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Cut Crease Makeup Tutorials For Beginners


Cut crease eye makeup has been a darling ever since it first came into fashion. It has become a part of the makeup routines of almost all makeup lovers. No matter if it is everyday makeup or a soft glam evening look, the cut crease makeup is the way to go. Here, we are going to talk about everything that you need to know about the cut crease eyes. But before getting into how to do a cut crease makeup, we need to define what is a cut crease. 

What Is Cut Crease Makeup

A cut crease makeup is the one in which you get to define the crease of the eye. Now you may wonder what does crease means. The crease means the line on the eyelids that forms when you open your eyes. The method adopted usually is to put light eyeshadow on the main eyelid and darker shades above the crease to define the crease. Simple, right? Well, it really isn’t that simple, for it involves a lot of techniques to create the perfect cut.

Cut crease makeup is actually fun to do and looks super cute on all eyes. But it requires a bit of technique and the right to products to do it. Otherwise, all the shades can mix up and create a lot of mess. Therefore, before you learn how to do a cut crease, you need to have a command on the basic eye makeup. 

Basics Of Perfect Cut Crease Makeup

cut crease

Have you ever looked at a perfect cut crease makeup and wondered how much effort went into creating it? Well, let me tell you that when it comes to even the simple eye makeup, a lot goes into it. You need to figure out the eye shape, get your hands on the right products, apply the shades in the right order, and so on. This is what makes doing a cut crease makeup a bit of a job for some, but ladies fret not when we are here to help. 

Let’s first talk about some of the basics of eyeshadows. Then we will move on to how to do a cut crease, followed by a few tips that you need to mind to create a perfect cut crease makeup. Without further ado, let’s talk about business.

The first and most important thing that you need to do is to prime your eyes. It is specifically mandatory when it comes to the cut crease eyeshadow application. To get the beautiful eye crease, you need the eyeshadows to stick properly to the lid. The way to do it is to prime the eyes.

The primer helps the shades stick better. Also, the primer really intensifies the pigmentation, which helps define the crease. Moreover, the primer is always required if you want to get finely blended eyeshadows. 

The next thing you need to take care of is to select the proper brushes. There are a lot of cheap brushes available in the market, but if you want to know how to do a cut crease perfectly, let us tell you that it is done through the right brushes. So it is recommended to get a professional set of makeup brushes. 

The makeup brushes you get doesn’t need to be excessively pricey. But quality-wise it should be good. The bristles should be dense and soft. Keeping in view these things, the best makeup brushes available in the market, in our opinion, are Morphe’s makeup brushes. They are affordable and really good.

The third most important thing that accounts for a nicely done cut crease makeup is the choice of the eyeshadow palette. The brand you use basically specifies how your makeup will turn out. For the cut crease makeup, you need vibrant eyeshadows with good pigmentation. Before buying any palette, search how long does eyeshadow last for that particular palette? Also, get a palette that has a quality formula so that you get perfectly blended eyeshadows in your cut crease. 

With these things taken care of, all you need to learn now is how to do a cut crease makeup. Well, you can find various cut crease tutorials on the internet. So we are not going to talk about that. Rather, we have come up with certain tricks and tips to master the cut crease makeup. 

A Cut Crease Makeup 101

To do a cut crease makeup, you need to apply a light base on the lid and define the crease with a darker shade on its upper part. The best way to do a full or half cut crease is to start with the transition shade just above the crease. Then define the crease with a darker shade. Make sure you have blended eyeshadows. Then go on to create a light eyelid base with the concealer set with a little translucent powder. Finish the cut crease makeup with a liner, mascara, and tight lining. 


Now that you know the basics of how to do a cut crease makeup, it is time for some tips to help you become a pro at doing both full and half cut crease eye makeup looks. So here are some tips that you may find helpful the next time you are struggling to do a perfect cut crease. 

