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Fashion Makeup Styles to go with Prom Makeover


Looking for a picture-perfect makeup for your prom? Prom night is the most anticipated event for every high-schooler. There are countless details to work on from dress, hairstyle, and jewelry to flawless makeup styles. Today we are going to share with you some fashion makeup styles to wear that glam look on your prom night. We will focus on eye makeup and will include the flamboyant cut crease, all sparkly look, and out of the box fashion makeup styles.

Basics to the Fashion Makeup Styles

We cannot stress enough the importance of a well-hydrated skin. Smooth skin is the base of flawless makeup. If you don’t follow any skincare routine, do add it to your life. A quick hack for a short notice perfect makeup is to begin your day by toning the face. Get a toner according to your skin type and avoid those which have alcohol in them. The alcohol can make your skin dry and flakey which you don’t want. An alternative is to splash cold water on your face about five times in the morning. This will tighten your face muscles and boost the blood flow in that area to add to your natural glow. Never avoid the moisturizers if you have dry skin. To keep your makeup last long without any patchiness, this is a must! Prime your face 10-15 minutes ahead of beginning your makeup. A bonus tip is to put-on makeup first on your eyes before applying the foundation or anything else. This ensures that if there are any fall-outs, it doesn’t mess up your look. Now let’s see what fashion makeup styles you can opt for your perfect night out.

1) The Bold Cut Crease

A cut crease is so in trend right now in fashion makeup styles. It is perfect to give an extra lift to your eyes. As the name suggests, it’s a technique where you add definition to your crease with contrasting hues. It can give you that glamorous, dolled-up look in no time. All you gotta do is use a darker shade in the crease towards the upward section and a lighter shade on the main eyelid. Once you are done with the darker shades in the crease, put 1-2 drops of your favorite concealer on the eyelid. With the help of a small brush, spread it across the whole eyelid for a full cut crease. But if you wanna try a half-cut crease, spread till the middle area of eyelid and blend the edges with the darker shade in the outer V.


You can try various fashion makeup styles by experimenting with the cut crease. If you have put on some dark and bold colors on the eyes, try on a stark eyeliner to really focus all the attention on your eyes. Or you may wanna line the lower waterline with glitters. This will add dimensions to your makeup. Our favorite style is to keep everything matte and draw a thin sparkly line jin the crease. It looks just so stunning.

2) The Sparkly Look

‘Too much is never enough’ when it comes to glitters. If, like us, you too are a fan of shimmers, its time to go for a sheer sparkly makeover. Try monochrome looks with dewy glitters. Or keep it to soft and romantic shimmers. Highlight the inner corners with flakey glitters to make your eyes look more open as you go with neutral eyes and thick lashes. Make everyone’s jaws drop with sparkly eyeliners and hot lip glosses.

3) Vivid Fashion Makeup Styles

With makeup, there are no rules. As long as it makes you feel confident, your makeup is good to go. Never hold back on experimenting with your palettes. Try out vivid and quirky looks and go extra on your special night out. Try out multidimensional graphic eyeliners to stand out. They surely are the next big thing. Add colors to your eyebrows with highly pigmented eyeshadows and lock everything with brow gel. Complement your look with high impact highlighters. Don’t stay basic when you can totally rock by going wild and utterly bold!

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