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The Best Makeup Styles of 2020


Add Color To Your Life With These Top 10 Makeup Trends 2020

2020 has definitely not been what we expected. From getting into self-isolation to facing long boring days, we are all going through it. But one mood lifter even among such times is makeup. In fact, staying at home gave us all more time to experiment with the crazy looks that we have always wanted to. Here are the top 10 make looks that had most people’s attention this year. These are divided into the playful summer looks, the fall makeup and the blue eyeshadow looks.

New Makeup Trends For Summer 2020

The Popping Neon Makeup Look

Neon makeup has been trending since last year. Surprisingly, it has managed to remain among the top makeup trends in 2020 as well. The neon makeup is perfect to add color to the lethargic days we have to spend indoors during this pandemic. It’s also a cool go-to makeup look for a fun party. With the bright pinks, acidic green, and popping yellows or blues, you can create just any neon makeup look. You can do bright cut crease, the brilliant smoky eyes with different shades, or go with a monochrome makeup look. Then there are neon lipsticks with which you can get really creative.

Neon Eye Makeup Look

One particularly trending neon makeup look is to create a neon effect. To do this, you need to first create smoky eyes. Or you can go with nude eyes too. Then sketch a shape of your choice on your eyelid with a creamy white eyeshadow. Creamy eyeshadows are easy to pack, but if you don’t have one, you can also use a white eye pencil. Blend it a little and draw another fine white line on top of it, so that you get a radiating effect. Then apply neon colors on top of the white. Afterward, create a thin white line just in the center of the colors, and Viola!

Neon Lipstick Effect

Since you are going to go with a neon makeup look, obviously the shades you can use must be vivid. Think of fresh oranges, cool pinks, or popping purple. If you wanna go extra, you can always try fluorescent yellow, bright blue, or slimy green. I mean it’s all about experimenting anyways. Either just simply put these colors, or create a neon effect with these. To create a neon effect, after applying your lipstick, you need to draw an opaque white line on your lips. Then smudge it very lightly and there you go.

Statement Lips With Nude Eyes

Reds and maroons are no more in the trend. For 2020 makeup looks, pink is the new red (okay, sounds weird but you get it). So, just go with a nude eye makeup. Put only a little mascara and no eyeliner. Focus on defined contouring. Then add all the color to your lips only and focus the attention in the center of your face.

Nude Eye Makeup

Start off by prepping your eyes with an eye primer and set it with some translucent powder. Now you can just go like this or add a little beige on top of your eyelid. Buff it a bit and proceed with your mascara. Apply a light mascara since the focus of this makeup look is not the eyes. This is also why you need to skip eyeliner. But if you really want to wear eyeliner, use a small tapered makeup brush to draw and smudge a light brown line close to your lashes.

Bright Lips

Of course, we are not going to talk about how to apply the lipstick or lip gloss for you already know that. What’s important here is the selection of the right lipstick shade. The people with an oink undertone can go with really bright pink shades. However, if you have a red undertone or you simply don’t like barbie makeup glam look, there are other options for you. Try going with purples or magentas. Anything close to the family of pink is the new makeup trend 2020.

Watercolor Makeup Look

The watercolor makeup look is the most appealing look we have witnessed so far among the makeup trends 2020. Its simple, cool and so dreamy. You can do the watercolor eyeshadow effect at just any occasion and rock it. For this, you can either go monochrome or blend in two or more colors. Just choose the really soft and muted colors.

Watercolor Eye Makeup Look

After prepping your eyes, pack a pastel or semi-fluorescent shade on your makeup brush. Apply it to any part of your eyelid in a small circle. Then with a fluffy brush, soften the edges. Go on to apply another shade near the first one in the same way. Don’t draw fine lines, defined corners or anything like that. To achieve the perfect watercolor eye makeup look your eyeshadows need to be irregularly shaped but smoothly blended into each other. For extra effect, you can also create little splash marks around your eyes. Also, add freckles to take this makeup look to the next level.

