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13 Best Blow Dryers For Natural Hair For 2022


When you have naturally black hair, curly or kinky, it can be quite tough to maintain and style the hair. To maintain your hair, it is important that you use the proper products and machines. But what is the proper product that I can go for? Well, the answer is simple, a blow dryer. A blow dryer will not only dry out your hair but will style and volumize as well.

So, what you can do is that you can now go for the best blow dryer for natural hair. By choosing the best hairdryers for fine hair, you can get rid of your hair problems once and for all.

To aid you guys in the matter, Makeup Scout has brought to you guys the best blow dryers that straighten natural hair. So, without wasting any time, let us get into it.

What Is The Best Blow Dryer For Natural Hair

1) Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer

Revlon’s Pro range includes an infrared blow dryer with a comb for natural hair. It makes use of infrared heat, which penetrates the cortex and heats it from the inside out, giving the hair optimal luster, softness, and control. The negative ions that are released by the tourmaline ionic technology can help in decreasing both the frizz and the static electricity. Besides, this can aid in improving the hair shine as well.

The triple ceramic layer evenly distributes heat and helps to prevent hair breakage. The natural hair blow dryer consists of two speed and heat settings, and a cold shot button that will keep the hairstyle in place. Three hair sectioning clips are included for hairstyling or concentrated hair drying. This best blow dryer brush for natural hair contains a concentrator attachment alongside a volumizing finger diffuser attachment that helps in hairstyling and drying precision.

Can Volumize Your HairThe concentrator will melt when it is overheated
Will make your hair smooth
Provides a good airflow
Will also add shine
Will Add Shine

2) Remington Damage Protection Hair Dryer

The Remington damage protection hair dryers for natural hair are blessed with an advanced coating technology that will give extra style protection. To maintain hair health, it employs the exclusive Micro-Conditioner Technology.

To reduce hair damage and frizz, it combines ionic and tourmaline ceramic technology. Heat is also distributed evenly using this method. The best thing about this hair dryer brush for natural hair is that it has two-speed settings and three heat settings. Besides, the product is blessed with a cool shot button that will help in establishing your hairdo.

This best blow dryer for natural hair also comes with a diffuser and concentrator. The filter may be removed to make the dryer easier to clean. For speedier hair drying, it features a 1875W DC motor.

Provides a 3X time damage protection to the hairMay get overheated
It will make your hair shinier and healthierMay short circuit
Contains a micro-conditioner technology
Features a removable air filter

3) Infiniti Pro By Conair Hair Dryer

Conair’s Infinitipro Hair Dryer has a 1875W AC motor. These top blow dryers for natural hair operate similarly to a professional hairdryer. What makes them among the best is that they can dry your hair at a quicker pace (50% quicker).

Your hair will be smooth and lustrous, with no frizz or static, thanks to the ionic technology. It promises to eliminate frizz by 70%. It employs ceramic technology to evenly disperse heat and reduce hair damage. To maintain a customizable heat and airflow, this good blow dryer for natural hair contains two-speed levels and three heat settings.

Also, it contains a cool shot button that will aid in assisting the lock in curls, styles, and waves. To make it more convenient, the hair dryer comes with a concentrator with a diffuser with textured hair, a concentrator with smooth hair cuts, and a 6-foot long power cord.

The one-pound blow dryer also has an extra-long cable so you don’t have to huddle up near an outlet and provides 1875 watts of electricity, which helps reduce heat damage. It contains a replaceable filter that keeps lint out of the motor and increases its life.

Can dry your hair fastThe motor may cause issues
Will boost your volumeIt may get overheated
Has a removable filter
Provides gentle and even heat

4) ONE Styling EPIC Lite Pro Hair Dryer

Because of its ionic technology, we suggest this drier if you want your hair to seem smoother. The ionic technology that assists in smoother hair has a switch to turn it on or off. The best thing about this brush blow dryer for natural hair is that it has an extra-long cable that makes it easy to use. Besides, the blow dryer provides at least 1875 watts of electricity. This can help in reducing heat damage.

Has an extra-long cable
It will help in reducing the heat damage

5) Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 Hair Dryer

The TwinTurbo, which is built in Italy, is a strong hair tool that can reach 2100 watts, which Hardges recommends considering when shopping for a hair tool. “You can feel the force of this thing as soon as you switch it on,” she explains. “Because this dryer produces equally as much heat as it does airpower, you’ll need to work swiftly”.

