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11 Best Clip in Hair Extensions For Fine Hair in 2022


Undoubtedly, Clips in hair extensions are on-trend because of their transformative effects. It helps you achieve greater volume in your hair, but finding the ideal one could still be difficult for you. 

The reason is that not every clip in hair extensions is made for you. You need to consider many factors, including color, body, hair type, and much more, before getting it. And yes, we are here for this. Makeupscout has a verdict to find, research, test, and review the best products for you – so you get what you’re paying for. 

Previously, we talked about the best hair extensions for fine hair, but this time, keeping your concerns in mind, we have compiled a list of the best clip-in hair extensions for fine hair. Explore from scratch, compare and find out the best, exceeding your expectations. 

Let’s go.

1. Munx Remy Clip in Hair Extensions

We have placed it on top because of its undoubtful features ensuring the best quality and precious look for fine hairs. Upon analysis, it has been observed that the hair extensions are 100% manufactured with human hair, are straight, and look natural. It means that it is easily compatible with your hair. 

Munx Remy Clip in Hair ExtensionsInterestingly, they are available in dozens of colors so that you can easily get matched to your hair. Also available in different lengths (15 – 22 cm) and packs. One pack contains seven pieces, and each pack has a 70-grams weight, which is easy to tackle. 

Here are the core features of this best hair extension clip-in.

Key Features

  • Made with 100% natural human hairs
  • Quality clips – secure and easy to wear
  • The comfortable weight of 70 grams
  • Available in different lengths between 15-22 cm and in colors


  • Longer lasting features
  • Looks natural with quality finishing
  • It can be re-stained if you purchase light colors


  • Customers need to purchase more packs if they have thicker hairs


Undoubtedly, the Munx clip-in hair extensions has provided great features that can’t be beaten. We have seen variations in colors, quality finishing, different lengths, availability, and much more. But if you have thick hair, you may need to purchase at least three packs. If you can afford it easily, go with it. Otherwise, explore more described below. 

2. Loxxy PU – Clip in Hair Extensions

Loxxy extensions, one of the best clip-in hair extensions for fine hair, is made with 100% real human Remy hairs and prioritized because of availability in varieties of styles; curl, straight, or semi-straight, depending upon you. They are strong enough and introduced a distinguished feature which no extensions brand introduced till now. 

Loxxy PU – Clip in Hair ExtensionsTheir inside and outer width are different, which offers excellent strength. Upon analysis, 0.5 cm width outside, while 1cm inside is undoubtedly perfect and makes your scalp more invisible. 

Key Features

  • Soft PU strips with thin weft edge 
  • Suitable for both curled and straight hairs
  • Lightweight with no shedding
  • Comfortable to wear and take off


  • Availability in different colors 
  • Suitable for various hair types
  • Strong and shedding free arrangement


  • Restrictions upon combing while wet 


Foxxy clip-in hair extensions has introduced a bonus feature: you can even use them with curled hairs. It shows compatibility with fine hairs, as well as curled hairs: a comfortable weight, variations in color and lengths, and much more. 

3. LacerHair – Clip-in Hair Extensions

It has been observed that LacerHair is offering high-weighted clips in hair extensions ensuring greater strength and security of a longer-lasting impression. Interestingly, sometimes brands start introducing extensions length from 15cm, but they have started from 10cm. It means that if you want average hair length, they might be a great choice. 

LacerHair – Clip-in Hair ExtensionsBesides, its availability in different colors and natural-looking manufacturing have made it famous. But according to the resources, their platinum color blonde light brown hair extensions product has made them famous. 

Key Features

  • 7 pcs hair extensions set with 16 clips
  • Strong weight between 120 – 140 grams
  • Available in different colors and lengths
  • Guaranteed human Remy hairs


  • Stronger and comfortable to wear
  • Can be washed, curled, or straight 
  • Firmly sewn with lace added 


  • A bit expensive observed by customers


LacerHair extensions were observed to have no such issues, although there are several benefits. Talking about the most appreciated is enough for making it a prioritized choice you can treat as your natural hair. Yes, you can wash, curl, or even straighten them.

4. Ubetta – Straight and Double Weft Extensions

The brand has introduced quality-wise best and carefully finished clips in hair extensions for fine human hairs. The extensions weigh 70 grams, available in different colors and lengths. Choosing your favorite or matched hair color is easy because it targets both; normal hair colors and rare ones. 

Ubetta – Straight and Double Weft ExtensionsAccording to the manufacturers, the Remy human hairs used in manufacturing are collected from young girls and exhibit great features. That is why their extensions look so natural and add value to your natural look. 

Key Features

  • Extensions can be dyed, permed, colored, or even curled 
  • 70 grams weight of each pack with 16 stainless steel clips
  • Thick from top to end
  • Amazingly crafted, providing a natural look


  • Highly durable and longer-lasting 
  • They can be treated as natural hairs without any restrictions
  • Easily blending capabilities with natural hairs 


  • For thick hairs, you need to get more packs 


The product was observed to have normal features without any such lack. According to the manufacturers, the Remy human hairs used in manufacturing are collected from young girls to promote a more natural and shinier look. And yes, that’s why the product attracts people much.

