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29 Best Dread Hairstyles for Men in 2022


The dreadlocks are among the best hairstyles black men can go for. They are both modern and cool, the dreadlocks can be created both short and long, with a taper fade or an undercut on both the sides as well as the back. 

Whether you are faded, braided, or a mohawk fan, men can choose so many hairstyles that you will be full of various options. Thus, today’s Makeup Scout brings to you the complete guide that includes numerous dreadlock styles for men. Thys, here we go. 

Best Dread Hairstyles For Men

1. Fade with Dreads

Looking to take your hairstyle to a whole new level? Take the dreads and the fade side by side. Just choose the style of fade that you want. Besides, it is completely up to you to decide how long or short you are looking to have the dreads.

Fade with Dreads

2. Dreads with Fade

Dreads on top of a high fade on the sides can seem edgy and trendy. For black males who work in professional environments, the best style is to go for the low fade as it is a more clean cut. A temp fade or a mid-taper could be the best option for striking a classic look. To get a more unique look, you can also ask your barber or the hairstylist to guide you. 

Dreads with FadeThe faded dreads are a great option and they come in various styles. To get a cool and handsome look, black males can go for long and short dreadlocks alongside a fade. You can grow a thick beard and get a lineup of sharp, crisp lines along your hairline to get a real macho look.

3. Cornrows and Dreadlocks for Men

The combination of dreadlocks and cornrows can create tunning dread hairstyles for men. The haircut of this stunning black dude is immediately noticeable. Besides, these dreadlocks styles for men work as a protective barrier for the hair. 

Cornrows and Dreadlocks for Men

4. Taper Fade and Short Dreads Style

The combination of a taper fade and short to medium dreads, rather than long ones, has grown increasingly popular in recent years. Just look and appreciate how effectively a side taper fade can help in getting the mid-length dreadlocks out. 

Taper Fade and Short Dreads Style

5. Wavy Dread Styles for Men

Wavy dreadlocks are among the best dreadlock hairstyles for men. They provide a completely different look as well as add volume to the hair too. The ones below are long and tamed, with a beachy mood that is appropriate for all seasons.

Wavy Dread Styles for Men.jpg

6. Long Dreadlock Styles for Men in Top Knot Style

Starting with long hair makes getting dreadlocks a lot easier, and it also opens up a world of styling possibilities. Therefore, wherever you go, whether it’s your workplace or a fun event for the evening, such hairstyles should be always welcome, because they provide you the best look you can go for.

Long Dreadlock Styles for Men in Top Knot Style

7. Trendy Dread Styles for Men

These tangled dreads are very stunning. In this case, the twists are made to be very thin and are paired with a few emphasized dreads. Allow them to fall naturally or gather them into a high ponytail. A mid fade completes the look below, providing a beautiful transition to the facial hair. For guys who want to look cool, this is a terrific hairdo.

Trendy Dread Styles for Men

8. Bohemian Dread Styles for Guys

Some guys choose to dress in a hippy or bohemian style, like Lenny Kravitz in this shot. Men’s dreadlocks designs should be lengthy and very thick to emphasize your outstanding fashion choice.

Bohemian Dread Styles for Guys

9. High Top Dreads

For guys who think that short hair and a fade haircut are the best options, going for the high-top trends is a great choice. A clean, sleek hairstyle with dreadlocks is a high-top fade with strands left loose and unkempt on the top of the head.

These dread styles for men can be created without a real effort and need extremely low maintenance. While most people associate high-top locks with short dreads, the style can also be worn with medium to long dreads.

High Top Dreads

You should simply tie the dreadlocks into a simple ponytail and get the hair braided to get a proper and fashionable look. By dyeing the tips, mixing them with a lineup, or creating a hair design with meticulous styling, you may add a little funk to this look.

10. Twisted Dreadlocks Styles for Men

Add some new hair color to those twisted dreadlocks to make them even more fascinating. The almost caramel brown secondary hue enhances the intriguing crisscross-like style of the locks and creates a unique look.

