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Hair Care Routine Guide 101 | Hair Care Guide for All


You may or may not be blessed with voluminous hair, but you can always restore the voluptuous-looking hair by giving them proper attention. Your hair is the most featured accessory of your whole look. 

So you need to particularly give it extra attention to maintain the health and growth of your hair. And trust me, paying heed to your daily hair care routine is going to make a hell of a difference. 

So show love to your hair and pamper them every chance you get. Today, I am going to share with you the secrets of healthy, thick hair that anyone can get by following a proper routine. But before we get started about that, you need to know your hair type. 

It is crucial because your hair care routine will revolve around it. You need to include hair care products that suit the type of your hair. 

How To Determine The Type Of Your Hair?

Without realizing your hair type, you can’t in any way shape up a viable hair care routine. Knowing about the texture of your hair, the number of oils in it, and its thickness can assist you in choosing the specific hair care and styling items for your locks. There are a few basic techniques to take care of the hair. 

  • Determining Hair Texture

Take a lock of your hair and examine it closely. If your hair is silky and shiny, then you have a smooth texture. But if they appear dull or fragile, then you have dry hair. Also, check for the split ends. 

Split ends show how damaged your hair is. Also check if your hair is wavy, straight, or curly as for each type there are different hair care products available on the market.

  • Determining Amount Of Oil In Hair

Wash your hair as you normally do with any regular shampoo and conditioner. Do not take any other hair treatment at the time of testing. After washing your hair, do not engage yourself in any activity that may make your head (scalp) sweat excessively. 

Also, let your hair air-dry naturally. After about 8 to 10 hours of washing your hair, pat a tissue on your scalp and hair. If it is blotched with a lot of oil then you have oily hair obviously. 

And if the tissue is dry when you press it gently on your head, then you have dry hair. But if in some parts the tissue remains dry while in others it gets blotched, then you have a combination hair type. 

  • Determining Hair Thickness

Part your hair in the middle. Look at the scalp showing where you have parted your hair. If you can see only a thin line of bare scalp, then you have thick hair. If you can see the scalp clearly, you have medium thickness. 

And, if the scalp line is notably thick, then you have thin hair. Now the hair care products that you use should be in accordance with this thickness. 

With thin hair, there are a lot of hair fall issues, so you need to stay clear of the hair care products counting a lot of sulfates. 

Before planning your everyday best hair care routine, always test your hair, and determine which products will suit them. A lot of people complain that what worked best for others did not work for them. 

The obvious reason is the difference in hair type. Only those hair care products will work for you that suit your hair. And only you can determine that with a little bit of experimenting. 

Anyways, before selecting the right products you need to plan your hair care routine. Here are some key steps that you can add to your daily hair regimen. 


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Comb Your Hair Properly

Combing through your hair properly is an essential part of any black hair care routine. Not combing your hair or combing through them in the wrong way can cause a lot of hair damage. 

After you have washed your hair with the best shampoo for hair loss, hair combing becomes easier. The way of combing your hair and the type of comb or brush that you use are crucial in preventing hair damage. 

We will talk about three things while combing the hair, that is, when you should comb your hair, how you should do it, and which comb/ brush is suitable.

  • When To Brush Your Hair?

It is important that you brush your hair daily. Ideally, you should brush your hair twice a day if you want them to look healthy. Always comb through your hair before going to bed. Entangled locks produce a lot of friction while you toss in your bed at night. 

This can lead to breakage. So you should make it part of your hair care routine to go to bed with properly brushed hair. Also, brushing your hair at night means you will wake up with smoother hair. So when you comb them in the morning, it will be easier and there won’t be any breakage. 

Next, you need to ensure that you always comb your hair before oiling, treating, or washing them. Never try brushing them right after the wash as wet hair is susceptible to breaking easily. Also, this can lead to split ends. So take care of these little details while planning your hair care routine.

  • How You Should Brush Your Hair

Brushing your hair gently is pivotal for healthy hair. You can’t go rough with them or you will end up damaging them. Your hair is fragile and you need to pamper it if you want profuse hair on your head. 

