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Makeup Tips For Different Eye Shapes


When you look at various bloggers creating makeup masterpieces, what comes to your mind? Do you ever think that your favorite makeup blogger may fail? Of course not. No matter how quickly they work, or which products they use, they always end up creating a great eye makeup look that suits their eyes. Although these guys have great practice and are professionals, there is something else that ensures their success. A makeup blogger is aware of their eye shapes. 

You can be just like them. If you are not satisfied with your daily eye makeup styles, chances are that you are not doing it right. Just like other parts of your body, there are a lot of different eye types as well. Therefore, to understand better, here are the various types of eye shapes. 

3 Types Of Eye Shapes

Every human being is dissimilar from each other. Even the members of the same family can have separate features. The best example of this is the eyes. Eyes can differ from person to person. Not only in color, but in shapes and sizes. Understanding more about this topic can help you in identifying the eye shape types you need. Thus, here are some of the eye shapes you need to know about. 

1- Almond Eyes Shapes

Almond eyes are mostly described as bright, large, and ideal as far as eye shapes go. The reason why people call this type of eye shape the almond eyes is that they look like an almond laid on its side. Just like an almond, this eye shape’s outer part is larger, while the inner corners are narrower. 

The almond eye type is a famous eye shape because you can try a lot of makeup styles on it. Almond eyes are almost proportionate. Often people think that the Asian eyes makeup and the almond eyes makeup can are the same to some extent. 

You should know that the eye shape has nothing to do with the position of the eye. The almond eye shapes are so famous, that they are usually used in animated films. These types of eyes are often seen as sensual and sultry. 

There is one problem with almond eyes as well. People with almond eyes may have wrinkles at the corners of their eyes and your eyes may seem sleepy. 

2- Round Eyes Shapes

Round eyes are often considered childlike. The Round eyes are round in the center and the corner. Due to this, round eyes may appear larger than the other eye shapes. Round eyes are not completely round! They still have an inner and outer corner. Round eyes are mostly associated with kids. 

A round eye will have more girth at the center and a natural narrowing near the inner and outer corners. The best thing about these eyeshadow shapes is that they can make you look more awake, more alert, and younger. 

Yet, round eyes can give away age as well. They can also have puffiness under them that may make your eyes look tired. 


3- Monolid Eyes Shapes

Monolid eyes are another shape of eyes that is normally associated with those of Asian descent. Monolid eyes have a natural double lid look. This means that the monolid eyes have a crease in the socked of the eye. Then the brow bone in these eyes is lifted. Due to this, you can see the mobile eyelid. 

This super effect can create an appearance of a visible eyelid shape. You can put eyeliner, eyeshadow, and the works on. 

When the brow comes down to meet the lash line, then a small portion of the eyelid is visible. To avoid this, you can use eyelid tape to help make the lid more visible and appear more bigger. You can also create an illusion of a double eyelid. People with monolid eyes will show age faster. 

Makeup Designs For Different Eye Shapes

Eye shapes Makeup Designs

Each eye shape has its type of eye shape makeup. But, mostly the procedure is the same to some extent. Therefore, here is a list of different eye styles you might have interest in. 

  • Brown and Gold Soft Eye Makeup
  • Soft Smokey Eye
  • Gold Festive Eyes
  • Defined-Crease Smokey Eye
  • The Simple Day-Look
  • Deep Blue Eyeshadow
  • Rose Gold Eyes
  • Plum Smokey Eye
  • Blue Winged Liner
  • Simple Kohl-Lined Smokey Eye

Makeup Tips For Round Eye Shapes

Round Eye Shapes Makeup

Round eyes are among the most famous and mesmerizing eye shape types in the world. But, this does not mean that the rounder eyes makeup is easy. That is why here are a few steps that can make the round eye makeup easier for you. 

1- Always Blend Outwards

When you do eye makeup for round eyes, you need to add some length. Adding length can help in balancing out the width in round eyes. You should blend the eyeshadow outwards towards the tail of the brow. This way you can add dimensions.

2- Work The Shadow In A Gradient

If you want to create an elongated outer eye, you should start with the lightest shade at the tear duct. This will help in opening up the eye. After this, you should gradually intensify the shadow until you have reached the outer corner. 

3- Keep the Lower Lash Line Subtle

To do a round eyes makeup, you need to accentuate the outer corners and the top lash line. Therefore, you should keep the lower lash line a bit simpler. Therefore, you should always use a soft shadow. 

4- Highlight Strategically

The next step is to highlight the brow bone and the inner corners of your eye. This way, you can create the illusion of a larger eye because the highlighter will draw out the diagonal points of the eye. 

5- Know How To Avoid A ‘Cute’ Eye

People often consider round eyes as cute. If you are going for round eye makeup, then this is great. Yet, if you want something that is a little sexier than an intense, smokey eye is the best and easiest way. You should use a power shade around your inner eye, and a darker shade around the outer corner of your eye. Now, extend the shadow into an angular cat-eye. Then use a dark shadow to smoke out the lower lash line. You should start from the outer third.

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