Hardges recommends reading the product specs carefully before making a purchase and only using the 3200 model for at-home styling.

6) Andis Tourmaline Styling Hair Dryer

This natural hair blow dryer with a comb provides an even heat ceramic technology that protects the scalp from natural oils. It also keeps your hair nourished by sealing moisture in the hair shaft. It employs ionic technology to dry hair by dissolving water molecules.

The three heat settings and the cool shot button will help by drying your hair alongside it can keep your hairdo in place. The 1875W engine in this hair dryer produces high-velocity airflow. Ceramic technology keeps hair healthy and evenly distributes heat.

The blow dryer is composed of polymer and offers dual voltage for travel as well as a high-speed turbo boost option. A soft-bristle attachment, a wide-tooth comb, and a fine-tooth comb are included.

Has an even-heat ceramic technologyMight get hot
Can volumize the hair
Will define the curls
Has two comb attachments as well

7) SupSilk Professional Compact Hair Dryer

Three heat settings and a cool shot button are included in this blog dryer to straighten natural hair. A volumizer brush, a comb concentrator, and a styling nozzle are among the three included accessories. The comb concentrator directs airflow to the hair’s root, drying each strand individually, and is especially beneficial for thick and coiled hair. The volumizer brush calms the scalp while adding volume and bounce to the hair. Finally, the styling nozzle, which is especially helpful for fine hair, allows you to style your hair as needed. Furthermore, the powerful AC turbo engine creates a strong breeze and quickly dries your hair.

Is Compact
Is Portable
Can dry the hair quickly
Is quite light
Can be cleaned easily
Has a hanging loop

8) Nition Ceramic Hair Dryer

The air output grill of the best brush to blow dry natural hair is ceramic coated. Nanosilver, argan oil, and tourmaline technology are all included. Nanosilver aids in the healing of damaged hair. Argan oil softens and shines hair by moisturizing it.

It also protects hair from UV radiation, prevents hair from splitting, smooths down frizz, heals damaged hair, and prevents hair from splitting. Negative ions produced by tourmaline technology minimize static electricity. It makes hair silky, healthy, and lustrous. This best blow dryer for natural hair is portable and lightweight, with three attachments: a diffuser, comb, and concentrator.

The diffuser is 5.3 inches in diameter, allowing for greater ventilation. Its speed is 20% quicker than that of other diffusers. It’s simple to manage the temperature and airflow with three heat settings and two wind speed options. It is powered by a 1875W motor that generates powerful and constant airflow. It comes with a 7.5-foot cord, a double-protection circuit, and a standard US ALCI safety plug with auto-leak protection.

Can improve the airflowMay get overheated
Will improve the hair damageIs a bit heavy
Has a removable air inlet grill that can be used for easy cleaning
Can define curls and waves

9) Jinri Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Negative ions are used by this best comb blow dryer for natural hair to decrease frizz and static hair. It smooths and shines your hair by sealing the cuticle. It has a 1875W DC motor that dries hair quickly and quietly.

There are two speed and heat settings, as well as a cool shot button. It’s composed of high-quality matte material and has a sleek, comfy shape that’s simple to handle and use. It has a diffuser and a concentrator to aid with the hairstyle. Cleaning the dryer is simply because of the retractable rear filter.

It comes with an 8.7-foot cord and a user-friendly curved handle for convenient operation. The top heating coil distributes heat evenly and consistently. The motor of this best blow dryer for straightening natural hair contains a thermal safety prevention mechanism that will shut it down with ease if it gets extra hot.

Can dry your hair fastA bit loud
Has an 8.7 feet long cordHas some quality issues
Is suitable for all hair typesThe attachments pop off easily sometimes
To maintain easy cleaning, it has a detachable rear filter

10) Betra Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

The sophisticated ionic technology in this best blow dryer to straighten natural hair protects the hair and scalp from heat damage. It produces a hundred times the amount of negative ions produced by typical hair dryers. This best blow dryer for natural hair will ensure the minimization of frizz and will avoid static.

The negative charge will ensure that the natural moisture in your hair is contained. This will make it lustrous and smooth. The blow dryer has high, medium, and low-temperature options, alongside a high and low cool setting. It also contains a cool shot button on the device.