Brushing your hair the right way is something you need to consider while planning your hair care routine. I have seen a lot of people literally pulling their entangled hair and combing through them roughly. 

This is a huge no-no! Start by sectioning your hair with your hands. Always start at the bottom and work your way up. Once you are sure that one section is detangled, brush it from the top to bottom to smooth it. Then move to the next section. If your locks are knotted, do not exert force to detangle them. Stay calm and patiently detangle them to prevent any hair damage. 

  • Choosing The Right Hair Brush/ Comb

Did you know that brushing your hair with a regular brush or comb can charge them? This and the friction can make your hair fragile. 

Therefore, you should always use wooden brushes or combs as part of a haircare routine. In combs, you should use wide-toothed wooden combs. For brushes, the best are the ones made up of hornbeam wooden bristles. 

These wooden combs and brushes prevent the hair from breaking due to excessive friction or getting charged. 

Hair Treatments Are Necessary Part Of The Hair Care Routines

Getting hair treatments from time to time is a mandatory part of any good hair care routine. You cannot just go on washing and conditioning your hair without taking any other hair treatments. Here are some of the hair treatments that should be part of your hair care routine:

  • Oil Your Hair Before Washing

It doesn’t matter if you have oily or dry hair. Oiling them before washing them is crucial. Use combinations of oils before washing your hair. Massage them on your scalp and leave from 30 minutes to overnight (depending on how much time you have). 

If you do not oil your hair, they are going to get split ends. Also, they will get dull and fragile. Thus, protect them from all that damage while you can. The best hair serum for oiling that I can recommend to you is Organic Amalaki Scalp Oil Serum by Blur Beautifly. It is the ultimate hair care product for oiling. 

It has so many nourishing oils and herbal extracts in it. Trust me, it is the best hair serum so far that I have discovered in the past three years. It comes with a dropper. Apply it directly to your scalp and massage it in. 

Massaging helps increase blood circulation which is nourishing for the hair. Take any other regular oil to apply it to the tips of your hair (you didn’t think we were going to ignore them, right).

  • Get Protein Treatment For Hair

It is essential to get a protein treatment for hair every once a fortnight at least. You can do this by applying protein hair masks. 

There are a lot of artificial hair care protein masks available on the market but if you are looking for natural hair care, then applying the raw egg mask is the best option for you. 

For better results apply raw egg mixed with oil to your scalp and hair once a week. 

The raw egg is rich in proteins that are directly absorbed by the hair in this treatment.

Alternatively, you can also go for the keratin treatment for hair. This, however, is not done so often. 

You should get a keratin hair treatment every six to eight months as part of your hair care routine. The results are going to blow your mind. You will notice a visible change in the texture of your hair after getting the keratin hair treatment. 

Shampooing And Conditioning

Hair washing is something that not many people talk about. Most people are like, ‘hey, we know how to wash our hair. We have been doing this from our childhood’. 


Honey, if you are one of those people, let me inform you that not everyone washes their hair properly. And that is why there are so many people who claim to have dead or damaged hair. This happens mostly when you use hair color removers brutally. 

There is a lot to consider when it comes to washing your hair rather than stepping into the shower, using some random hair care products and that’s it. When it comes to washing your hair, you need to ponder over a few things like which is the right product for your hair? 

How many times should you wash your hair? In what manner should you wash your hair? Getting confused? Don’t worry, I got you for I have brought for you the hair washing 101. 

  • Choose The Right Hair Care Products

When it comes to buying shampoos and conditioners, you need to take into account your hair type. Remember the test I told you about earlier? Yeah, try that before heading out to get shampoo or conditioner. 

Use milder products (having low to zero sulfates in them) for dry or damaged hair. People who have oily hair can use sulfate shampoos but if you wash your hair daily, then you may wanna shift to sulfate-free shampoos in your hair care routine. Now let’s get into how to wash the hair properly.

  • How To Shampoo The Hair?

Shampooing your hair properly is critical in a hair care routine. Many people just pour some shampoo into their hands, rub it to make lather, and start massaging it into their hair. Well, that is something that is causing excessive hair breakage. 