Twisted Dreadlocks Styles for MenWhile the style is usually described as a short side, long top haircut, it can be styled with short, medium, or long dreads. Pull your longer undesired hair into a ponytail or leave your short hair on top unkempt and loose.

You should push the dreads forward to create a ponytail that would sit on top of the head or which falls across the forehead to get more flair. 

11. Dread Mohawk

A trendy and edgy variant of the style is the dread mohawk. These dread hairstyles for guys are the current go-to hairstyle for guys. Just mix the cool dreads with a mohawk fade to produce a unique look. An undercut, a taper fade, or a shaved side is essential to creating a dreadlock mohawk.

Dread Mohawk While the style is usually described as a short side, long top haircut, it can be styled with short, medium, or long dreads. Pull your longer undesired hair into a ponytail or leave your short hair on top unkempt and loose.

12. Loose Half Updo

These extra-long dreadlocks are incredible. Just grab a few dreads from both sides and weave them around each other so that you can create a loose men’s “updo” to get a low-key hairdo that will keep the hair out of your face.

Loose Half Updo

13. Black Dread Space Buns

We used to believe that only women could pull off the space bun style. However, black males with their short dreadlocks fastened in two space buns are just as hot and stylish. If you want to replicate the “spikiness” above, don’t make them too tight. Create these best dreadlock hairstyles for guys with ease in no time.

Black Dread Space Buns

14. Short Layered Dreads

This attractive shape is created by layering on a short dreadlock haircut for males. Because you can build a lot of dreads that nicely display thick hair, these short dreadlocks styles for men are great for those with thick hair.

Short Layered Dreads

15. Hippie Wrapped Dreads

These long thick dreadlocks hairstyles for men with colorful hair wraps are the perfect option for you if you like the color and a boho or the hippie hairstyle. Choose your favorite colors – in this case, hot tie-dye – then wrap only a couple of the dreads in small pieces.

Hippie Wrapped Dreads

16. Dreads with Bandana Headband

If you’ve read our post on different types of headbands, you already know that a bandana headband may be a terrific addition to a short dreadlock haircut for men. With light-colored hair, this vivid blue one appears quite attractive.

Dreads with Bandana Headband

17. Dyed Dreads

Hair dye and dreadlocks in men’s hair are two different things, but when they’re mixed, they create a trendy aesthetic. If you want to open up the hair cuticles before you lock the dreads, just bleach the hair. If the hair is already dreadlocked, however, apply oil treatments to keep it from drying out and to strengthen it. 

Dyed Dreads

18. Twisted Dreadlocks

The twisted dreadlocks are another great dread hairstyle for men. So, try adding some criss-cross twists to your men’s dreadlocks to give them a little more style. These short dreads styles for guys would be much better if you dyed a few strands that were added to provide extra color and creativity to the style.

Twisted Dreadlocks Styles for Men

19. Viking-Style Dreadlocks

Viking-style dreadlock male hairstyles are ideal if you desire a rugged, cool, and bold appearance. With these locks, you have a lot of styling options. The most popular haircut is the undercut. For varied looks, you can also use a hair tie or a hair band.

Viking-Style Dreadlocks.jpg

20. Dreadlocks Full Bun With Skin Fade

Dreads styles for men work well with man buns or full buns. Using a hair tie, gather your dreads at the crown of your head. On the sides, you can either go for the bald fade or the skin fade. Your barber may shave your sides to give you a more youthful appearance. You can also consider adding a beard and a surgical line to your design if you want to add a personal touch.

Dreadlocks Full Bun With Skin Fade

21. Disconnected Dreadlock With Man Bun

A detached undercut can be worn with a dread hairstyle for men. This high-contrast aesthetic is edgy, fashionable, and seductive. In these types of dread styles, putting the hair up is perhaps a wonderful idea. You are free to release a few locks as well.

