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Hair Toner Guide 101 | How Long To Leave Toner In Hair


For a long period of time, hair toner has been a mystery to people outside beauty and its other professions. Even though I had no idea about hair toners a year ago. But is a toner necessary when you go for a hair dye? How long to leave toner in hair? How often should you go for a hair toner?

People have thousands of questions, and apparently, their answers are not easy to find! However, Makeup Scout has destroyed these delusions. We bring the simplest answer you need. To know how long to leave toner in hair, you need to make sure that you understand each and everything about a hair toner.

But before we delve into the details, what actually is a hair toner? Here is the answer to that: 

Table Of Contents

What Is Hair Toner?

When To Use Toner For Hair?

How Long Should You Leave Toner On Hair

Brands Of Hair Color That Work Best- Professional Hair Tones That Are Most Popular

How To Make Hair Toners At Home

Can You Tone Your Hair Twice?

When Hair Toner Is Required To Use?

What Does Hair Toner Do To Highlights

What Exactly Is Hair Toner?

Who Needs Toner?

Choosing the Right Toner for Your Hair

What Results Can I Achieve with Hair Toner?

Is Toner Bad For Your Hair?

5 Tips to Maintain Your Toner

The Benefits Of Toner Are

How Long Does Hair Toner Last? Ways To Preserve Toner

Why Does Professional Toner Last Longer?

What Is Hair Toner?

We consider it as the “topcoat for your hair.” It usually comes in a gel or gloss-like substance and adds shine to your hair while also emphasizing or deemphasizing particular tones. Toners, besides, are not a single product.

That is to say, you can’t just walk out and get a “toner.” Toners include demi-permanent colors, glosses, colored shampoos, and conditioners, all of which contain pigments that modify the tone of your hair. The pigment provided in toners typically lasts three to four weeks.

What Does Hair Toner Do and How Is It Different From Hair Dye? 

A toner is a liquid substance that can be used to soften or enhance the colour of color-treated or lightened hair. Hair dye, on the other hand, is a treatment that is used to entirely change the colour of your hair.

The amount of hydrogen peroxide in each is the key variation. Hair dye can permanently alter the color of your hair, making it darker or lighter, as well as cover grey [hairs]. Unwanted tones, like brassiness, are tweaked, adjusted, or neutralized using toners or glosses.

Toners are commonly used to balance out hair colour or, as Lee indicated, remove yellow or orange tones from blond hair. A hair dye would be used instead of a toner if you wanted to entirely change your natural hair colour or cover up any grey hairs, while toners can also be used to blend greys.

When To Use Toner For Hair? 

Hair dye is the way to go when you want something more permanent. Toners, on the other hand, are kinder on the hair and are frequently used after it has been colored. When using the latter, the color will last only a little longer. As long as you use a shampoo made for color-treated hair, a toner should last two to four weeks or 12 shampoos.

If you want a little safer alternative to a dye, you can use a semi-permanent gloss or toner. Toners have a lot less hydrogen peroxide in them and only provide semi permanent results. 

The hydrogen peroxide opens the cuticle of the hair, allowing the pigment to reach the outer layer of the hair and be deposited. The more hydrogen peroxide is used, the more the hair’s outer layer swells and becomes damaged.

How Long Should You Leave Toner On Hair

A lot of people ask this question, how long to leave the toner on? Some say a few hours while the others think that keeping it on for the whole night is the best option. But what is the truth? The answer to “how long to leave toner in hair” is simple.

IT DEPENDS! It depends on whether you are using a hair toner or a hair dye. There are a lot of differences between a hair toner and a hair dye. To give you more idea, here they are:

Difference between a homemade and professional toner

Hair Toner Hair Dye
A liquid formula that can be added to both color-treated or lightened hair to soften the hair color.  A treatment applied to alter your hair pigment entirely. 
Toners are used to tweak, adjust, or neutralize unwanted tones.  Hair dye can permanently change the hair color. 

How Long To Leave Homemade Hair Toner?

Well this question “​​how long to leave toner in hair” has been asked a lot. Some people believe that leaving them for 30 minutes is the best option, while others believe that a complete hour is enough. But the answer is a bit unexpected. 45 Minutes is the actual time that I suggest.

