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30 Hairstyles for Long Dark Hair You MUST Try in 2022


Who here doesn’t dream of having beautiful long hair? From braids to curls, mermaid waves, and a bombshell blowout, there are no boundaries or limits to the looks you can create when you are blessed with long beautiful hair.

Besides, there are several hairstyles for long dark hair that will flatter every face shape. Long hair is known for its power to help soften out the sharp features, balanced proportions, and will make you appear quite younger, healthier, and more feminine.

So, if you are growing your locks out or you are just looking to get a change, check these long dark hairstyles and create the look that you have always wanted. 

Best Hairstyles For Long Dark Hair

As you guys know, there are several long hairstyles for women that you can go for. Whether you go for layered long hairstyles for straight long hairstyles, makeup scout can help you create both. Thus, here are the best hairstyles for long dark hair you can create any day any time. 

Best Hairstyles For Long Dark Hair


Long Hair And Bangs

Long Bob

Long Braids

Long Shag

Short in the Front Long in the Back

Natural Long Curly Hair

Long Black Hair

Long Updo

Long Thick Curly Layered Hair

Cute Long Hair With A Velvet Ribbon

Long Dead Straight Hair

Pretty Long Hair Half-Up

Medium Long Hair Below The Shoulders

1920s Long Hair

1950s Long Hair

Straight cut

Tapered Ends

U Cut

Choppy Layers

Front Cut

Thick Fringe

Bouncy Layers For Curls

Shaved-Side Layered Cut

Mermaid Waves

Bouncy Blowout

Flirty Flip

Slicked-Back Look

Bubble Braids

Half Up, Half Down

  1. Layers

Looking for a mid-year hair change but unable to sacrifice your long locks? Go for long layered hairstyles. The layered hairstyles for long thick hair are both fine and thick types that can be used to create depth and dimension. 

One thing you should know about is that when you ask for layers, the hairstylist will cut your hair to different lengths. The exact position and length will be adjusted depending on your face shape. 

For instance, long and airy layers look best on both round and square face shapes. While the oval face looks great with soft subtle layers, a long hairstyle with layers is a good way to give your mane extra movement, texture, and a bounce without dramatic change. 

  1. Long Hair And Bangs

When paired with bangs, the contrast provides you with the face-framing powers of short hair while the rest of your hair is intact. Getting a fringe is the best and most simple way to change your look, and there are numerous and endless options that can enhance your long hairstyle looks. 

  1.  Long Bob

There is a reason why fashion editors love the Long Bob (also known as BOB). This is a super sophisticated, chic, and easy-to-maintain hairstyle. It suits every shape because the cut ends numerous inches below the chin.

Dissimilar to the bob, if you use this hairstyle, you will find no risk in making your face look wide or square. The best and most trendy way to style a lob is through an off-center part and some extra volume at the roots. So, keep your hair smooth and straight. This look should be chic but understated. 

  1. Long Braids

For every occasion, there is a genuine braid. Suitable for long hair because you can create more than you have thought. This long dark hairstyle for women is the most popular because it looks quite charming and is easy to create.

Although you can create this hairstyle any time or any day, this is still the perfect match for summers. This hairstyle will provide you with the perfect beauty. 

  1. Long Shag

The old 70s rock and roll style is another trendy topic this year. This long dark brown hairstyle is the most popular hairstyle of the decade. For a modern look, wear this style with long sleeves or short sleeves. Make it swim around the mouth to match the shape of your face. Long sleeves adjust the fit and reduce the look and make it more attractive.  

  1. Short in the Front Long in the Back

Another great 70s-inspired hairstyle is the short in the front, long in the back hairstyle. For this hair look, all you require is a perfect balance. If you are looking to make a statement about yourself, creating this long brown hair look is the best choice. For as long as you have balanced it, you will find no problem. So, make sure to do that.  

  1. Natural Long Curly Hair

When natural hair is worn long, it looks amazing. So, make sure to moisturize and detangle your mane on a regular basis, and don’t overwash it. Curls that are moisturized and defined with minimal frizz or brittleness are the goal. One solution is to braid your beautiful long hair in a protective style every now and then to protect the fragile ends. Because your curls are still growing while you’re doing this, you won’t lose any length when you remove the protective style.

You should also know that growing out the natural hair will take longer than usual because each strand will grow in curls and coils instead of straight lines. However, once you’ve gone long, you may never want to go short again! 

  1. Style Your Long Black Hair With Fancy Hair Pins

On long hair, black hair is a bold and dramatic color choice. Imagine a femme fatale in full force! Black hair can complement any skin tone depending on the warm or cool undertones in the dye, though individuals with lighter skin should be aware that it will highlight any paleness.

Choose cool black and shine-enhancing treatments to avoid seeming washed out. When paired with this bright color, these hairstyles for long dark hair will look fantastic. Long black hair looks more natural on olive and deep skin tones, and a warm black will pick up the equally rich tones in your complexion. 

