deep-set, and downturned eyes. Depending on each eye shape, there is a different way of eyeliner application. Here is a detailed account of how to apply eyeliner on each of the eye shapes:

1. Applying Eyeliner On Mono Lid Eyes

how to apply eyeliner

The monolid eyes are the ones that do not have a crease. I recommend the monolid eyed people to apply a thick winged eyeliner. Start close to the lash line in the inner corner and draw a line a little higher than the lashline. As you move outwards, thicken the line. Fill in the gap and move to the wing. Create a little wing angled towards the corner of the eyebrow. Really, just learn how to apply eyeliner like this, and you will be able to change your whole look! 

2. How To Apply Eyeliner On Deep Set Eyes

The deep-set eyes are set further back in the skull compared to the almond eyes. Thus, they confine the space between the lashes and the browbone. Therefore, the job of the eyeliner is to make the eyes appear wider. To do this, you need eyeliner application focused on the outer corners of the eyes. The best way to apply eyeliner on deep-set eyes is to start with a thin line tracing your natural lashline curve. Extend the eyeliner to create a little wing facing upwards. And this way, your eyes will look more elongated. For a more dramatic look, you can trace the crease curve too, with a fine line joining it with the little wing. 

3. Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

eyeliner for hooded eyes

 Hooded eyes are the ones that form a drape from the brow bone over the main eyelid. Therefore the crease is not much visible when the eyes are fully open. Here it would help if you learned how to apply eyeliner that makes the eyes look more open. Well, the key for that is ditching the thin eyeliner looks and going for a thick or bold eyeliner. The thick eyeliner looks are basically the hooded eyes eyeliner. This will give your eyes an added definition. Create a line in the outer corner from the center, which extends upward. Then extend a line from the inner corner to the center. Then open your eyes and look into the mirror to smooth the center. Gorgeous! But if you wish to further enhance your eye shape, then tight line the upper lashline with a black pencil. Leave the waterline clean. This way, your eyes will look gorgeously wide. 

4. How To Apply Eyeliner On Down Turned Eyes

The downturned eyes are drooped. If you draw a horizontal line passing through the middle of your eyes, the drooping eyes will be turned downwards. The droop towards the outer end of your eyes naturally categorizes them as sultry. A nice wing liner is ideal for such eyes. Here is how to apply eyeliner on downturned eyes to make them look even more sultry. Start by drawing a line from the lower lash line facing upward, for all you need to do is uplift your eyes. Then draw a line from the middle of the lid to meet the outer corner of the flick. Map out a fine line close to your lashline from the inner corner to the middle. Finally, finish the beautiful eyeliner look by smudging the liner in the lower lash line area. 

5. Eyeliner Looks For Round Eyes

how to do eyeliner

The round eyes are big, bold, and round. When you open your eyes, there is a small white frame forming around the irises. This shows that you have round eyes. The goal here is to learn how to apply eyeliner that makes the eyes look elongated by adding width to it. If you want to know how to do eyeliner in the best way, then follow this simple trick. Trace your lashline with a thin eyeliner. Following the natural curve of your eye, create a flick in the outer corner. The flick can be either long or short, depending on your preference, for both of these eyeliner designs suit the round or protruding eyes.

Another eyeliner how-to for round eyes is to create an eyeliner look that does not go all the way to the inner corners. The trick is to draw a flick that extends to the middle or ⅔ of the lash line. Thicken the line as you go outwards. This will make your eye appear elongated. With a small brush, smudge a little gel liner or pencil eyeliner in the outer half lower lashline to create a sultry look. Ta-da! 

6. How To Put Eyeliner On Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are the perfect set of eyes, or I must say the standard eye shape. They are elongated and have a beautiful crease. The white part does not frame the irises, and everything is in proportion. Therefore, learning how to apply eyeliner on almond eyes is the easiest. All types of eyeliner look fab on almond eyes. But the best one so far is the sultry cat eyeliner. 

An almond eye person can never go wrong with cat eyeliner. It is perfect for adding definition to their eyes and helps accentuate the natural curve. There are two ways of doing this look. To create the first look, you will need to apply liquid eyeliner, and for the second, you need a gel or pencil eyeliner. Before we go onto how to eyeliner these both looks, let me tell you that both these techniques are super gorgeous that will help you find the beautiful curve of your eyes. 