What you should do is to leave the toner in for about 45 minutes, then rinse/wash it with a moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioner.

Brands Of Hair Color That Work Best- Professional Hair Tones That Are Most Popular

Professional hair colors are not the same as drugstore hair colors. Color from the drugstore is harsh, and it will never last as long as you want it to—or as long as it should. Colors don’t always appear to be true to life.

Familiarize yourself with the brands that professionals use. You’ll not only understand what’s going on with your hair, but you might even learn enough to color it yourself at home.

What are the top hair color brands used by experts throughout the world? You’ve arrived at the right location. Professional stylists’ finest options are right here. Stop relying on drugstore brands. Take care of those wonderful tresses of yours.

N0. Brand Information
1 Matrix SoColor 1. Matrix Stylists all across the world love the SoColor Matrix.
2. This is largely owing to its dazzling tones and vivid colors, which are said to persist longer than other colors by admirers.
3. Matrix not only conceals grey like a pro, but it also gives hair an incredible shampoo-commercial shine.
2 Wella Koleston Perfect 1. Wella Koleston has only been in the hair business since 1950, despite the fact that the brand has been established since 1880.
2. That was the year it developed the first cream colourant, solidifying its position as one of the world’s leading professional hair color brands.
3. The firm also offers semi-permanent dyes and re-lights, which double as toners, in addition to permanent color.
4. The vivid reds of Wella Koleston are well-known.
5. How long does wella toner last? It varies from hair to hair.
3 Elgon  1. In 1970, the Elgon brand was launched in Milan, Italy.
2. Hair color is still created there, in fact.
3. The brand is praised for the high quality and quantity of its product, which has low ammonia levels and effectively conceals grey hair.
4 Pravana 1. The growing craze for fantasy hair colors necessitated the creation of a professional hair color line.
2. Pravana stepped up to the plate in 2004.
3. Pravana’s ChromaSilk Vivids collection is almost always behind rose gold, vivid turquoise, or oil slick hair.
5 Paul Mitchell  1. Paul Mitchell’s color products have only been on the market since 1980, yet they have already had a significant impact on the field of professional hair color.
2. The company is also well-known for refusing to test on animals.
3. Paul Mitchell colour products provide outstanding results for people with sensitive hair or scalps, grey hair, or white hair.
6 Vanish Color Corrector 1. Without a doubt, this is one of the best professional hair color brands in the world.
2. Hair color is removed without the use of peroxide, bleach, or developer.
3. Can you believe it? Getting rid of your hair’s color without ending up with a glaring orange mess.
7 Igora Royal by Schwarzkopf 1. Igora Royal has been in operation for almost a century.
2. The company sells a permanent color cream that claims to cover the white and grey hair completely.
3. It does not leave your hair matte, unlike other brands that claim to do so. No, you get depth and radiance.
8 Kenra 1. Kenra originally opened its doors in 1929.
2. The products not only highlight your natural hair color, but they also make it healthier and more vivid. There isn’t anything wrong with that.
9 Redken  1. Redken color products are gentle on the hair while still delivering powerful, long-lasting results.
2. After using this brand, your hair will not be dry.
3. It’s particularly popular among professionals because of the lookbook on Redken’s website, which acts as a source of color inspiration.
10 Rusk 1. Rusk is praised for its ability to hide grey.
2. The Deep Shine collection from the brand has a cream color packed with fine color pigments to extend the life of each shade.
3. One of the reasons Rusk is classified as a professional hair color brand is because it is frequently used to achieve the ombre effect.

How To Make Hair Toners At Home?

Toner is a science in and of itself. People ask about “how to tone hair at home”. Toners are used to enrich and enhance the color of our hair. Hair color oxidizes over time, so you’re no longer sporting the stunning hue you left the salon with.

Hair can get dull and black if you use too much and are brassy. Rinses, drips, glosses, and purple shampoos are all DIY alternatives, but toning conditioners, treatments, and masks for their extra moisture.

