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Eyeshadow Hacks To Apply Eye Makeup Professionally


Putting on eye makeup can be daunting, especially for the beginners. But to be honest it’s not rocket science. All you need is a few eyeshadow hacks and knowledge of techniques employed to get a professional look. There are a few basic eyeshadow tips that you need to master to get defined makeup. Here are some eyeshadow hacks to help you nail your eye makeup every time.

Eyeshadow Hacks For Beginners

One of the key eyeshadow tips is that before you put anything on the eyelids, get your brows done. By doing so you will have a definite shape and clean area to work on. People may ignore this, but this is the first step of professional makeup artists usually. Having the brows done already are especially helpful if you wanna do the trendy cut crease or basic cat-eye.

The next tip would be priming your eyes properly. Now we say properly because people sometimes ignore the fact that not every product is for every skin type. Know the type of your skin (sensitive, dry, oily) and get the primer accordingly. For example, if you have greasy eyelids, you should use a silicone-based primer to repel sweat and oils. Water-based primers are best for dry skins. Now a handy tip would be ‘let your primer set. Don’t dive right into the eyeshadow application after applying the primer. Give it a few minutes to settle in. You can also use a good concealer to prime the eyes. It has one advantage that it covers all the redness or puffiness and makes the eyes more open. If you don’t use concealer, try it and it is gonna work magic. One of the important eyeshadow hacks here is that bake the concealer with some translucent powder. This is a must! It will mattify and even out the base which is perfect for blending. Skipping this step means you will have a tacky surface to which shades will stick and won’t blend out properly.

One of the biggest eyeshadow hacks to get a total pro look is to use the right tools. You don’t want a pack of 12-24 brushes necessarily. Just get a nice and firm flat brush for packing the colors on eyelids and a good quality blending brush. Use the blending brush to put transition shade in the crease and to blend out everything. With the flat brush, pack the main colors on the eyelid.


The eyeshadow hacks with which you can master the basic makeup look is to sort out colors before getting started. Take any of your favorite palettes and decide that on which color you want to work. Accordingly, decide a transition shade which should be lighter in hue than the major one. Third, select a highlighting shade for the main eyelid. If you don’t have any shimmery shadow in your palette, then the next one of our favorite eyeshadow hacks is just for you. Grab your face highlighter instead and use a damp brush to intensify the glow. Then pack it in the center of your eyelid.

The biggest struggle for beginners is applying the darker shades. One quick tip is that don’t pack in a lot of products. Begin by tapping off the excess shade on the brush to prevent fall-outs. Build the color and intensity gradually. This will give you more control. One of the eyeshadow hacks if the shade gets darker than you intended is, blend in some translucent powder. It will lighten the color and blend everything really smooth.

The next best thing about eye makeup after the shadows is eyeliner. Now if you don’t have an eyeliner (especially if you want a different colored one), use the next tip. One of our quick eyeshadow hacks is to scrape off a little bit of eyeshadow and mix is with ‘mixing medium by MAC. Once combined there you will have a customized eyeliner.

With these eyeshadow hacks create flawless neutral to dark eyeshadow looks like a total pro. Ready to elevate your eye makeup game now?!

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