5. Ponytail Clip in Hair Extensions

We have placed a Ponytail clip in the list of best clip-in hair extensions for fine hair because it is specially manufactured to provide customers with multi-functions. You can wear it like a pony or even straighten the extensions. It’s easy to wear and easy to off with a weight of 80 grams, making it strong enough. 

Ponytail Clip in Hair ExtensionsSame as other extensions, it is also providing you with varieties in colors and lengths. You can get your matched or favorite one by exploring within just one click. Manufacturers claimed that it is made up of 100% Remy human hairs, which is why it is longer-lasting. 

Some core features of this best hair extension clip-in are described below.

Key Features

  • Clip-in comb installation 
  • Can be washed, curled, permed or straight
  • 80 grams considerable weight
  • Easy to wear, secure and comfortable


  • Natural-looking and shiny
  • Straight, or can be shaped 
  • Made with 100% Remy human hairs


  • Reported a little bit heavy 


Ponytail clips in hair extensions come up straight but can be transformed – curled, permed and straight. They are also shiny enough, and that’s because manufacturers claimed 100% use of Remy human hairs in manufacturing. You can treat them as your natural hair, like wash and dye.

6. Moresoo – Tape in Hair Extensions

If you want to ensure the natural look of your hair, even wearing extensions, Moresoo is the recommended choice. Their extensions come in straight hair types offering a gorgeous natural look because of the manufacturing’s 100% human hair material. This product has introduced double-sided hypoallergenic tape with glue promoting higher strength. 

Moresoo – Tape in Hair ExtensionsAnd that’s what prevents falling and helps you gain a natural look. Interestingly, the manufacturers also guaranteed that no adhesive hair is added so that extensions won’t be dry or shed after washing. 

Key Features

  • Strong, silky, and shiny natural hairs manufacturing
  • Double tape used for better strength
  • Thick ends for longer durability
  • The wide availability of colors to get 


  • Guaranteed manufactured with 100% human hairs
  • Easy to wear and take off with 0% damage on hairs
  • It can be permed or curled without any complexity


  • Thick ends, which some people don’t like


Moresoo hair extensions do not introduce clips in installation; instead, they introduce tape in installation, which is promoted with the double tape hypoallergenic technique. In addition, you can use and operate extensions as natural hairs because of Remy human hair use. 

7. GOO GOO Clip in Hair Extensions

Upon analysis, the brand has introduced distinguished features from all. The extensions have no tape-in glue or clip-in installation system; instead, they have presented a unique transparent wire installation type. 

GOO GOO Clip in Hair ExtensionsInterestingly, the wire extension has seven layers of weft, meaning it is not easy to fall out. Plus, lighter and thinner hairs, breathable, and easy to wear. According to the manufacturers, they are made with human Remy hairs. 

Key Features

  • 9.25 inch thicker wire promoting great strength
  • Seven layers of weft for thicker hairs
  • Lace corner design
  • No shedding, secure and comfortable


  • Stable and thicker elastic wire
  • Extensions have no pressure on the scalp
  • available in different colors and sizes


  • You can’t knot these extensions because of the wire


GOO GOO hair extensions come up with 75-gram weight, invisible wire installation, and unique features. The bottom line is that the product can be your best choice. 

8. Caliee – The Great Clip in Hair Extensions

Talking about the Caliee clip-in hair extensions, they are found to be excellent with great features and can be easily blended with your hair. Perfect weight of 120 grams per pack and versatility in choosing colors. According to the customers, Caliee’s extensions are easy to wear and can be quickly removed without any hassle. 

Caliee – The Great Clip in Hair ExtensionsYou can get lengths between 14 inches – 22 inches, as suitable to you. All these features have made Caliee’s extensions one of the best clip-in hair extensions for thin fine hair.

Key Features

  • Made with 100% human hairs
  • Shiny and thick, ensuring 
  • Available in different lengths and colors 
  • No shedding or dryness observed 


  • Can be operated as natural hairs
  • Tangle-free and easy to care
  • Optimum weight and length options


  • The single installation method is introduced


Caliee can be chosen if you need to explore more colors and want to get the exactly matched one because they have a huge collection of different coloring. Plus, easy to wear and easy to remove without any trouble. The bottom line is, that this best hair extension clip-in has provided us with great features.

9. Maxfull Hair Extensions – Remy Human

Maxfull is one of the top brands introducing quality-wise unique hair extensions to ensure a gorgeous and natural look. It always introduces extensions for fine hairs and comes up with the quality-wise best material. 

Maxfull Hair Extensions – Remy HumanThe core feature of Maxfull extensions – manufacturers have minimized the chemical coating procedure and promoted the natural hair collecting, ensuring the extensions’ longer lifespan. And yes, the hairs are not damaged after a wash or show dryness because they avoid chemical staining or dying. 