Some homemade toners are mentioned below;

No. DIY Process
        1 Shampoo with Baking SodaBaking soda shampoo is a great way to clear your hair. This, when combined with the food color to eliminate product and mineral build-up while also neutralizing your hair’s natural warm tones. There is, however, no scientific evidence to support this claim.In reality, studies reveal that high-pH products (such as baking soda) can cause hair breakage, cuticle damage, and frizz. As a result, refrain from using this chemical on a regular basis. 1. One teaspoon of baking soda, two drops of blue and purple food colouring, and sulfate-free shampoo are required..
2. Mix the ingredients in a jug with a few teaspoons of water. Set it aside while you wash your hair.
3. After you’ve rinsed your hair with water, wash it with the shampoo combination you left aside.
4. Apply the shampoo to your hair and leave it in for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off.
5. Finish with a conditioner (you can add a couple of drops of food color to your conditioner for extra toning).
6. If you use this shampoo mixture more than once a week, your hair may become dry. You can use a standard sulfate-free shampoo with a few drops of purple and blue food color on the other days of the week.
      2 Apple Cider Vinegar RinseThe acidity of apple cider vinegar is modest. The pH of dull hair is higher, and ACV can help lower the pH and restore hair balance. As a result, it can aid in the removal of orange/yellow tones. It also removes product build-up and functions as a thorough cleanser. There is, however, no evidence to back up its effectiveness. 1. In a jug, combine 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of water.
2. Apply the mixture to your hair and let it stay for 15 minutes.
3. Finish by rinsing your hair with lukewarm or cool water.
4. Use this mixture no more than three times each month because apple cider vinegar might dry out your hair.
      3 Lemon For ToningLemon, according to anecdotal evidence, can aid in hair bleaching. Honey has humectant and emollient qualities that can help your hair stay moisturized. Your hair will be toned at least a couple of shades lighter after using this mixture a few times. 1. Fill a spray bottle with 14 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice and 34 cup water.
2. Toss in 2 tablespoons of honey and give the bottle a good shake.
3. Spray your hair with the honey-lemon mixture. Make sure you’re not wetting your scalp with the solution.
4. Set aside for 2 hours.
5. Spend at least 30 minutes of these two hours in the sun.
6. Rinse the mixture out and condition your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.
7. Use this mixture no more than three times each month.
    4 Hollyhock Herbal TonerLike apple cider vinegar, hollyhock can help you get rid of undesirable warm tones in your hair.  1. 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons hollyhock herb, and 1 cup water are required.
2. Bring the ingredients to a boil until they form a thick liquid. Remove it from the oven and place it on a cooling rack.
3. Apply the mixture to your hair once it has cooled.
4. Let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing with cool/lukewarm water and a sulfate-free shampoo.
5. This hair toning solution should not be used more than once a week.
    5 Indigo For ToningThe indican compounds found in the indigofera tinctoria plant are responsible for the dark indigo hue. Indigo can brighten your hair’s color and sheen. This color will help to balance out the brassy orange tones in your room. 1. Combine 1 tablespoon indigo powder and 4 tablespoons white conditioner in a mixing bowl.
2. Work the mixture into your hair.
3. Keep an eye on the color of your hair.
4. Rinse the mixture with water and a sulfate-free shampoo once you’ve achieved the desired hue.
    6 Virgin Olive OilAccording to a study, olive oil can not only promote hair growth and prevent hair damage, but it can also improve hair color. If you have slightly darker hair before bleaching or dying it, olive oil can help darken it to balance brassy tones. 1. Heat up some virgin olive oil in a bowl, depending on the length of your hair.
2. For one hour, do an oil massage into your scalp.
3. Rinse with a sulfate-free shampoo.

Pro tips for using toner at home

Here are her expert recommendations for achieving the greatest results:

1. Wait two weeks after bleaching your hair So Wait two weeks after bleaching your hair before toning it at home. However, if you have your hair bleached in the salon, your colorist should use a toner right away for the greatest results.
2. Select the appropriate color toner for your blonde Select the appropriate color toner for your blonde. Purple toners to wipe out brassy yellow tones and toners with a more blue hue to minimize any undesired orange cast.
3. Use the product once per week For optimal brilliance and to extend the life of your color, use the product once a week
4. Identify the brassiest sections of your hair. Identify the brassiest sections of your hair and apply toner exclusively to those areas, according to Friedman. If you use toner all over your head unless all of your hair is discolored, the color of the brassy portions will not match the rest of your hair.