The proper way is to wet your hair, take two dime-size shampoos, and massage it in your head in two sections. First, focus on the upper part of your head and then on the back of your head. Massage the shampoo gently only on the scalp in to and fro motion to regulate blood circulation and get rid of dead skin cells. 

Please stop rubbing shampoo for oily hair on the tips. That way you only break the collagen in your strands. The shampoo is meant only for the scalp. You need not go in circular motions wrapping all your hair around your head. Then wash off with lukewarm water only. It is a myth that cold water makes your hair shiny. It doesn’t, rather it breaks the hair collagen and makes your hair fragile. 

  • Conditioner Or Masks?

Conditioners or masks are used after the shampoo. They both are necessary to get smooth and silky-soft hair. But which of the two are better and should be included in the hair care routine? 

Well, I say both! Many people like to use conditioners only after the shampoo and they do work great. 

But in my opinion, you should include a post-wash hair mask too in your regime. The hair masks penetrate deeper into the hair while conditioners can penetrate only one layer. Thus, hair masks are more nourishing. I would suggest that you use a hair mask at least twice a week for better results.

Drying And Styling 

It is important to let your hair air-dry. The more you make use of electrical products, the more your hair will be destroyed. But say you wash your hair in the morning and are in a hurry, you can use a hairdryer. 

But to prevent any damage here, use the heat protectant for hair. The heat-resistant serums don’t let the heat damage your hair. Then style them however you want. 

As we are talking about the best hair care routine, it is important to discuss hairstyling before going to bed. There are two things that you need to take care of: do not sleep with wet hair and always tie your hair before going to bed. 

Wet hair is fragile and can break off easily. Therefore, it is advised to let your hair dry completely before you lie to sleep. Also, when you sleep with your hair down, they break a lot during the night due to friction produced when they rub against your pillow. 

There are two ways of dealing with this. One, use silk pillow covers to let the hair glide on it. Second, tie your hair into a braid or an updo to control breakage through the night. 

Braiding your long hair comes with the extra benefit of giving you light wavy hair in the morning. They are also not tangled or matted, which means you will have an easy time combing them. 

Additional Hair Care Tips For Voluptuous Hair

If you are looking for voluminous, shiny, and smooth hair, here are some tips for you. Include these things in your hair care routine and you will be good to go. Without further ado let’s get into these tips:

  • I know a lot of people prefer washing their hair twice a week only. But it is healthier to wash them daily or on alternate days. 
  • Use hair masks every now and then. Both natural and artificial hair care products work fine as hair masks. The hair mask penetrated deep into the hair to make them grow healthy and look super lustrous.
  • If you want to use the curling or straightening irons, use the one that works fast and has oil-infused rods/ plates. Remington hair appliances are the best. They do not lead to excessive hair damage. 
  • Use filtered water to wash your hair. Normal tap water has a lot of minerals and products that take their toll on your hair. 
  • When washing your head under the shower, keep it low because the pressure with which water falls on your head can cause severe damage to your hair. 

Follow these tips while planning your hair care routine and trust me you are good to go. These hair care tips are a total game-changer. But above all, you need to see what works best for you and devise your own regime.

Hair Care Routine For Men

Like women, men also ask how to take care of long hair for men, and men are in need of a proper hair care routine as well. For my manly friends out there, with a proper hair care routine for men, your hair will stay great for a longer period of time. So, below are a few tips that you guys should focus on for men’s hair care. 

  • Make Sure Not to Over Wash Your Hair: Excess hair washing is a blunder that you should avoid at all costs. Restrict the hair wash to two to three times a week. 
  • Go For An Egg Wash: Eggs contain protein, so washing your hair with eggs will help by protecting your scalp and will prevent the scalp from drying.
  • Make Sure To Avoid Chlorine Water: The chlorine present in swimming pools can be harmful in a number of ways. It can be remarkably harmful to both your head and scalp as it makes the hair grow both parched and fragile. 
  • Make Sure To Avoid Heat: One thing that all you guys need to make sure that you need to avoid is revealing your delicate hair to excessive heat. You need to avoid applying dryers to quickly dry your delicate hair.

