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15 Best Hairstyles For Women Over 70


One of the opinions that women are united upon is that we want to look beautiful for ourselves, not anyone else. It is why we love to read about hairstyles for women over 70 or when women show their skills in Asian makeup transformations and make themselves look young. Other times, we look for the best foundation for mature skin to get that younger skin or smooth out wrinkles with 24k gold skincare routines.

Ladies, whether it is hairstyles for older women or best drugstore foundations for mature skin, we have got you covered. Your mind will explode when you check out our collection of ideas for haircuts for women just like your mind did when we opened up about secrets for skincare routines that can delay the appearance of old age on the skin.

Haircuts For Older Women To Rock At Any Time

Halt for a second and listen to us for a minute! Do you go to your usual salon to your usual hairdresser and get the same haircut months after months? Scouts, this mad monotony needs to end! You need to have a change which why we present a range of haircuts for women.

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Haircuts For Older Women With Youthful Vibes

Haircuts For Older Women

When a lady passes the age of 50, they start finding data on haircuts for women to boost a young image of themselves. Why not change your perspective a little and instead focus on hairstyles for women that will make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself all the time.

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1. Feathered Bob With Height

Many women do not look for bulky hairstyles for women over 70 which is why a feathered bob would be the best choice for them. Most of the bulk will be tackled by feathering the haircut and height is added to the crown.

  • How To Get It: Feathered bob that has height on the crown is one of the most difficult hairstyles for women and only experienced hairdressers can create the right look.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: The height is the first thing that grabs attention and the feathered hair frames the head nicely.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Like the above cut, it would look great on women with long faces but this bob works as one of the chosen short hairstyles for women over 70 that have a small face.

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2. Choppy Bob With Bangs

Hairstyles for older women always seem to be about ease and comfort. While they are important, you can always go a step further and get bangs! 

  • How To Get It: The name might say choppy but it takes a certain level of expertise to create the right choppiness so head over to the salon and ask them to indulge you with one of the best hairstyles for women over 70.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: The bangs are a showstopper.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Round faces look lovely adorned with bangs.

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3. Flick Ends On A Long Bob

Hairstyles for women over 70 don’t always have flick ends but we bet that you can carry them well.

  • How To Get It: Flick ends are not hard to achieve so if you have incredible dexterity with scissors, do it yourself.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: When the ends of your hair are flicked out, everyone will notice and call it one of the unique hairstyles for older women.
  • Suitable Face Shape: A long bob looks well on round and rectangular faces.

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Older Women With Long Hair Exude Fashion

best hairstyles for women over 70

Long hair automatically makes anyone look charismatic which is why so many hairstyles for women over 70 are for long hair.

4. Wispy Layers

Wispy layers bang in hairstyles for women over 70, especially carried by older women with long hair.

  • How To Get It: Cutting long hair can be tedious so let your hairdresser take care of your wispy layers.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: Wispy layers create a sexy aura.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Not limited to any face shape.

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5. Sweeping Layers on Long Hair

Short hairstyles for women over 70 are the talk of the town but we love promoting long hair for hairstyles for women over 70. The sweeping locks fit the description.

  • How To Get It: When you visit the salon, tell your hairstylist that you want sweeping layers. Once done, they will teach you how to maintain the look.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: The swept-back locks add movement to the cut.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Small face shapes look elegant in this haircut.

Short Haircuts For Women Over 70

The reason behind providing ideas for hairstyles for older women is to inspire you to invest in yourself so let’s start by investing in haircuts for women.

6. Feathers With A Nape Undercut

Do you want to tell the world that your youth is still alive in you? Get a nape undercut and bring softness to it with layers.

  • How To Get It: You can let the professionals do their work on the layers. For the nape undercut, you can have some fun and have a go at it with a shaving machine.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: The nape undercut is the wow element and might we say it, it is the most daring of hairstyles for women over 70.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Such a wild haircut should be tried out by every woman, no matter the face shape.

7. Long Bob For Curly Hair

One of the haircuts for women that we are categorizing according to the texture of hair you have, a long bob will be easily manageable for you if you possess beautiful curly hair.

  • How To Get It: Before taking the scissors to your hair, first straightening your hair and cutting it according to your desired length.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: Your curls will make the bob look springy.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Ladies with pointy chins often opt for this cut.

Hairstyles For Women Advancing Through Age Ranks

Hairstyles For mature women

Nobody stops being beautiful just because they are growing so why not keep your fire alive by looking into gorgeous hairstyles for women over 70?

Layered Hairstyles For Older Women

Oh, to be a graceful woman gaining on experience! Be all that with layered hairstyles for women over 70.

8. Layered Haircut

The best way to bring volume to hairstyles for women over 70 or otherwise is to get a layered haircut.

  • How To Get It: Since a layered haircut involves creating some serious layers, we recommend going to a salon for the best look.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: Layers upon layers create dimensions in the haircut. 
  • Suitable Face Shape: Women with a thin face will greatly benefit from it.

9. Tapered Down Haircut

One of the manageable hairstyles for older women is a tapered down haircut. It works on any length of hair and counts as one of the greatest hairstyles for women over 70.

  • How To Get It: It will require the hand of a professional.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: The tapered down look creates a waterfall-like look.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Heart-shaped and long-faced ladies can pull it off easily.

Hairstyles For Women Over 70 With Curls

Dead-looking hair is a disaster so why not choose springy hairstyles for women over 70? Allow us to give you a few examples.

10. Curtain Bangs With Waves

Straight bangs look good but why limit yourself to them when you can have a curtain of them around your face?

  • How To Get It: Use a straightener on your bangs then wrap them around a big hair roller. When you take them out, brush them around your face with a round brush.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: The bangs swoop down elegantly.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Any shape.

11. Round Haircut

Spice up round hairstyles for women over 70 by curling them up.

  • How To Get It: Blowout your hair then curl them with a one-inch curling wand and curl them outwards.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: The volume.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Thin faces.

12. Curls In Ponytail

Rushing out the door? Opt for curls in a ponytail.

  • How To Get It: Curl your hair with a curling wand and put it in a high ponytail.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: Flowing curls perched atop the head.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Any face shape will look alluring in it.

Above The Shoulder Hairstyles For Women Over 70

Above The Shoulder Hairstyles For Women Over 70

We aim to make 2021 easier for you so why not jump on the short haircuts for women bandwagon with us?

Striking Short Hairstyles For Women Over 70

Short hair suits everyone and works well in hairstyles for women over 70.

13. Bob With Layers

Do you want to pull off the most beautiful hairstyles for women over 70? A short bob with layers will give you just that and it is why people love it as one of the short hairstyles for women over 70.

  • How To Get It: Whichever haircuts for women involve layers, like this one, they should only be done by professionals.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: The short bob opens up the face while the layers add volume.
  • Suitable Face Shape: This bob will look proportionally great on long faces.

14. Neat Pixie Cut

Celebrities’ chosen haircuts for older women often include pixie cuts for older women.

  • How To Get It: Pixie cuts are tricky hairstyles for older women so better to leave it to your hairdresser.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: The graduation of long strands towards the top of the head and short ones near the nape.
  • Suitable Face Shape: All face shapes and cuts.

15. Swept-back Coils

The last on our list of 15 hairstyles for women over are side-swept coils.

  • How To Get It: Make a side parting and pin back some of your coils to create an effortless look.
  • Why It Catches The Eye: The voluminous coil swept back.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Every face shape looks beautiful in such short hairstyles for women over 70.

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