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16 Gorgeous Bridesmaid Hairstyles Ideas


To many many people, bridesmaid hairstyles seem like a piece of cake but there are many intricacies to it. It needs to match their dresses, the theme of the wedding and of course, the bridesmaid should love it too. Gone are the days of making bridesmaid suffer because of their dresses and bridesmaid hair.

The hairstyle for the wedding party is very important. It sets the tone of how each person in the party looks and since bridesmaids are the glue that holds it all together, we will be exploring 16 amazing options for them.

When there are so many bridesmaid hair ideas, which one of them should you choose? It is a bit out there but we believe that every bridesmaid should have their unique hairstyle.

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French Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Wedding

French Bridesmaid Hairstyles

We love everything French so bear with us and see how beautiful you look in these bridesmaid wedding hairstyles.

1. Chignon

Many brides are deciding on a minimalistic and elegant look for a hairstyle for the wedding party. Hence, for our first idea, we love a little chignon wrapped neatly around the nape of the bridesmaid sprinkled in with the flower that sits well with the theme of the party.

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2. French Twist

We openly admit that French twist is one of our favorite French things. It can be done on any length of the hair because what you need to do is scoop all your hair and twist it at the back of your head. It is a wedding so bring out two thick strands of hair at the front of your face and curl and style them well.

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Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Short Hair

People who say that short hair on a bridesmaid is a disaster are the same people who love ruining everything good in this world. 

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3. Pixie Cut Styling

Short hair offers the perfect opportunity to be chic and gutsy at the wedding. For bridesmaid hairstyles in pixie cuts, the bridesmaid can just style it well as Penny did in The Big Bang Theory for her wedding.

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4. Stick To The Natural Look

We love any bridesmaid who defies every traditional bridesmaid hair idea and straightens her short and just goes with it. That is a whole look in itself and we root for such brave and beautiful souls.

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5. Become The Queen Of Accessories

Do you know how to make the best bridesmaid hairstyle? Pick out the flowers chosen for the wedding and use them to accessorize your short hair. Use a big statement clip that goes along with the theme of the wedding. This look goes well with straight, curly, or wavy hair.


Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Long Hair

What can’t you do with long hair? We had the most fun thinking up and observing wedding hairstyles for long hair because the options are endless.

Curls and braids, each on their look lovely so just imagine what will happen if you were to combine the both of them?

6. Waterfall Braid

For wedding hair braided, any bridesmaid with long hair would love absolutely smashing in a waterfall braid. The bonus is that it can be done with dead straight hair or you can curl it and let those locks flow for your perfect hair care routine.

7. High Bun With Crown Braid

If your bridesmaid loves people looking at her then suggest she go for a high bun that is topped with a crown braid. It will be possible for people with long hair and adds height to the overall wedding look.

8. Vintage Curls

Any bride or bridesmaid here who loves vintage curls for bridesmaid hairstyles? We stand behind it because if the dress is right, large vintage curls would brighten up the whole look. After all, long hair in vintage curls beats every other ‘do.

9. Barrel Curls With Center Parting

The list of bridesmaid hairstyles never ends and barrel curls with a center parting are just one more addition to the wedding hairstyles for medium hair. If you can usually pull off a center parting any other day of the week then this hairstyle is for you.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Medium Hair Length

Most of the bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair can be done for medium-length hair too but we want to switch it up a notch with our wedding hairstyles for medium hair.

10. Messy Bun

Steps and layers can be difficult to put up for smooth updos for long hairs, so why not abandon the smooth look and opt for a messy bun? The trick is to curl your hair and proceed with the messy bun and you will see that it will be the hairstyle for the wedding party.

11. Curls Behind One Ear

One of the easiest bridesmaids hairstyles is to curl your medium length hair. Gather all your hair on one side of your head and pin it behind your hair using a few bobby pins. The last step is to hide the pins with a thick strand of hair.

12. Hair All Slicked Back

If the theme of the wedding is modern then you can choose to venture into the edgy side of bridesmaid hairstyles. Slick back all your hair using the best products to last you through the entire event. It would look better if you keep your jewelry to the minimum.

Bridesmaid Hair Ideas For Casual Looks

Bridesmaid Hair Ideas For Casual Looks

Casual looks do not need to be lazy hence we have engineered and dug up a few casual bridesmaid hairstyles that are guaranteed to look good on anyone.

13. Textured Ponytail

We love to everyone following one hairstyle for the wedding party and for that, there is the textured ponytail hairstyle. Everyone looks good in it and it is outright fashionable. Curl your long hair and put it in a high ponytail. See, this hairstyle is not only eye-fetching but simple enough to do.

14. Top Knot

Top knots are the current hairstyle trend in 2021 so switch it over to your wedding by officially making it one of the bridesmaid hairstyles and see how your bridesmaids look in it. It would look smashing with sparkling big accessories.

15. Flowers Behind One Hear

Say Aloha to one of the most exotic bridesmaid hairstyles! Simply choose a statement flower and ask every bridesmaid of yours to wear it behind one ear. It would look a bit uncoordinated if all the bridesmaids chose to wear the flower on different sides so instruct them to stick to one ear only.

16. Looped Through Ponytail

Another of our casual bridesmaid hairstyles is a ponytail that is looped through itself once or twice and can come under wedding hairstyles for long hair as it balances the long tresses beautifully.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles Gets Plenty Attention

Is the bridesmaid hairstyles really that important? Does anyone concentrate on bridesmaid hair? We urge you not to slack on it because all those snobby relatives whose job it is to judge the entire wedding, focus on every aspect which includes the bridesmaid’s hair. One way around is to dig deeper into our bridesmaid hairstyles and homecoming hairstyles.

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