Hair Care Tips For Teenage Girls

Hair plays a major role during adolescence. It helps by enabling the young ones to feel extra attractive as well as different. Yet, when the hormones pray on one’s mind during the teen years, it can become a hassle.

By keeping a natural hair care routine, these teens can create the perfect hairstyle. Besides, when you have great hair, this means that you are living a healthy life. Thus, below are a few simple ways for the best hair care routine. 

  • Make sure to trim the ends every 6 weeks. It is important to keep the ends healthy. 
  • Try to apply olive oil on the ends before you take the shower. This helps as it is a quick moisturizing treatment. 
  • Make sure that you stay away from hot water that might dry up the scalp as well as the hair. 
  • Try to use gentle products that are suitable for your hair. 
  • Try not to use styling tools in your teenage years. They can have a negative impact on your hair. So make sure that you limit their use. You can use a hair dryer with 1200 W. 
  • Make sure that you protect your hair from the sun, salt, or chlorine from the pool. The swim might seem a bit ridiculous, but it is quite useful. 
  • Try to limit styling treatments like bleaching, waving, straightening, and dyeing. 
  • Also, try to make sure that you treat dandruff as soon as they appear. 

How To Hydrate Your Dry Hair?

So, how to take care of dry hair? Well, dry hair can cause a lot of problems. Especially if you ladies want to look perfect on your date night or any other special occasion, it is highly important that you stay away from dry hair. Thus, below are a few hair care tips for dry hair. 

  • Start With A Pre-Shampoo Dry Hair Treatment: Using a pre-shampoo can make a big difference, especially in a dry hair care routine. The magic Elixir Scalp and hair oil treatment help in promoting a well-conditioned scalp to give a more manageable and healthy-looking hair. 
  • Go For A Nourishing Shampoo And Conditioner: Shampoo and conditioner are the major core of every hair routine for dry hair. Besides, it is highly important that you pick the right shampoo. 
  • Go For A Supplement Alongside A Hair Or A Scalp Mask: Sometimes, all your hair needs are something more, and that is exactly when the dry hair comes in. Once or twice per week, make sure that you swap your conditioner for nourishing hair or a scalp mask. 
  • Make Sure Not To Forget A Leave-In Treatment: Dry hair does not solely exist in the shower. A leave-in is a great option for delivering much-needed moisture to the mane. 

How To Take Care Of Long Hair?

So, how to have healthy hair? Long hair adds a real sexy look to you as it can create the perfect get-up that you have always wanted. But if you do not go for the proper long hair care routine, you cannot get the right results. Thus, below are a few steps that answer the question “how to care for long hair”. 

  • Try to wash your hair once a week. Washing your hair daily can be a bit damaging, so wash your hair once or twice a week. 
  • Make sure that before you wash your hair, you massage the scalp with oil for one hour before washing your hair. This will aid you in moisturizing your hair. 
  • Make sure that you shampoo only your roots. Massage very carefully and shampoo the roots of your hair. 
  • Once you have massaged your hair with oil and have massaged the scalp with shampoo, now make sure that you rinse your hair with cold water. 
  • Try that your hair dry naturally, do not use a hairdryer or something like that. Keep it natural and dry them naturally. 
  • Once they have dried, now detangle the hair with a wide-toothed comb. 

Homemade Hair Care Tips

Your hair is among the most important features of your body. Besides, hair thickness, length, and shine have a lot to do with how you should treat your hair. Besides, they are also a reflection of scalp health, which is mostly ignored and sidelined. Thus, here are a few hair care tips you can try at home. 

  1. Apply Warm Oil On The Hair

You should start by applying warm oil to your hair. Our mothers were right all along. Going for a warm and natural oil in your hair can be a great addition to your scalp health, hair health, and texture. Thus, here are a few oils you yourself should consider including in your regimen. 

  1. Use Rice Water as A Shampoo And Rinse For Hair Care

The Chinese village of Huangluo, which is home to native Red Yao women, is the ‘world’s longest hair community,’ according to the Guinness Book of Records. Long, shiny, and healthy hair is a common feature among women here. The villagers consider it a sign of good fortune, longevity, and prosperity. So, what’s the secret to their perfectly styled locks?

