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Eyeshadow Tips To Step Up Your Eye Makeup Game


Mastering eye makeup and achieving desired results could be challenging as it’s the toughest part of the makeup application process. So many steps and so many products working concurrently could lead to a mess if you’re not an expert. But don’t freak out if you’re new to this because we got you covered with these smart eyeshadow tips and hacks. Let the eyeshadow hacks do their magic and apply shadows like a pro and create a flawless look.

Besides, these easy-to-do hacks and tips are great if you want to try something new or artistic. Experiment with your eye makeup and step into the creative territory by using these eyeshadow hacks next time you apply your eyeshadows. Here’s the list of a few eyeshadow tips for you to level up your eye makeup game.

Smooth It With Perfect Brushes

The right tools are the key. The application process becomes much easier once you have found the perfect brushes. Because the smoother the process gets, the perfect the results are. The simple application of eye makeup could employ at least 6 different brushes. The most basic ones that you are required to have to create a look that you desire include:

  • A large shadow brush to sweep on the highlighter
  • A precision shadow brush pay with pigments
  • A fluffy blending shadow brush for a perfect finish

The brushes are indeed your saviors. The right ones though. Get yourself a set of brushes that are handy. Give different brushes a go till you come across a perfect ones. You are good to go once you have discovered your go-to brushes.


Primer Is A Must

The only difference between an amateur and an expert is of practice and the use of smart tips. The smart tips take you from beginner to expert provided you employ them every time you put on makeup. Primer is a must when it comes to eye makeup. It is one of the most important eyeshadow tips. This is what keeps your shadow from falling off. Priming your eyes first thing before you apply shadows prevent them from creasing. Want your eye makeup to last longer and don’t know what to do? Don’t fret because the primer is what you are looking for. Definitely your friend in need! Setting your primer with a powder is the hack. It gives your products a solid grip and works wonders specifically for cream eyeshadows.

Make A Smart Choice With The Type Of Eyeshadows

With tons of options of different colors and textures available, it’s super easy to get carried away. The variety of options can boggle your mind and that’s where you need to work. Knowing when and where to use the right products is the ultimate answer to the sublime eye makeup look. One wrong decision can spoil the whole look. There are many kinds of eyeshadows out there but not everyone fits every occasion. Know what suits best at any particular occasion and go for it to slay your look.

  • Pressed eyeshadows are used commonly and are great for blending a variety of shades.
  • Loose eyeshadows or glitters are your go-to shadows to create a glamorous look. They are tricky to handle but with practice, you can have a killer finish with a pop of glint on your lid.
  • Cream eyeshadows make a wonderful base for powder eyeshadows. Cream shadows are the best you have to create a solid single-color coverage.

Pick Your Shades Wisely

Always make sure that the eyeshadow shades you pick, complement your eye color. Different eye colors vibe uniquely against distinct shades. Blues eyes, for instance, look amazing with bronze shades. Shades like purple, midnight blue, and slate greys make them look brighter and more electric. Rock your green eyes with expresso brown ann plummy colors. The dark eyes are greatly versatile and can subtly rock just any color. Colors like black, plums, all shades of pink and blue look insane on dark eyes. This sure is one of the great eyeshadow tips that you must keep in mind when you do your eye makeup.

Eyeshadows As Brow Powder

Ran out of your brow powder? Fret not for your eyeshadows are your rescuer. Brows define your final look so they have to look on point. The black and the brown shades in your eyeshadow palette can work as an eyebrow filler when needed. Use an angled brush for the job and there you go! Undoubtedly, it’s one of the coolest eyeshadow tips one can ask for.

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