  1. Long Updo

This ​layered hairstyle for long hair is both basic and sophisticated, and can be worn every day or dressed up for date night. It works best on softer hair textures, so if your tresses are dry and frizzy, make sure you use a serum. To achieve this look, make sure your hair has some grip; either wait until the next day after washing it or use a texturizing spray.

You should also use a volumizing product in your roots since this large bun requires a good base to sit on. Twist the rest of your hair up into a bun, leaving some parts out to frame your face and secure underneath with a clear hair tie and bobby pins. 

  1. Long Thick Curly Layered Hair

Long, thick hair might be time-consuming to maintain, but it’s worth it to look for your locks. Thick hair makes you look younger and healthier, and because it is stronger, it is usually in better shape. The disadvantage is that your hair may be too heavy to hold a style.


Have your hairstylist add some layers and thin out your hair to fix this. A curling wand can also help break up the mass of your hair by providing direction and movement with bombshell waves. Highlights will have the same impact, adding dimension to your hair. This way you can easily create the perfect long hairstyle with layers. 

  1. Cute Long Hair With A Velvet Ribbon

Long layered hairstyles for women don’t always have to be a show-stopper. Simple styling and accessories may make this hair length seem gorgeous. Make the most of your natural volume with a loose, ‘undone’ ponytail.

Allow some longer pieces to hang out in front of your face and curl naturally to frame your face. There’s nothing cuter than a bow in your hair, so a velvet ribbon is the perfect finishing touch.

  1. Long Dead Straight Hair

Long straight hair is the epitome of simplicity. Because this is such a simple style, you’ll want to make sure your locks are in good shape. There’s no place for frizz or split ends in this hairstyle; otherwise, it’ll seem disheveled and chaotic.

Brown long straight hair can be dense, so apply a root-building product to keep your tresses from weighing themselves down and looking flat. In addition, ask your hairdresser to add modest highlights to keep your hair from looking like a solid block of color.

Long straight hair has the advantage of being the ideal canvas for showcasing your make-up because it does not distract from your face.

  1. Pretty Long Hair Half-Up

Pretty long brown hair might be intimidating at times, but it’s simple to achieve a soft and lovely look. Wear your hair half-up, half-down if you want to achieve this look. This dark brown long hairstyle is ideal for women who have ombré or balayage since the focus is on the spot where the two colors meet. 

To create a seamless mix, twist the top area of your hair and add soft waves to the bottom for a lovely, beachy look.

  1. Medium Long Hair Below The Shoulders

This woman’s long hairstyle falls just below the shoulders. It has all the volume and weight of long hair, as well as the ability to drag the hair down to impart length to a round or square face. It isn’t quite at the ‘epic mane’ level of lengthy hair, though.

If you have fine hair or are prone to split ends, this length is ideal since you can still do long hair staples like bombshell waves and braids without your hair drying out or becoming frizzy. The only exception is that this hairstyle necessitates regular cuts to maintain the correct length. 

  1. 1920s Long Hair

While most people remember the 1920s with the bob, long hair remained popular throughout the decade. Finger waves were one of the defining styles of the time, whether long or short. With a flat iron, duckbill clips, and a lot of hairspray sold-school charm.

  1. 1950s Long Hair

The 1950s were recognized for its ultra-feminine fashion and beauty trends, as well as less formal hairstyles than the 1940s. The side-sweep with romantic waves is a ’50s-inspired design for brown long hair.

To add volume and height, part your hair on one side, then fold and pin a front section back. If you want to lengthen your face, this is an appealing technique.

After that, secure the side pieces of your hair by sweeping them back. Curl the rest of your hair gently to create lovely, bouncy waves. It’s a clean-cut hairdo that’s both classic and retro.

  1. Straight Cut With A Half-UP Top Knot

Glass hair, which is glossy hair with a pointed edge, was all the rage a few months ago, and everyone coveted the appearance. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s only for people with short hair because it’s commonly worn with a bob cut.

On long hair as well as shoulder-length hair, this haircut with blunt edges looks great. It looks great on anyone with wavy or poker-straight hair. And you only need to shave an inch or two off your hair to get the sharp cut. This long hairstyle looks best with a half-up top knot or relaxed hair. 

  1. Tapered Ends

Another wonderful long hair idea, especially if it is flat, is a thick layer at the top that narrows down to finer layers at the bottom. It looks best on ladies with an oval or oblong face since it gives your face the width it lacks.

You get the best of both worlds with dense volume around your face and length in the rear. When it comes to hairstyles, any form of braids, such as a fishtail or a French braid, would look amazing. This haircut makes the ponytail appear longer, and you can always let your hair loose to show off your thick and long hair.

  1. U Cut

If you don’t want to go all out with your hair, here’s a hair inspiration for a more modest makeover. Instead of adding layers to your long hairstyle, use a U-shaped cut to create a defined frame. It gives your strands on the sides an angled long hair structure, making your hair look long and swoopy.