If you have very fine hair or suffer from hair loss, you should proceed with caution because the chemicals may be too harsh for your strands. If in doubt, seek the advice of a hairstylist.

Can You Tone Your Hair Twice?

So, can I tone my hair twice? It’s possible that you’ve colored your hair and the color isn’t quite correct. As a result, you grab the toner. This might improve the hue of your skin by balancing the tones.

What If You Tone Your Hair Twice In One Day?

If you dye your hair and then use a toner, your hair will be soaked with chemicals.

Adding a second toner to your already-processed hair means adding more chemicals. This can lead to brittle, weak hair that is prone to breaking.

The chemical combination can also irritate your scalp, causing itching, irritation, and, in rare circumstances, more serious allergic reactions.

When It Comes To Toning Your Hair Again, How Long Should You Wait?

A question still remains, how long should I wait to tone my hair again? If you’ve used toner before and aren’t happy with the results, wait at least four weeks or one month before using it again.

If your hair is damaged or susceptible, it will take longer to heal before you can tone it again. This will take approximately 7–8 weeks.

Using purple or blue toning shampoos and conditioners as part of your hair care routine is another option to consider.

These items will brighten your complexion and reduce brassiness. They should, however, be used no more than twice a week.

When Is Hair Toner Required To Use?


Do not know when to use toner for hair or want to get rid of brassy hair tones that are wreaking havoc on your newly bleached look? Your best bet is to use a hair toner, which can help you alter your hair in no time. There are, however, many distinct types of hair tone color variations from which to choose. To pick the perfect one, use a color wheel to determine which shade will best neutralize your existing hue and bring out the tone you desire.

Neutralizing Brassy Tones Achieving Lightest Results
If getting rid of brassy hair is your first objective, look for toners with light ashy tones.However, depending on how efficiently your hair absorbs these chilly tones, you may want to add a little amount of a warmer, more golden blonde toner as well. To achieve the lightest results, toning hair with an icy white product is necessary for ambitious people who want nothing more than pure white or light blonde hair.To maintain the ashy base and prevent yellowing, follow with a purple shampoo.

What Does Hair Toner Do To Highlights?

In this piece, we’ll address some of the questions that many readers have. What does toner do to highlights?

It’s reasonable to assume that if you’ve read this far, you’re either excited to learn the effects of toner for hair after highlights, or you’re trying to determine whether or not to use it. Whatever the cause, with the help of the professionals at makeupscout, we have the answers to your questions.

So, what does toner do for your hair after highlights?

For good reason, hair toner has been referred to as “sweet angels in bottles.” Do you know how your hair gets those brassy yellow and orange hues after you highlight or bleach it? Toner, on the other hand, neutralizes those undesired tones and transforms them into gorgeous platinum and ashy tints, as well as harmonizing your highlights with your natural hair color for a more natural look.

What Exactly Is Hair Toner?

So, what is hair toner for? Hair toner is a semi-permanent hair color that neutralizes yellow, orange, and other brassy tones while still giving your blonde a distinct style. It makes bleached and highlighted hair look more natural and attractive, as previously said.

Depending on how often you wash your hair, hair toner can last anywhere from three to six weeks. If you wash your hair every day, for example, your hair toner will fade quickly, whereas cleaning it once or twice a week will ensure that it lasts the longest.

You should reapply or have a touch-up at the salon if it starts to fade because it also helps to protect your hair color.

To be clear, you can tone your hair with three different sorts of products. Toner, purple shampoo, and color are the three. As we’ll see below, they all work in slightly different ways.

Ammonia-Based Toner

This is the most effective method of toning your hair, but it is also the most harmful. The toner’s small amount of ammonia penetrates your hair follicle and changes the pigment from within.

When using an ammonia-based hair toner like this one, wait two to three days before toning because doing so right after bleaching or highlighting your hair might cause more harm.