This blow dryer contains a 1875W DC motor. Now, this motor will produce a powerful airflow that will aid in drying the thick hair quickly in five minutes. The best blow dryer for natural hair has a concentrator that will adjust the airflow and contains a 360-degree diffuser that will aid in dispersing the air through the curls.

The comb assists in detangling and straightening by focusing the air. It has a removable rear filter for simple cleaning as well as a non-slip grip for maneuverability.

Will generate 100XIt may overheat
Will reduce staticIt may short circuit
Makes the hair soft and shiny
Has multifunctional settings
Will dry the curly hair within half an hour

11) Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200

The Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 natural hair blow dryer has a long-lasting motor that can run for up to 2000 hours. It has two speeds and four temperature options to accommodate different hair types. Your hair is protected from heat damage by the nickel laminated layer.

Two concentrator nozzles are included in the gadget to provide a full blow-drying experience. It also comes with a 9-foot long wire for easy use and comes in five different colors.

Is lightweight
Can dry quickly
Has a safe thermostat
Has a removable filter
Also contains a hanging hook

12) DevaCurl Diffuser Combo

This 1600-watt dryer for natural hair contains an AC motor, ionic technology, three temperature settings, and two-speed settings, and is designed for curly hair types. A hand-shaped diffuser with a 360-degree airflow dries curls without frizz and provides volume is also included with the dryer.

Has a hand-shaped fuser
Can blow the water off the hair

13) Drybar Baby Buttercup Blow Dryer

It might be tough to find a good blow dryer for natural hair that does not take much room. Drybar, on the other hand, provides a portable and attractive choice. “What could be better than a bright yellow hair dryer?

This great blow dryer for natural hair concentrator nozzles is meant to blast water out of the hair and onto the floor. This cuts down on drying time and heat damage. Besides, the best thing about this yellow blow dryer for natural hair is that it is easy to use and you can be done with your hair drying quickly.

What You Need To Look For When Buying A Blow Dryer

1) Ionic Technology: The technology will use negatively charged ions that will ensure that the water molecules break on the hair’s surface. The smaller molecules can be hydrated easily by the hair.
2) Tourmaline Ceramic Technology: looking for soft, smooth hair, go for the blow dryer for natural hair that has tourmaline ceramic technology. This technology will help by distributing the heat evenly and will prevent hair damage. Besides, this technology will also aid in reducing both the frizz and the static electricity.
3) Attachments: A diffuser will spread the heat and will also define the curls. While the concentrator will aid by straightening the hair. You should know that the majority of the blow dryers come with a diffuser and a concentrator. Some include additional attachments like a comb as well.
4) Heat Settings: The best blow dryer for natural hair contains heat settings as well. The majority of the hair dryers that we see these days contain either two or three heat settings. This will make it extra easier for the user to dry their hair.
5) Speed Settings: The speed settings are highly important. They can help you by controlling the airflow of the dryer.
6) Material: it is important to ensure that your hairdryer is manufactured with durable material and has ceramic coating. Ceramic coating can aid in preventing breakage.
7) Shot Button: The cool shot button will help in locking in the hairstyle when you fashion them.
8) Wattage: you must have an idea about the wattage of the dryer and the plug point. If the wattage is higher, it may cause problems as it will short circuit and overheat. The suitable wattage of blow dryers is between 1800 W – 3600 W. When you use a blow dryer that has a higher wattage, you can quickly dry your hair. This will not only reduce the drying time but will minimize the damage to the hair as well.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Blow Drying Damage Natural Hair

When you use high heat for a longer period, the hair will lose its natural texture. Therefore, if you are looking to dry your hair, you need to follow a few steps and guidelines. This will help you in maintaining the texture while blow-drying.

Which Blow Dryer Is Best For Natural Hair

When you choose the best hair dryer for natural hair, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. These factors include the Wattage, budget, and experience you have when drying your hair and styling them.

Does An Expensive Hair Dryer Make A Difference?

Although some brands will provide a specific proprietary technology that will propose a huge amount of price, this does not guarantee that you will not get the same results from a cheaper product. Everything depends on you identifying the equipment to ensure that you maintain your natural hairstyle in a tip-top shape.

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