The traditional U-cut is a low-key, low-risk haircut for long hair that adds dimension and volume to your locks. While it may appear boring on straight hair, it is quite flattering on curly hair.

This hairstyle for long dark hair can be done in a sleek updo or a low ponytail for a sophisticated look, or a jazzy half up half down hairdo for a casual approach. 

  1. Choppy Layers

Choppy layer cut is a type of layered haircut that has a lot of layers and gives your hair a scruffy and bouncy look. This hairstyle is ideal for ladies with fine, long hair. This dark long hairstyle offers a feathery texture to your flat hair and makes it look larger and voluminous.

If you have curly or wavy hair, this haircut will look even better because your tresses already have texture, and this cut will highlight your waves. If you have straight hair, the layers in your mane will appear more distinct. Overall, it’s a great haircut for long hair.

  1. Front Cut

With separated flicks in the front and long hair in the back, the face-framing front cut is a fashionable hairstyle. This long hair style has a front chin grazing layer that is ideal for females with a round or square-shaped face or a large forehead.

It works like a charm and can cutesy up any hairdo you can think of, whether it’s a casual or formal look. Everything looks good with this haircut: a long braid with side-swept front flicks, a sky-high or low ponytail, and even a summary hairdo with a headband or scarf.

Needless to say, it’s a deceptive approach to transform your appearance without sacrificing your valued hair length. 

  1. Thick Fringe

This is a terrific alternative for individuals who are satisfied with their hair’s length and don’t want it messed up by a trim. Thick fringe would be the greatest choice among the many long layer hairstyles?

However, there are a variety of fringe cuts that are popular right now. Which one would look best with your hairstyle and facial features? We propose that you first consult with your hairstylist before chopping those locks.

  1. Bouncy Layers For Curls

Princess Merida from Brave comes to mind with her long and wavy hair bouncing away to triumph. They do have a distinct personality. Naturally, when it comes to lengthy hairstyles, a haircut for long curly hair is a tough proposition.

However, we have a solution for you. Layers that are bouncy and subtle can raise your curls and make them seem even better than they do presently.

  1. Shaved-Side Layered Cut

This hairstyle for long hair with layers is a little more challenging and edgier. However, if you have a personality that shines through every time you step out, you can try this one. This is one of the more unusual long-haired haircuts.

On one side, you’ll have a shaved look, and on the other, you’ll have a long-layered look. Wear it however you like and you’ll appear very cool and stylish.

  1. Mermaid Waves

Consider this long hairdo to be a somewhat more polished version of beachy waves. This hairstyle with long layers is more consistent and deliberate than beachy texture, which is all about being sloppy and undone.

According to Millie Morales, celebrity hair stylist and colorist for Garnier, you may accomplish this style with hot tools, but you can also go heatless with braids. “After you’ve washed your hair, divide it in half and start weaving a braid on either side. When the braids are removed, the final wavy effect should last a few days!”

  1. Bouncy Blowout

The uber-glamorous, blown-out curls are the look that most people associate with the Golden Age of Hollywood. When it comes to golden age waves, bigger is better, therefore Sally Hershberger, a New York City hairstylist, suggests using hot rollers instead of curling irons.

“Set the timer for 20 to 30 minutes, then let your hair cool before shaking out the curls,” she advises.

  1. Flirty Flip

A careless hair flip has an effortless je ne sais quoi look to it if you usually wear your hair in the middle. “Changing your part might be everything it takes to give your long hair a new lease”.

The ’90s hair flip style adds volume to the top of the head. Prep the roots with a volumizing mousse or dry shampoo—Brook suggests Biolage All-In-One Intense Dry Shampoo ($24; ulta.com) for this style.

You may also flip your hair upside down when drying the roots to get more lift if you start with wet hair. If you don’t want your hair to flip back over, set everything with a spritz of setting spray.

  1. Slicked-Back Look

A slick-back style is a failsafe technique to eliminate flyaways and attract attention to your eyes if your main goal is to get all that hair out of your face. Apply a frizz-reducing serum to the hair from the roots to the ends.

Layer a medium- to firm-hold style spray on top of the serum and evenly saturate hair once more. Slick your hair back from the crown of your head with a fine-toothed comb and create the best long brown hairstyle with ease. 

  1. Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are a fun, young style that works well with longer hair. Tie hair up in a high ponytail with an elastic, then continue to tie thin elastics in equal intervals until you’re near the end of the hair to obtain the playful style (the number of elastics will depend on the length of your hair). “It’s critical to leave the bottom portion open to allow for movement. To make this brown hair long look appear less groomed, pull out some wisps and baby hairs around the face”

  1. Half Up, Half Down

Almost everyone can pull off a textured pony at the crown, regardless of their texture, tone, or inclination. Another benefit is that it helps hide greasy roots until wash day.

“I adore a half-up, half-down style with a middle part because it gives me a lot of freedom to explore. I think buns or braids on the top portion of the hair would look wonderful with this approach. It’s a very lighthearted and humorous look.”

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