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Top 10 Black Anime Characters Makeup Looks


We all know that creating the right anime makeup look is not easy. Especially if you are trying to create your favorite anime character. When you are trying to create the perfect anime character, I would recommend you follow the right steps. Particularly if you are going for the black anime characters.

To help you guys out, I have written the best black anime characters you guys can go for. So, here are some of the best black anime characters you can create.

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Best Black Anime Characters Makeup Looks

1) Michiko Malandro

This character is among the best and is one of the best characters you can create for an anime makeup look. If you are looking to create the perfect anime character look, you must go for this one.

The Michiko Malandro is an Alfro-Latina that has a design based on the Great and famous R&B Singer Aaliyah. Just like this character has done everything to get close to its love, by creating the look, you can also get the willpower to get close to your loved ones.

Besides, this character is among the prettiest characters in the anime world. You can also become prettier by going for this character.

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Black Anime Characters

2) Bob Makhira

The Bob Makhira satisfies the name it is given. This character is perhaps the most wanted anime makeup look you guys have ever seen. You can create this magnificent black anime character by following the right anime makeup tips.

The Bob Makhira character has incredible strength and can get into the rhythm of the fight through the capoeira skills. By going for this black anime character, you can also show your power and might in front of your friends.

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Black Anime Characters

3) Claudia Lasalle

This Black anime character Female is the Leonardo Di Caprio of the 1980s Anime world. Now, thanks to makeup scout, you can create this black anime character makeup look. This makeup look ensures that you look the best among your friends.

The Claudia Lasalle character is a key character that runs the bridge of the original Macross Series. Although she is not the main character, she is still the people’s favorite. You can be the favorite of the people as well. All you need to do is to go for this black anime character female look. This way, you can create the fan’s favorite look in just a few touches.

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Black Anime Characters

4) Killer B - Naruto

Who here is not a fan of Killer Bee? Fortunately, I see no hands raised. This was expected though. Being a member of the Kumogakure, the Killer B black anime character is not only impressive because he is the person in whom the eight-tails lives, but he is the magnificent black anime character male who managed to befriend this tailed beast.

So, being a fan, who wouldn’t want to be like this famous black anime character. Whether you are a ninja fan or not, this character is the best for you. Especially if you are interested in swordsmanship. But I must tell you if you want to create a look like this, you need to ensure that you follow the right anime makeup steps.

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Black Anime Characters

5) Marik Ishtar

If you are among the people who think Pegasus is scary, then you haven’t seen a real villain. This Marik Ishtar black anime character look ensures that you get the required anime makeup look. If you are looking to create the perfect anime character in black, I would suggest that you follow the right guide. Also, this anime character will give you the perfect villain look.

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6) Carole Stanley

This black anime character is among the main characters of Carole and Tuesday. This character represents a young orphaned girl who grows up in Alba City on Mars. Until she meets the famous Tuesday.

Thus, the point of this is that if you are looking to create the right black anime character look, you need to go for a strong-willed character. Carole Stanley is one such character.

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7) Nils Nielsen

This black-haired anime character feels like something of a cheat code in the Gundam Build Fighters. Although both his parents are quite famous characters, when it comes to the fame of Nils, no one can surpass him. When he starts his journey in the series, he is barely 13, yet he is still among the best characters.

If you happen to go for the best anime makeup look, or best anime hair, you should go for the Nils Nielsen character makeup look.

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8) Canary

Although the character of Canary was seen for a very little amount of time, she still deserves our respect. The character of Canary is there to be the student of the Zoldycks, a people who are the most deadly assassins in the entire world. But her character unrolls when she takes down Gon.

Now, admittingly, if you are looking to create the right black anime character female look, there is no one other than Canary you should go for. Canary has a kind heart just like you but is ruthless when it is the hour of need. By going for this character’s makeup look, you can get the same willpower in you.

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9) Yoruichi

Is there anyone who is not fond of Yoruichi? As a member of the four noble families of the soul society, she became the first and only woman to be the head of her clan. Not only this, but she was among the strongest captains in the Gotei 13.

A character that inspires many women around the world. This character shows that when it comes to willpower and snatching their rights, women never back down. Thus, If you want to show the power of women, I would suggest creating this black anime character look on Halloween.

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10) Afro Samurai

We all love samurais. Especially Afro, he surely had to be on the list. The Afro Samurai is the second strongest and skillful character in the world who is worthy of challenging and defeating the number one.

I know that this famous anime character inspires you a lot. To create it and swing the mighty swords against your enemies.

This black anime character provides a series that is as much in love with hip-hop culture as it is with the slick fight scenes. This brings us to one of the best swordsmen in the history of anime.

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Final Words

Creating the best black anime character look is not easy. There are a lot of things that you guys need to look for when it comes to creating the right anime makeup look. Besides, if you are completely unaware of the best black anime characters, you will not succeed. Thus, this guide can help you guys in numerous ways. The above-mentioned characters are the best anime black characters that you guys can go for.

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