If you need to tone your highlights right away and can’t wait a few days, or if you prefer something milder on your hair, there are several options.

Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo, such as this one, is ideal for toning hair and, because it comes in shampoo form, is much easier to use than normal toners. To keep the brassy color out of your highlights, use purple shampoo three to four times a week.

Depending on the strength, five to ten minutes in the bottle before washing should be adequate, but always follow the guidelines on the bottle.


Who’d have guessed you could tone your hair with normal hair dye? Indeed it’s not a hair toner, but it works just as well.

To get the best results, blend a tiny dab of hair color with a white conditioner base, put it on your hair, and leave it in for 15 to 30 minutes. Use a simple purple hair color to get the precise shade of blonde you want.

Who Needs Toner?

Blondes mostly ask, how often to tone blonde hair or are toners only for blondes? Hair toner is commonly used in bleached blonde hair, as well as blonde highlights, but it’s not just for blondes.

According to L’Oreal, hair toner is especially beneficial for redheads and brunettes who want to lighten their color or remove any brassy tones.

Hair toner is also beneficial to those who:

Want to change the color of their blonde hair by lightening or darkening it?They want their colored hair to be lustrous and healthy.In between colorings, they’d like to keep their color.If you have dark hair with blonde highlights, you’re more likely to obtain a brassy look than if you have lighter hair.

Choosing the Right Toner for Your Hair

If you are looking for an answer of “how to choose a toner for hair”, then you should know that choosing the proper toner for you can be difficult at first because you are unfamiliar with what to look for.

The best place to start is at a salon, where they will be able to tell you the toner you need based on your hair type and desired color, as well as educate you on the importance of toner if you have any questions.

If going to the salon isn’t an option, Stylecraze has a chart to assist you to figure out the exact color of toner you’ll need for your highlights.

What Results Can I Achieve with a Hair Toner?

Your results depend on one simple question “how long to leave toner in hair”.

The ability to change your look is the most significant advantage of hair toner. You can turn it into pretty much anything you desire.

It can give you a pure platinum look, silver hair, and a variety of different colors and colors, allowing you to be unique and customize any style.

Is Toner Bad For Your Hair?

No! Toner is a product that is used to assist your hair by neutralizing its tone. However, like with any coloring process, using too much toner on your hair might cause damage to your strands.

That is debatable! Because ammonia-based toners can be damaging to hair, experts advise waiting a few days after bleaching your hair before applying one. Ammonia-free toners, as well as toning shampoos and conditioners, are kinder on the hair than ammonia-based toners, making them safer to use at home.

Does Toner Damage Hair? 

Toner does not harm when used properly.It will not harm your hair if it was healthy to begin with..It’s a fantastic product for covering up those unsightly yellow or orange tones that can occur after bleaching your hair.

How to Maintain Toned Hair

Use shampoos and conditioners that are gentle on your hair’s follicles and color. Shampoos that are too harsh can strip hair of its color, leaving it brassy and strands that are drier and brighter.Any form of hair dye (even toner) might cause your hair to dry up, therefore use a high-quality hair conditioner to nourish your hair regularly.Use Spray to disguise roots in between color appointments to avoid numerous salon visits. Remember that less frequent coloring can do less damage to your hair in the long run.Heat-styling brassy hair can make it look even brassier, so avoid using it as much as possible. To avoid injury when using hot tools, always apply a heat protectant before styling.

5 Tips to Maintain Your Toner

Because lived-in color is so popular right now, you’ll hear the terms toner, glaze, overlay, and gloss thrown around a lot at the salon. But what exactly does it imply, and why do you require it?

To assist neutralize any undesirable pigments or tones, a toner applies the least amount of color to your hair. Lifting the hair to achieve a lighter hue exposes the underlying pigments. These pigments may or may not match your intended tone. As a result, we’ll need to use a toner to neutralize it. A toner is applied to damp hair and takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to process.