The extensions from top to end have a uniform thickness, meaning no splitting or damage from any point. So, getting the extension might be a good decision for money value. 

Key Features

  • Tape in installation type for better adjustment 
  • Fewer chemical procedures are involved during manufacturing
  • There’s no dryness or fallout observed even after wash


  • 100% Remy human hair use with no adhesives
  • Uniform thickness without any splitting
  • Available in different lengths and colors


  • Reviewed expensive among customers


Maxfull is undoubtedly a reputable brand that always introduces great products, ensuring 100% best quality and longevity. Upon analysis, the extensions have been observed to be greater in quality, secured, and comfortable to wear.

10. Full Shine Hair Extensions With Seamless Clips

Full Shine hair extensions are famous for their natural looking. And yes, you can also observe it by exploring or getting. According to the manufacturers, the product is made up of collected human hairs with not even a single adhesive hair added. That’s because the product is natural-looking and shining. 

Full Shine Hair Extensions With Seamless ClipsFull Shine brand has introduced a distinguishing feature – the inner PU part is longer while the outer part is shorter. The reason behind, it makes the PU clip lighter, more invisible, and natural-looking. And you know what, because of greater material, the extensions can be restored, dyed, curled, permed, or even washed. But still, no action can damage them. 

You are also getting strong and multi-layer PU bonding in these extensions, which will surely provide you with longer durability. Apart from all this, Full Shine extensions are easy to wear and take off without damaging the scalp and hairs. 

Key Features

  • Made with human hairs collected from young girls
  • Longer durability because of quality material
  • Easy to wear and take off 
  • Comfortable weight per pack extensions


  • Multi-layer PU bonding has introduced
  • No damage to scalp upon wearing 
  • Can be curled, permed, or washed 


  • Singular installation type 


Full Shine hair extensions provide customers with appreciating features and facilities that you can wear quickly without any hassle or take off without damaging your scalp. In fact, multi-layer manufacturing has also been introduced, which promotes a longer lifespan and durability. 

11- Eufficco Human Hair Extensions

Eufficco is one of the leading brands in providing customers with excellent quality hair extensions ensuring a natural look. Also, there’s extra for trimming provided to you so that you can use it accordingly. The most appreciating feature is that the brand has never compromised on providing quality, making it famous among customers.

Eufficco Human Hair ExtensionsAlso, Eufficco’s extensions are found to be the best clip-in hair extensions for fine thin hair. 

The brand has mentioned sacrificing the profit and providing 0.5 inches of length on every clip for customers to trim like many famous brands. And you know what, the brand extensions also feature a lace base material. Undoubtedly, lace base materials always provide greater comfort and add more volume. Upon analysis and deep research, we have found that Eufficco hair extensions never touch your hair roots directly, avoiding any damage and protecting you. 

Key Features

  • No compromise on providing excellent quality
  • Lace base materials introduction for adding more volume
  • Extensions are not touching roots directly
  • Scalp protection 


  • Completely manufactured with Remy human hairs
  • Adding values to the overall volume
  • Customers get 0.5 extra lengths on each clip


  • Somehow restrictions on coloring availability


Eufficco hair extensions have many features to provide customers with. Firstly, they never compromised on providing greater quality material and manufacturing amazingly. Secondly, they are caring for customers’ protection and providing extra lengths, sacrificing their profit, and much more.

Comprehensive Buying Guide

Whenever getting the best hair extensions clip-in you need to care for dozens of factors. Some of these might include matching, coloring, and hair type. For example, you have thin fine hair, so thick extensions won’t suit you. Plus, same with the coloring. 

Before doing any extensions, pay thorough attention to these factors:

  • Check if it is made with 100% human hairs or adhesives
  • The number of lengths and variations in coloring are available or not
  • Installation type; whether it is suitable for you or not
  • Scalp protection features and multi-benefits

These are the basic things which you should check. Apart from all this, if you are getting more features like a bonus in length, or others, then it would be great. Lastly, checking for pricing is an essential factor. 

We recommend you check out the price first if you have any budget issues. But if not, then compile a list of best-reviewed clip-in extensions, compare on the basis of features, and check out money for value. This is the simplest way you will get the ideal one. 

FAQs for Hair Extensions

1. How to Use Clip in Hair Extensions?

The use of a clip-in hair extension is so simple that you only need to place side pieces above the ear and clip. Same with the back, front, and both sides. 

2. How Long Clip in Hair Extensions Can Be Used?

As per analysis, you can use clip-in hair extensions maximum of 6 months.

3. After How Much Time Clip-in Hairs Should be Washed?

According to the experts, you should wash it typically after wearing it more than 15 times. But it depends upon if you find it dirty, you can wash it even before. 


In the above article, we have described a list of the best clip-in hair extensions for fine hair. All of the described products are quality-wise best and highly reviewed clips in hair extensions to get from. All of these have greater features and exhibit higher quality. You can explore all of these and get anyone you find best according to you. 

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