Unicorn Inspired Makeup

Since the makeup trends 2020 are all about soft pastel colors, the unicorn makeup is the way to go. Think about the magical looks that you can create with glitters and cute pastel shades.

Unicorn Rainbow Eye Makeup

The hero eyeshadows to create this makeup look are pink, pastel blue, and faded green. Oh, and also some glitters (well a lot of it!). Start off with prepped eyed. Pack some peachy-pink eyeshadow in the crease of your eye and blend it outward. Then take light blue eyeshadow and blend it with the pink shade in the outer corner side. Just merge both colors instead of mixing them completely lest it will turn to grey which is a no, no! Add a tinge of green right beneath the pink and blend it. Then create a fine crease with purple (from inner corner till mid) and blue (middle till outer corner). Blend it and then pack some light blue glitter eyeshadow on the main eyelid. Create an inner eye strobing effect by putting a little silver glitter in the inner corners of the eyes. Add more glitter to the crease by creating a fine line. Alternatively, you can also put this line right beneath your eyebrow. Apply a little blue eyeshadow in the lower lid. Buff it so there are no harsh lines. Put on an electric blue eyeliner and pink or blue mascara.

Lets Pack Some More Glitters

Take your favorite glitter or sparkle and apply it on top of your highlighter. But you won’t go in all the T-zone area. Just put this glitter on the cheekbones and around the outer corner of the eyes.

Finish The Look With A Pink Lipstick

The popular lipstick shades that go with unicorn makeup looks are soft purples and peachy pinks. It’s totally up to you if you want to keep it glossy, sparkly, or matte. Just make sure that the shade is light, but not too light that it seems nude.

Fall Eyeshadow Looks

Ok enough of the playful summer makeup. Its almost fall, so let’s talk about the makeup trends 2020 for fall. Obviously we will be talking about tan base, brown eyes and maroon lipsticks. Hence, without further ado, let’s get into how to create a fall makeup look.

The Eyeshadows

There are various styles that you can adopt when it comes to browns. One of the best makeup looks that you should try this year is the half cut crease. Start by applying a reddish-brown in the crease as a transition shade. Blend it with a medium burnt brown. Then put some concealer on the inner half side of the main eyelid with a flat brush. Pack coffee brown eyeshadow in the outer corner and blend it beautifully. Create a dark shadowy effect in the lower lid with a medium brown. Finally, put light brown or beige over the concealer. Finish off with your favorite mascara and eyeliner. If you want to glam this look a bit more, try putting golden glitter in the inner corners.

Create A Tan

Tanned makeup looks are a perfect go-go in the fall. Focus on elevating your features with contouring. Use bronzer for the tanning effect. Apply a highlighter with a gold undertone instead of a pink one.

The Lip Colours

You can select from a variety of lip colors. If your eyes are not too dark, you can easily go with dark brown, maroon or deep red shades. However, with dark eye makeup, it’s better to stick with the nude lip colors.

Cat Eyes And Tinted Lips

The sleek sleet cat eyes with a bronzed base and maroon tinted lips are so elite. This look is easier to recreate for those who are pros at creating perfect winged eyeliner. So here is what you need to do.


Cat Makeup Look

With the primer and translucent powder, create a smooth surface to work on. It is totally optional, but you can put a monochrome nude eyeshadow on the lid. The main hero of the look is the cat eyeliner. Create an elongated wing facing upward. Then pull the eyeliner from the inner corner by staying very close to the lashes. As you reach the inner corner, instead of stopping, continue drawing a fine line facing downward. Put eye pencil in the tear line too. Cat eyes are done. Finish off with a light mascara. This eye makeup look helps create depth in the eyes. It is perfect for those with small eyes as they can make their eyes really big with this look. It’s also perfect for people having hooded eyes.

Lip color

The unsaid rule is to apply darker lip colors with nude eyes. But in this makeup look, we need the eyes to grab all the attention. Thus, stay on reddish nude shades for lips. Use matte colors for this makeup look.

Animal Print

It’s not like you cannot get playful with the brown family of eyeshadows which is often used in creating formal looks. If you are up for an experiment, try animal print.