For the first look, apply liquid eyeliner on the outer corner of the eye to form the flick. The flick should face upwards following the natural curve of the eye. Then connect the corner of the flick with the lashline, thus, forming a little triangle that you will need to fill. Then create a very thin line from where your eyelashes start till the portion where your flick met lashline. Smoothe out and bend. And that’s it. But if you are looking for a more elongated look, then create an inverted flick in the same way in the inner corner of your eye. 

(the liquid eyeliner tips that I have here for you are:

  • Use a liquid eyeliner pen for more control.
  • Balance your hand on the little finger placed on your cheek. This will help with less shaky hands, and more smooth eyeliner looks. )

For the second look, you need to replicate the first eyeliner look first, but with a pencil eyeliner this time. Also, apply the pencil just in the outer corner of the lower lashline. Then, take a small brush and smudge the eyeliner while creating a faded wing. This will give you a very sexy look, which is perfect for date nights and parties. Now that you know how to apply eyeliner depending on your eye shape let’s talk about the various types of eyeliners. 

Types Of Eyeliners

how to apply liquid eyeliner

Thanks to the advanced makeup industry, there are now various types of eyeliners available in the market. From sleek pencil eyeliners to gel, powder or liquid, you can get your hands on any type of eyeliners. But the question is, why are eyeliners available in different types? Well, it is to suit a particular skin type or for convenience. Here we will talk about the purpose of a specific eyeliner and tips on how to apply eyeliners.

1. Liquid Eyeliner Tutorial 

 Liquid eyeliners are the oldest type of eyeliners. They come in a small bottle with a brush. Although, compared to others, applying liquid eyeliner is not very convenient for many, yet it has its benefits. It is the best option for people having oily skin, for most liquid eyeliners are waterproof. To know about how to do liquid eyeliner, follow the above mentioned two tips on how to put on liquid eyeliner. One of the drawbacks of applying liquid eyeliner is that you cannot smudge it for more sultry looks. It is only good for sleek eyeliner looks. 

2. How To Use Powder Eyeliner

how to put on eyeliner

Powder eyeliner either refers to eyeshadow or to a powdered shadow for eyeliner. It has less opacity and is mainly used for creating soft eyeliner looks. For this, you need to apply the powdered product on your lashline with a small eyeliner brush. The only drawback of this eyeliner is that it is not very long-lasting. But if you want to know how to apply eyeliner that is long-lasting, here is the trick for you. This problem can be solved by priming the eyelids before doing the eyeliner. 

3. How to Apply Eyeliner Pencil

Eyeliner pencils are the easiest way of learning how to apply eyeliner for beginners as the pencil gives a nice grip. The pen can either have a liquid formula or a creamy formula. The one with liquid formula has a stark effect, but it does not smudge. The latter is perfect for not only creating definite eyeliner looks but also for smudging eyeliner for a smoky, sultry, or soft look. From bold graphic eyes to soft smoky eyes, you can do it all if you know how to apply eyeliner pencils. But I will not recommend you to go for eyeliner pencils if you have oily skin. Otherwise, it can get very smudgy for you. However, they are the best option for tight lining your eyes. 

4. How To Wear Eyeliner With Cake Formula

how to do eyeliner

Cake liners come as pressed eyeliners. To use them, you need some water and a fine eyeliner brush. They are very versatile (just like the pencil and gel eyeliners). All you need to is to wet your brush, take some product and do your eyeliner. If you use the product without water, you can use it for smudging or softer looks. 

5. How To Apply Eyeliner in Gel

Gel eyeliners are truly a game-changer. They have a gel formula (obviously). They are super-duper long-lasting and are perfect for all skin types. It can work as both liquid or pencil eyeliner. But it is way better than both for me. It is versatile, waterproof and specially monolid friendly. You apply it with a small eyeliner brush. And that is perhaps its only setback. Cleaning the gel eyeliner brush can be tedious, but if you soak your brush in micellar water, the job becomes pretty easy. 

Well, that is all on different types of eyeliners and how to apply eyeliner based on your eye shape. There are little tricks and tips that you need to master if you wish to become an eyeliner expert. For that, just a little practice is all that you need. And before you know it, you are going to be an eyeliner expert!

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