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A Complete Guide To Hair Color Removers


Anyone who is into dyeing their hair will most likely be aware of hair color remover but what is it? As the name screams, it is used to color correct and remove hair dye that you want to get rid of. An essential of your Hair Care Routine right? Hair dye disasters tend to happen if you are a DIY enthusiast.

If you are a true scout at heart then you would understand how exhilarating it feels to color your hair. We would be the last people to discourage you from using an at-home hair kit. One little suggestion that we would like to make here is to keep a hair color remover handy in case things go south. These are wonderful concoctions stirred up to correct all our hair dye mistakes and are truly a blessing for people who are new at dyeing their hair. 

When Do You Need Hair Color Remover

hair color remover guide

Dyeing your hair is one of the most fun and exciting things to do. Still, there are occasions where you need a hair color changer for many reasons. If this talk seems gibberish to you up till now, let us explain it in simple words.

Fix Botched Hair Dye Job With Hair Color Remover

Do you have a hair dye tragedy currently? Stay calm and just wash out hair dye. People tend to get panicky when they witness a hair dye job gone wrong but there are ways to fix it. Before we get to that, what counts as a hair color disaster?

  • The dye looks uneven. It can happen due to the unanticipated and uneven distribution of heat from your scalp.
  • You tried to do a balayage but it looks like a Jackson Pollock painting? It is a sad state of affairs and most certainly counts as a hair dye mishap. If you are new at dyeing your hair then it is possible that you were not able to create smooth transitions and dimensions in your hair. 

Change of Color Requires Hair Color Remover

Is the color not what you imagined? Do you despise it? It happens to the best of us and the only way to do away with it is to use hair dye remover. What we see on the box is often different from the hair dye job that we do. Most commonly, the reason is that we are not professionals and are not able to pull off the perfect look. But it is not always our fault! Many a time, the representation of the color on the packaging is completely different from the actual color. You can try to keep the dye and endure it somehow or you can simply wash out hair color.

Undo Your Hair Dye Mistakes With Hair Dye Remover

guide to hair color removers

The solution to your hair dye troubles is a hair color remover but do you know how to wield such a powerful tool? You don’t just wildly start without having a hair color changer at hand. Hair dye removal is an entire process. If not done right, it can land you in a pile of problems, more than you started with. Loosen up as we teach you exactly how to do it.


How To Remove Hair Dye

The exact process of using a hair color changer depends on the brand you are using, the amount of dye in your hair, levels of permanency of the dye, and whether you successfully followed the instructions down to the T or not. Keep in mind that you should follow the instructions that you find inside the package of the hair color remover but we will give you a general idea of the work.

  1. The remover will have two parts- an acid solution and a sulfur-based reducing agent. Mix both of them well.
  2. Apply the mixture immediately to your hair and make sure that you cover every single strand of hair. If the mixture sits out for even a few minutes, it will lose its potency. 
  3. The hair color remover should be left in the hair for around 25 minutes though the time can differ depending on the company that you have opted for.
  4. Once the time is done, immediately rinse the hair. It is optimal to use a clarifying shampoo as that will wash out all the removed dye. You might need to have two to three bouts of clarifying shampoo to make sure that every last bit of the dye has been cleaned out.

Wash Out Hair Color With Remover Is Completely Safe

Out of all the methods of hair dye removal, hair color remover is your safest bet. Other options like bleach or bleach wash have a higher chance of damaging your hair on a deep level. Wash out hair dye is intended to reverse the process of dyeing. Dyeing works because of a little process called oxidization which takes place when you mix in the developer. Hair color changer works opposite of this and does its best to remove the permanent molecules of color in your hair.

Get Your Pick Of The Best Hair Color Removers

hair color remover

There are some good names in the market for hair color remover so which one will you go for? You can always do a quick search on the internet or you can relax and let us do all the work. We have found high-quality hair color changers that will match the permanency of the dye you have on.

Best Hair Color Remover- Temporary Hair Color

Temporary hair dyes do not require high acting removers which is why you should choose Revolution Pro Hair Colour Remover for this job. Have you ever heard of a hair color remover that not only works on your hair but your skin and clothes too? This one does! You can remove dye stains from your skin and clothes with Revolution Pro. For the hair, use it on the end of your hair to remove any dye that has been built-up. The ends are important to focus on because they are the most porous hence retain the most dye. Caution: the hair color remover does contain ammonia so take care not to apply it all over your hair, just on the ends.

Best Hair Color Remover- Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Color Oops Extra Conditioning Hair Color Remover is our pick for semi-temporary hair color and we stand by it. The formula contains moisturizing soy protein and aloe which are two ingredients that have proven to provide hydration to the hair. After you use this remover, you might feel that your hair is a little bit dry but that can be easily solved with hydrating serums and oil. This remover is economical and safe for the hair.

Best Hair Color Remover- Permanent Hair Color

How to remove permanent hair dye? This is a question that has been asked since dyes came into existence. Permanent hair dyes are the hardest to get rid of but there are ways. Use the One ‘n Only Colorfix Hair Color Remover to wash out hair color. The company called one and only and it has shown to be just that. It has three steps to get the job done but it is always recommended to tailor and tweak the steps just a bit according to your needs. Focus on the length of your hair and the density, it will guide you in doing the removal job right. If you are in need of color correction only then mix the formula with your shampoo and it will do wonders.


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