Cheetah Eye Makeup

This is one of the most loved makeup looks. After you have primed the eyes, start with an orange as a transition color. Blend in a little brown and continue packing the light brown all over the eyelid. With your liquid or gel eyeliner draw the cheetah print on your eyes. Go with a dark brown eyeliner and white eye pencil.

Lip Shade

The lip gloss or lipstick shade that will go with this look can be any from total nudes to browns.

Time For The Blues

Since the color of the year 2020 is a classic blue, this year’s make looks cannot be completed without it. Here some super cute new makeup looks that you can create with blue eyeshadows.

Blue Edges

For this makeup loof, we will create geometric eyes with blue eyeshadow. The finish of the base is glossy, but we will keep a light hand on the highlighter so that it doesn’t take the light away from the edgy eyes.

Blue Edge Eyes

Start with clean eyes that you have already prepped. Do the eyebrows too before getting into the eye makeup. Now take your favorite blue color from the eyeshadow palette. Use a small brush with tapered ends for more control. Put the blue shade in the inner corner till just before the middle of the eyelid. Once it’s opaque enough, go on towards the outer corner. Put the eyeshadow from the outer corner to just before the middle of the eyelid. The mid-part needs to stay clean. Keep the inner lines parallel to each other. Without taking any more eyeshadow, swipe the brush under the bottom lash line.

Take some metallic shimmer and put in the corners for an inner eye strobing effect. You can add just little blue eyeshadow in the crease but the center part of the eye needs to look open. This will make the inner and outer corners accentuated. Use transparent mascara to lift your eyelashes. And, done with an edgy eye makeup look.

Lip color

Wear a soft and muted pink lip color with his look.

Euphoria Makeup Look

The euphoria glitter tears look is among the new makeup trends of 2020. It’s unique and sensational. This look is inspired by the American TV show ‘euphoria’. This is a zero to light foundation for a subtle effect. Its a makeup look where you literally have to create a crying look. It’s just that the tears are made of glitter and they make the whole makeup look very surreal. We dare you makeup beauties to go extra and try out this makeup look. Here is how you can recreate the euphoric makeup look.

Creating The Euphoria Glitter Tears

First of all tame the eyebrows with a clear mascara. Then apply a drop of transparent lip gloss all over on your eyes. Rub in a little silver shimmer over it. This will give you the crying look. If you have a clear glittery gloss, go with that. Then apply the lilac shade close to the bottom lash line to make the eyes look swollen from crying. Add in a tinge of blue. Blend both the shades downward with a fluffy makeup brush. Now create the euphoria glitter tears. Put some glitter glue under the eyes in the shape of tears. Then apply silver glitter on it with a flat brush. Tada!

Nude Lip color

The focus of the whole look is on glitter tears. So don’t put anything bright on the lips. To give them a plump look, apply glossy pink or red tint.

Blue Ocean

The last trendy makeup look for 2020 that we are going to discuss is the icy blue ocean. It’s a glossy makeup look, so don’t go with a matte finish base. Alternatively, you can use a glossy makeup setting spray for a dewy finish.

Sparkly Ocean Eyes

This is a really simple one. Just prep the eyes. Take a bright matte blue and pop it on your eyelids. Take transparent lip gloss and apply a coat over the eyeshadow. Blend the both together for a dewy makeup look. Add a little silver highlighter in the inner corners. Finish off with electric blue mascara. With so much blue going on, balance out things with a white pencil in the tear line.

The Lip Shade

Go with a glossy peach-pink lip color. If the whole makeup look is too dewy for you and you want to add some matte touch, you can do that too. Opt for matte nude lip color.

These are the top 10 latest makeup trends of the year. Try out these looks to spend your time engaged in something inspiring. Especially, in the situation, we all are right now, keeping ourselves indulged in hobbies is important to fight the trauma of the events going on. The best way is to keep yourself busy by trying out these trendy makeup looks. Also, as we hope soon life will return to normal, you can wear many of these looks every day or out in parties.

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