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Best Highlights And Lowlights For Black Hair | Top 24 Picks


Hair highlights can really up your hair game. They can help you create the perfect hair color no matter the condition of your hair. Even if you are fed up with your hair dandruff, there is nothing to worry about. 

Going for the highlights on black hair Indian can really help you out. We know that South Asians have a different hair texture and need a little more attention than blondes and brunettes. Especially in a country like India where there is so much diversity, people with all skin and hair textures are present. 

Using highlights in such a place is perhaps the best solution. Thus, to help you guys out, Makeup Scout has brought to you the best ideas to create ​​the perfect style for short black hair with highlights. Thus, here is the complete guide for you. 

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Types Of Hair Highlights

  1. Temporary Hair Color

The temporary hair color only works on the outer layer of the hair. It does not penetrate deep into the shaft. Besides, after one or two washes, you will see this hair color gone. But for theme parties or other similar occasions, the temporary hair color highlights are the best option. 

  1. Semi-permanent Hair Color

The semi-permanent hair color is the best option if you are looking for something affordable and qualified. This hair color will last for about 4-6 hair washes. It is the best option for trying out a new hair highlight shade. The best thing about this hair highlight is that it does not include ammonia. 

  1. Permanent Hair Color

If you manage this hair properly, the permanent hair color would last until the new hair has emerged. The permanent hair highlights can last for a longer period of time as ammonia and an oxidizer is mixed with the coloring agent. But I would still suggest our Scouts opt for the permanent hair color highlights only when you are completely sure about your choice. 

Best Highlights For Black Hair Indian Skin

  1. Peacock Green Dip-Dye Hair Color Highlights

This natural highlight for black hair is the perfect option to make a personal statement. This green highlight will make sure everyone goes green with envy. 

  1. Dark Blue Balayage Hair Color Highlights

These colored highlights for dark hair are the best option and the perfect one for straight hair. Besides, they provide a really stunning look on the shorter hair. 

  1.  Carrot-Orange Dip Dye Hair Color Highlights

These highlights for black curly hair for Indian skin are the best option for both black as well as blonde hair. When you pair these highlights with a little amount of kohl around the eyes, you will witness a magical and stunning look. This look will make sure that your date night with your chosen one goes the way you like. 

  1.  Icy-Gray Ombre Highlights

These soft, starry Babylights are the best option to go for. They provide a perfect face that everyone would love to look at. Besides, these silver highlights for black hair are easy to wear on black hair. 

  1. Blue Ombre hair color style

The Blue Ombre Hair Color Style is another great option to create shoulder-length black hair with highlights. These best and shocking blue highlights having turquoise insertions make a perfectly bold and beautiful statement. 

  1. Yellow Ombre Hair Color Highlights

These highlights are the perfect option to create long straight black hair with highlights. This unusual yet good color is although different, yet it is both alluring as well as perfect to make a proper statement.

  1.  Pastel Pink Lowlights

These light highlights on black hair can provide the best pinkish color you are looking for. Besides, apart from black hair, they are the best option for blonde hair color tones. When it comes to darker shades of hair, they can help by making a proper and bolder statement. 

  1. Purple Balayage Highlights

The purple Balayage Highlights are among the best highlights for black hair. This royal and beautiful color provides the best look for darker hair shades such as black or dark brown. 

  1. Natural Toned Hair Color Styles

The Natural Toned hair color styles are both beautiful and subtle. They provide the perfect finishing touch to your look. 

  1. Brunette Babylights

These blonde hair black highlights provide a subtle cream and brown hair color shade that ensures that your party look is the best among all. 

  1. Soft Red Balayage highlights

This luminous crimson with pink undertones is ideal for those who want to make a statement without going overboard.

  1. Brunette-blonde balayage highlights look

This look is quite stunning, combining brown, blonde, and gold tones.

  1. Burgundy Babylights

On darker hair, these gentle burgundy color highlights, sometimes known as Babylights, look fantastic. This burgundy hair color is also fantastic for lowlights.

  1. Burgundy Balayage look

This design combines the two most frequent hair color hues – black and burgundy – and comes out looking really stunning.

  1. Blonde Ombre hair color style

This style is ideal for those who want to change their hair color but don’t want to go crazy with bright colors.