DisconnectDreadlock With Man Bun

22. Thick Rastafarian Dreadlock Styles

The dreads in this dreadlock style are thick. As a result, if you don’t care about your twists, tangled and frizzy hair can be your worst nightmare. Jason Momoa and other well-known men wear this look. It’s strong, appealing, and masculine. The Rastafarian dreadlock hairstyle may be ideal for you if you want to try a new lengthy haircut.

Thick Rastafarian Dreadlock Styles

23. Short Dreads

The most common variant of appearance is short dreadlocks. Although men mostly think sling dreadlocks are the key to opening up the gates of “handsomeness”, short dreadlocks are perhaps a more versatile and sophisticated approach. 

Short DreadsThese short hair dread styles for men begin with an undercut or a taper fade haircut. The appearance is low-maintenance and simple to style because of the shortcut. You can either let your locks untidy and spiky or use a product to tug strands into place for a cleaner look.

The look will be more polished and refined if you keep the dreads tight while keeping the locks loose will give you a more relaxed vibe. Short dreads look great with thick, groomed beards or heavy stubble.

24. Long Dreads

The long dread hairstyles for guys are among the most traditional approaches. The current variant, on the other hand, is very different from the classic flowing long dreadlocks. The majority of the men these days go for lengthy dreadlocks with a fade on the sides. 

Long Dreads

Long dread hairstyles also provide you with a lot of styling options. Guys can now go for high tops with long dreads, this also depends on how long they want to retain their locks. 

On the other hand, if you want your hair to be as long as American rapper Offset’s, you should let it flow freely, draw it back into a ponytail, or push it to the side for an asymmetric side part.

25. Side Part Dreads

Men’s side-parted dread styles will not only help their hair grow in a healthy form, but they will also add volume to their hair because it is one of the most elegant looks. The haircut would be better if the dreads were longer. If the side portion of the hair just sounds bland, an undercut can be added to look like an additional edge.

Side Part Dreads

26. Edgy Dread Hairstyle

This outfit is ideal for formal events such as weddings, fashion presentations, and even themed photo shoots. It provides the person with more sophistication and a boost to their personality, as the hairdo talks louder than the clothing.

Edgy Dread Hairstyle

27. Comb Back Dreadlocks

If you have medium-length dreads, this hairstyle is for you. The hair is combed back in this haircut. This dreadlock look is also accompanied by a scruffy beard. The fading sides give it a contemporary feel. This style has become increasingly fashionable among guys in recent years.

Comb Back Dreadlocks

28. Dreadlocks With Pigtails

When dreadlocks are mixed with a pigtail, the result is a marginal hairdo. If you’re a man who enjoys trying new things, you’ll love this look. For pigtails, divide your dreads into two halves and bind with an elastic. That’s all there is to it.

Dreadlocks With Pigtails

29. Dreadlocks With Hair Color

This colored locks alternative may be a different style potion for you if you enjoy short hairstyles. The curls in this hairdo have dyed a variety of hues to give it a unique look. It also works well with fading variations, we might say.

Dreadlocks With Hair Color

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are The Three Types of Dreadlocks?

The three types of Dreadlocks are: 

  • Freeform locs
  • Two strands twist dreads
  • Interlocking locs

2. Is There A Difference between Dreads And Locs?

There is a great difference between the two. One is a hairstyle, while the other one is the lifestyle of certain people. You can cultivate the locs, but not the dreadlocks. 

3. How Long Do Dreads Last?

Although this depends on your hair texture and style, the standard time for which the dreads might last can be around three to six months. To start the locs, there are a number of hairstyles that you guys can pull off, these include:

  • Braids
  • Two-strand twists
  • Comb coils
  • Palm rolls

Final Words

Dreadlocks for guys are extremely helpful. They improve one’s hair look and provide you with complete confidence. Besides, there is a huge range of hairstyles that you guys can pull off to get the best hairstyle. Thus, above are the best dreadlocks that you guys can go for. 

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