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15 Best Homecoming Hairstyles Ideas


The year 2020 was a whirlwind but we are determined to make something of 2021. It is why we have set our eyes on the homecoming of 2021. A huge part of the event is the preparation for it, the dresses, makeup, accessories, and of course, homecoming hairstyles! If you just got excited, get ready to squeal as we have dedicated today to giving you hairstyle ideas for homecoming. All you scouts with short or long hair, curl, straight or wavy hair will be satisfied by the end of it.

Out of our list of homecoming hairstyles, it will be up to you to pick the hairstyle that suits your dress and makeup. You can pick a dress to match your hairstyle or go the other way around and match the hairstyle with your homecoming dress.

Homecoming Hairstyles For Various Hair Lengths

Generally speaking, homecoming ideas involve a lot of craziness so we will start simple for you. We will be suggesting hair care ideas for homecoming depending on the length of your hair. No matter the length of your hair, you will surely find something in our ideas for homecoming hairstyles.

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1. Curls and Clips For Short Hair

Short hair is our favorite hairstyle because it does not require hours of preparation but that does not limit you! Did you know that you can do a braided curls hairstyle with your short hair? Even simpler than that, curl your hair, twist it up with bobby pins. To complete the look, put a huge clip in it and make it your statement accessory.

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2. Curls Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Top tier homecoming hairstyles for medium hair involve soft curls and braids. Envision yourself in a half braid updo and half hair down. The braid will be loose and defined and the hair that you have left down will feature loose soft curls.

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3. Homecoming Hairstyles For Long Hair

Homecoming hair is often defined by people who have long gorgeous hair. When listing down options for hairstyles for homecoming, do not forget to jot down broad waves. If you want all eyes on you, style your long hair using a three-barrel waver, and feature mermaid hair curls all the way down to your waist.

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Trendy Hairstyles For Homecoming Hair

We have been keeping an eye on all your favorite celebrities to gather intel for hair ideas. Hairstyles of the old era seem to be making a comeback but only the alluring ones and we love it. Get ready to be enlightened with homecoming hairstyles of all categories.

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4. Fishtail Braids

In curly hairstyles for homecoming, the most fascinating one is braided fishtail braids. It is capturing because you are not limited by just the fishtail itself, you can create tight curls all over then do the fishtail. The magic of this hairstyle is that it can incorporate hair in cornrows too. It will bring out a certain charm.


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5. Ringlets And Sleekness

Homecoming hairstyles of the 90s saw slicked-back ringlets and now they are back! To achieve this look, you need to sleek back the front of your hair with products and create big ringlets at the back of your hair. The ringlets will be framed around your head and give immense volume to your hair.

6. Romantic Modern French Roll

One of our favorites in classic homecoming hairstyles is the french roll. But we like to take it to the next level hence we present you with our brilliant hairstyle ideas for homecoming in the shape of a messy french roll. Unlike the classy sleek roll, this will have wispy strands of hair strategically placed all over. It is one of the perfect romantic updos for long hairs styles and will go with any outfit that you choose.

7. Chignon Styled With Fishnet Braid

We love our braids that have anything to do with fish! All jokes aside, a chignon is traditional in homecoming hair but why not modify it to include a braided curls hairstyle? For this, you will need to challenge the chignon with a loose fishnet braid crowned around the back of your head.

8. New Era Crimps

From the trove of oldie homecoming hairstyles, we bring forth the crimps! Did you ever think that the hairstyle that you used to do in your 5th grade could ever come under curly hairstyles for homecoming? Crimps can work for a homecoming if they are made to be wider. You can use a 3-barrel curling iron to get the modernized version of crimps.

9. Ariana Grande Ponytail

It will not exactly be like Grande’s signature ponytail, we assure you that it will look chic and homecoming-y. Nothing says fashionable like a high ponytail that has a thick strand of hair wrapped around the base. With the base supported, you will be able to sport this hairstyle for hours.

10. Braid Your Bun

Braid Your Bun homecoming hairstyles

We are fans of buns but a simple do would never even be a runner in the race of hairstyles for homecoming. Introduce your bun to a loosely woven braid and some pearls. Rest assured, your hairstyle will make turn heads at the homecoming.

11. Pigtails in Braids

Simple pigtails will simply not do at a homecoming! You can be a retro icon with braided pigtails and the whole look will scream and match the semi-formal theme of the event. Just make sure to tighten the pigtails and end the look with a setting spray so that no strand of hair gets out of place.

12. Curls Pinned Up

No list of homecoming hairstyles is complete without the mention of pinned up curls and they have certainly earned their place. You will most likely also find it under curls hairstyles for medium hair and the secret to it, you guessed it, are extra-tight curls pinned up to the top of the head. No matter if you have straight, wavy, or naturally curly hair, you will be able to do this look justice if it is styled professionally.

13. Sleek Straight Hair

Sleek Straight Hairstyles for homecoming

Out of all our beloved homecoming hairstyles, one that says suave is the sleek hair that is parted right down the middle. If you have the face shape for it, wear it to your homecoming! You will be exuding confidence and style.

14. Waterfall Braid

By now, you might have identified that we love braids for our hairstyles for homecoming and why wouldn’t we? Braids are the perfect way to do something out of the ordinary and bring dimensions to any hairstyle. With that in mind, we would like to shine some light on the waterfall braid. A little below the crown of your head, it will feature a cute little braid that will give way to beautiful curls that give the illusion of a waterfall in motion. Every time you will turn your head, people will experience magic.

15. Fringe And Half Updo

Ladies with the fringe, we have not forgotten you. People with bangs and fringes often feel boxed in terms of hair ideas but it is not true! If done right, your fringe will be the star of the homecoming show. Style your fringe to the side to open up your face and curl your hair into beach waves. The last step is to pin up half of your hair in a cute half-do and voila! You are now ready to impress your date/friends and own that dance floor.

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