  1. Light-brown Lowlights

Providing a perfect dimension to the original hairstyle, these light brown lowlights add an absolutely beautiful look

  1. Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

Buttery blonde highlights will bring instant radiance to your complexion. Blonde is the ideal color for people who want to try out lighter tints without committing to coloring their entire head. Highlights will brighten your eyes, and the shade from your eye line will continue.

  1. Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights provide dimension to your hair, giving it instant luster and depth as well as a young glow. Maintaining a black foundation with creamy caramel touches that give your hair a summertime glow — the contrast is sure to draw notice. To produce a natural and organic-looking ombre, start the tones in the middle of your hair.

  1. Black Hair with Blonde Ombre Highlights

A creamy blonde ombre will lend a glow to your features and life to your hair as you transition into the warmer months. Begin highlighting towards the base of your roots and gradually lighten as you progress. 

Leave your dark tones as the focal point at the top of your hairline, then add blonde ribbons where the sun would naturally fall, leaving nothing but gorgeous blonde at the ends. With the help of an occasional toner, keep brassiness at bay.

  1. Brown Highlights On Black Hair

These are the best hair color highlights for black hair you can go for. Brown accents catch the light and give the illusion of depth and volume. Pull brown colors around the middle of your hair and delicately merge them in with your ebony strands. 

Even if you’ve been confined in an office all day, this shade is easy to manage and makes you feel like you’ve spent the day outside in the sun.

  1. Platinum Highlights On Black Hair

Make an edgy statement with ice highlights, which are ideal for folks with light eyes and pale complexion. This look requires some effort, but it’s well worth it. Begin with small slivers of platinum a few centimeters from your hairline, and integrate the contrasting tone with your darker shade gradually. With the help of a silver toner, you can keep those platinum locks looking like you just walked out of a salon every time you leave the house.

  1. Black Hair Platinum Highlights 1

These natural hair highlights for black hair brighten the face and complement beachy waves or loose curls perfectly. The tasseled, just-gotten-out-of-bed look adds flair to your hair without dominating it or pulling attention away from your features. A soft framework around your features and intermittent glimmers striking your hair where the sun normally would start a seamless transition from dark to light.

  1. Copper Highlights on Black Hair

Copper adds a new dimension to traditional highlights. Copper is the ideal shade for individuals who appreciate subtlety, as well as those who want to add drama, depending on the intensity you want to communicate. 

Begin with a gradual, deep shade of burgundy towards the crown of your head, softening the burgundy to copper to provide depth to your hair. A few golden strands will draw attention to your eyes and make your hair sparkle like a treasure.

  1. Full Highlights on Black Hair

These subtle highlights on black hair add depth to every aspect of your hair, minimizing flatness. A subtle blend of dark and light browns gives the dark hair texture and dimension without overpowering the foundation hue. Start these highlights at your brow line so that each time you move your head, a different hue catches the sun and keeps everyone’s attention on you.

Popular Hair Highlight Techniques

  1. Lowlights

Hair strands are tinted with darker colors than your natural hair color in this process. This method differs from standard highlights, which employ a lighter color than the original. Lowlights look fantastic on blonde hair and add depth and complexity to the overall look. To achieve the same effect, Indian women can use mahogany or burgundy lowlights on dark hair.

  1. Babylights

These are delicate highlights made using very tiny hair strands to provide a natural, modest, but lovely look. The head is separated into incredibly small portions, each of which is colored with the highlight shade to replicate the natural appearance of a baby’s head, thus the name.

  1. Ombre

This technique creates a gradient by gradually transitioning from a dark hair color at the roots to a lighter shade at the tips, with a transition shade in the center of the hair length.

  1. Balayage

While streaks are noticeable, balayage style highlights appear much more natural. The colorist’s hand paints highlights in a casual manner to create depth and texture to otherwise flat hair in this hair color style. Balayage is the application of three or more hair colors.

  1. Dip–Dye

To achieve a dramatic, bold impact, this hair color style combines two hair colors. Dip-dyed hair has a bright tint at the roots and a dark hue at the roots. There is no middle hair color shade to achieve a smooth transition, which distinguishes it from an ombre shade.

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