  1. Use Eggs, They Can Contribute To Overall Hair Health

An egg mask is one of the most effective treatments for healthy hair, and for good reason: it is the best source of B vitamins, which are vital for hair health! B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), and B5 (pantothenic acid) vitamins are beneficial to hair elasticity, strength, and overall health.

  1. Apply Onion Juice All Over Your Hair

Onion juice, believe it or not, is packed with nutrients and benefits for hair development and regrowth. Its antibacterial and antifungal characteristics keep the scalp free of infection, and it also contains sulfur, which keeps hair from becoming brittle and breaking.

  1. Apply As Much Green Tea On Your Hair As Possible

Green tea includes EGCG, an antioxidant that promotes hair follicle and dermal papilla cell health, resulting in less hair loss and thinning. Other advantages include dandruff and psoriasis therapy. Scaly and flaky scalp skin can be treated with green tea, which nourishes, hydrates, and moisturizes the scalp’s protein levels.

How To Take Care Of Dyed Hair?

Hair dyes can add an extra layer of beauty to your hair. But if you do not maintain them properly, you will not get the right results. Thus, below is a guide that highlights “how to care for bleached hair”. 

  1. Wash your hair less frequently

It’s as basic as that: the more you wash, the faster your color will fade. So save some time in your daily routine by skipping the frequent laundry. The best approach to care for your color is to wash it just twice or three times a week, then use dry shampoo to sponge up oil from the roots as needed.

  1. Skip straight to conditioner

So, after years of doing daily laundry, you’re having problems weaning yourself off. At the very least, skip the shampoo and go straight to the conditioner to put your hair on a “low poo” diet. You’ll get softness, gloss, and caring nourishment without having to wash away that insane color.

  1. Pick the right shampoo

There’s a reason why color-protecting shampoo was created in the first place. While certain normal shampoos can strip your color and cause it to fade faster, products like L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Maintain Shampoo work to protect your color, keeping your pastel, bright, or metallic shade looking lovely and vibrant. Choose a “low sulfate” shampoo if you can, since it will assist to keep the color in your hair.

  1. Condition

When we color our hair, it gets more delicate, which aids the color’s exit and, as a result, fading occurs. Allow the oils, butter, conditioning polymers, and other moisturizing ingredients found in a good conditioner to help establish a protective barrier, preventing your color from escaping.

  1. Heat Protection

They work – Heat protection sprays, in particular, decrease heat damage by balancing the way the hair heats up. However, they can’t protect your hair from the majority of the damage, so you should still avoid heat styling your hair!

  1. Make Time For Masks

They work – Heat protection sprays, in particular, decrease heat damage by balancing the way the hair heats up. However, they can’t protect your hair from the majority of the damage, so you should still avoid heat styling your hair!

  1. Air dry

We think we know why there’s a blow-dry backlash among the fashion elite. They know that all that heat from blow-dryers, straightening irons, and curling tongs may not only be harmful to the hair but also be causing greater moisture loss and jeopardizing that vibrant color. So follow their lead and apply L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil to damp hair to nourish and add shine, all while protecting your color from the horrors of the hairdryer.

  1. Use filters

UV light from the sun is one of the biggest enemies of long-lasting, vibrant color. Even when the days are dark in the winter, light loves to mess with your hair. So, to show the sun who’s boss, add a UV filter finishing spray to your morning regimen.

  1. Swim smart

Do you recall the stories about chlorine giving colored hair a slimy green color? Chlorine can not only affect your color (though not to green), but it can also speed up the fading process. So, if you’re going to the pool, pre-condition your hair. 

To establish a protective barrier against chemical damage, apply a layer of conditioner to your hair and twist it into a bun. After all, you would have chosen Colorista Spray in Mint if you wanted to be green.

  1. Eat right

Condition, like beauty, begins on the inside, so nourish your hair from the inside out. Omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish like salmon and mackerel strengthen your hair, making it lustrous and robust. Add walnuts for a boost of vitamin E to aid with dry, brittle hair after coloring.

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