Tip1 After you leave the salon, refrain from shampooing for at least 24 hours. This allows the cuticle to gradually descend and the color to be locked in. You cause the cuticle to lift somewhat when you shampoo straight away, exposing the pigments and allowing them to wash away. The more time you have, the better. Use a sulfate-free shampoo whenever possible. Don’t worry, I have a few wonderful things to recommend to assist your transition from shampoo to shampoo.
Tip2 Limit blow-drying and hot tool styling to avoid using too much heat. When you apply heat to your hair, it expands the cuticle, agitating that layer of the hair. As a result, the colour may fade and the hair may become dry and brittle.
Tip3 As much as possible, stay out of direct sunlight. When we are exposed to the sun, our skin tans and our hair lightens.Long periods of time spent in the sun without a hat or even an umbrella might cause your hair to naturally lighten and draw out the colour molecules placed in the hair cuticle by the toner. Bring a stylish hat, a headscarf, or an umbrella with you!
Tip4 Always apply a leave-in conditioner to lock in the toner by helping to tighten the cuticle. This will also assist to preserve shine, detangling hair, and keep it hydrated.
Tip5 Use purple shampoos, conditioners, or styling solutions to keep your salon hair color looking fresh. To control brassy or yellow tones, use these products to deposit a small quantity of pigment into your hair. I can offer a terrific set of things for you to use throughout your consultation with me. But, till then, Milk Shake Silver Shampoo, Conditioner, and Whipped Cream are my current favorites.

The Benefits Of Toner Are

removing obnoxious tonesastonishing gleamseamless color transitions

In this article, we will tell you more than just “how long to leave toner in hair”. You need to know about the benefits as well. Toners are great multi-purpose products that can be used for a variety of purposes. They not only renew and enhance tone, but they also provide hair color dimension and erase discoloration.

Toners also help to thicken hair by building a protective barrier around the strands and filling in the shaft to keep porosity in check. Lastly, toners increase volume and polish to the hair by plumping and sealing the hair cuticle, causing reflection and shine.

How Long Does Hair Toner Last? Ways To Preserve Toner?

So how long does toner last on hair and how to make hair toner last longer?

Hair toners will make you look fresh and stylish, whether you want classic blonde hair or a startling silver hair color. However, toner does not persist indefinitely.

Thus, how long does toner last, what exactly does it achieve, and how do you care for your hair once you’ve used it? Continue reading to figure out the answer to this question!

How Long Does Toner Last?

The type of toner you use, as well as whether you tone your hair at home or in a salon, will determine how long your hair toner lasts (by someone professionally trained).

Toners with greater pigment stay longer in high-quality professional toners. If the hairdresser tones your hair effectively, it can last up to 8 weeks from the time they were applied.

Hair toners shaped by hair dye companies for use at home by non-professionals, instead, are not as concentrated. As a result, they may not last as long and will require a more regular application.

So, the quick answer is that, depending on these two conditions, hair dye toner will last anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks on average.

But is that all there is to it? Not exactly.

Why Does Professional Toner Last Longer?

Professional hair colors, like toner, have a higher pigment concentration than those sold for home usage. As a result, they can get rid of orange tones faster.

Keep in mind that this is still a hair dye product for coloring or shading your hair. And if the makers are aiming their goods at home users, here is where the problem lies: they anticipate their toner to be used by beginners or individuals who are unfamiliar with basic hair coloring principles, which are necessary for correctly coloring your hair with strong products.

To avoid over-coloring your hair, producers make their products weaker with a lower concentration of pigmentation. As a result of the lower concentration, you will have a shortened lifespan of roughly 3 weeks.

Consider the following scenario: If you mess up your hair (or apply hair dye) for the first time, wouldn’t you rather only have to deal with it for three weeks before trying again? We would without a doubt.

It’s still a harsh chemical, and toning your hair twice in one sitting isn’t suggested.

To keep your hair looking beautiful, you’ll need to tone it regularly if you have platinum blond, white, grey, or darker tones like gunmetal grey or blue-black hair.

As you now see, there are numerous methods to attain the appearance you wish by toning your hair after highlighting. Start by buying the toner of your desire, then read the instructions on the box for best results.

Remember, if you want any help, you can simply hunt step-by-step instructions on toning your hair on the Internet.

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