  • Always begin with a dark transition shade and go for the darker shades to define the crease. 
  • Always use a small brush for darker eyeshadows for more control. Instead of taking too much product, try building the shade.
  • Draw a crease a little above your natural crease when doing a cut crease for hooded eyes. 
  • To get blended eyeshadows, hold your brush far away from the bristle end. This helps with keeping a soft hand, which ensures smooth blending. 
  • Don’t over blend. Or you will end up with mixed shades. Just blend at the edges for a smooth cut crease makeup.
  • Apply the concealer with a small brush to create the full or half cut crease. Always set it with translucent powder, lest everything will smudge. 
  • If you want to do a glitter cut crease makeup, do not set the concealer with powder. Rather apply shimmers directly on top of it.
  • Make sure that your cut crease line and eyeliner are parallel as they extend outside the eye. This gives a more sophisticatedly symmetrical makeup look. 

Best Brands For Cut Crease Makeup

As we have mentioned earlier, the products that you use to create your makeup look have a great impact on how your makeup turns out. There is a saying in Asia that the more sugar you put in, the sweeter the outcome is. So it is time that you invest your money into buying the best makeup products to get quality results.

We know that it is a difficult task to choose the best yet affordable brands when standing in front of all those beautiful makeup shelves in Sephora or any other makeup shop for that matter. But fret not, for we are here to sort things out for you and present you with some affordable options. Here is a product by product list of brands that you should try:

1. Primer

cut crease makeup

Primer is the soul of any makeup. The best eye primer based on expert recommendation is ‘the Nars pro prime smudge proof’ eyeshadow base. But if you are looking for some more options, you can also try the Sigma eyeshadow base primer or the Elf primer. Both these are really good brands with superb results. 

2. Eye Shadow Palette

The eyeshadow palette that you use for your cut crease makeup needs to be the best of the best. The better your eyeshadows are (in terms of formula and pigmentation), the better it is going to be the results. Our favorite eyeshadow palettes for doing a cut crease eye makeup are Huda Beauty Nude Palette or the Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette by Morphe. If you want to know about more palettes or find out more about eyeshadow palettes, then you may also check our whole blog written on the 5 Best Eyeshadow Palette Of 2020.

3. Concealer

how to do cut crease makeup

The type of concealer that you use to create the full or the half cut crease eye makeup look needs to be very good. It needs to be of perfect consistency, which is also easily blendable. Plus, your concealer needs to be opaque so that you don’t have to do layering, which is a big NO-NO for a cut crease makeup. The best in our view is the Nars soft matte complete concealer. 

Now, if you don’t want to go for a concealer and are looking for a softer cut crease makeup look, then we would recommend you to use a nude eyeshadow from your favorite palette. However, remember that the cut crease done with the eyeshadow will not be that defined as will be the one done with the concealer. 

Strictly talking about the makeup products required to do a cut crease makeup, these are all. Now let’s go on and discuss the various cut crease looks that you can try. 

Cut Crease Makeup Styles In 2021

There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to doing the cut crease makeup. There is the 60s eye makeup; the nude eyeshadow look with cut crease, the double/ multiple cut creases, the half cut crease, base crease liner look, the cut crease for hooded eyes, etc. 

Talking about the 60s eye makeup, the twiggy cut crease (named after the famous English model dame Lesley in the sixties) was the most prominent eye makeup look. The 60s eye makeup highlighting features were the dark crease, nude eyeshadow looks on the lids, and the thick black cat liner complemented with aa black pencil in the waterline and tight line. This full cut crease makeup look is once again the talk of the town, and you definitely got to try it. 

In the double cut crease makeup look, there are two creases made with the makeup. Likewise, there are more than two creases drawn on the lid in the multiple cut crease eye makeup look. Both these looks are super dramatic. 

The half-cut crease is usually popular with the glamorous evening makeup looks. The half-cut crease is made out of shimmers for evening makeup. This sparkly makeup is a go-to look for anyone going out on a date. 

Well, as we always say, that when it comes to eye makeup (or the makeup in general), there are no boundaries. It is all about experimenting with different looks and figuring out what you like. The same goes for cut crease makeup looks. What you need to be, however, care about is that you choose the right products if you want your makeup look to turn out to be flawless. 

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