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A Complete Beginner Guide To BB Creams


Recently the BB creams and CC creams have caught the attention of most makeup enthusiasts. They have become a part of most makeup routines and are being frequently used every day. Both bb cream and cc cream are essentially part of Korean makeup routines. However, most people don’t know what BB cream is, and what is the difference between bb and cc cream. So, here we are going to deal with both these questions. But to begin with, let me explain to you what a bb cream is and what does bb stands for.

What Is BB Cream?

BB Creams guide

The ‘bb’ in bb creams stands for ‘beauty balm’ or ‘blemishes balm’. It is a sort of primer/ moisturizer/ sunscreen/ foundation. So it is a light formula that performs the function of four to five various other products. The major function, however, of the bb creams is to get rid of redness and blemishes as one of its names suggests. The history of the bb cream dates back to the sixties, but it is just recently that this product has gained massive attention. The basic purpose of the bb creams is to provide a five in one product that is best for an everyday makeover. 

Along with the bb creams, the cc creams are also much in fashion. So the question is, how are both different and which one is better. But before we get into that, it is important to figure out what CC cream is?

What Is CC Cream?

CC Cream

A cc cream is actually one of the variations of the bb creams. A cc cream refers to ‘color correcting’ cream or a ‘color control’ cream. It is claimed that the cc creams not only help with the redness but also with the sallowness of the skin. Like the bb creams, a cc cream is also a tinted moisturizer having sun protection factors (SPF). 

And this brings us to the question that what is the difference between bb and cc creams? If both the creams have similar formulas and functions, then why do both have different names? And to answer these questions, we have to go into a little detail about cc cream vs bb cream. 

BB Cream Vs CC Cream

For long, the bb creams have dominated the makeup routines, but over time we have seen that the cc creams are becoming increasingly famous. As I mentioned earlier, both have basically the same formula. Then what is the difference between bb and cc creams? Well, here is what distinguishes one from the other. 

The summer bb creams are really known for their hydrating properties. They usually are richly hydrating and provide the skin with a lot of moisture. Therefore, the finish of a bb cream is usually very dewy. But because the moisturizer in it is tinted, it also helps with redness and blemishes.

On the other hand, the best cc creams are mostly known for treating uneven skin tone. They have better coverage which helps get rid of spots and discoloration on the skin. So a cc cream is the best choice for those having hyperpigmentation. The cc cream also masks the acne-prone skin and makes it appear much smoother. Another difference between bb and cc cream is that the latter does not give a dewy finish. 

Now that we have seen the differences between both the bb and cc creams let me also talk about certain similarities between the two. These similarities are:

  • Both bb creams and cc creams have tinted moisturizer in it. However, the tint in the cc creams is a little more than that in the bb cream. (well, that explains the higher coverage of the former). 
  • Both have the sun protecting factors in it, so they do kind of act as sunscreens.
  • Since both the bb and cc creams have moisturizers in it, they do act as a primer.
  • Since both are slightly tinted, they both can be used as a light coverage foundation. But they are not the exact substitute for foundation, and here is why.

BB Cream Vs Foundation

Most people use bb creams instead of foundations. But this does not mean that one is the substitute for the other. Talking about the difference, a foundation usually has a heavier formula and a lot of colors which gives some sort of coverage to the skin. It can be a dewy or matte finish foundation, but both lack moisturizers in it. This is one problem that most dry skin people know about when they have to struggle with foundation. And when they add some moisturizer to it, it tends to get super greasy. Also, the foundations do not have any SPF in it for they are purely made for the purpose of giving good coverage.

Contrarily, a bb cream can be considered as a colored moisturizer. The tint in it is just enough to mask the redness on the face, but it does not give from medium to full coverage. So a bb cream cannot be used if you want a full glam look. However, the high SPF and moisturizing agents in it make it the go-to choice for everyday makeup looks. 

The bb cream foundation is exceptionally good for people with dry skin as it does not make the skin greasy. It is also good for the oily skin people who want to apply moisturizer without getting an oil explosion on their faces. So for me, a bb cream is always a GO-GO!

The biggest benefit of the summer bb creams, in my opinion, is that you do not have to wear a lot of layers on your face every day. With a bb cream at your hand, you can use skin moisturizers, primer, and the foundation totally. It is a super cool option for people who like to get ready just a few minutes before leaving in the morning. I mean all you gotta do is to wash your face, dry it, and apply some bb cream on it. And you are good to go. Thus, with bb creams, you can totally get rid of the hassle of blending every morning. 


Best BB Creams In 2020

When it comes to getting yourself a bb cream, you can have trouble selecting ‘the one’ for you. The reason is that there are literally thousands of brands available in the market. But not all are worth your money. So after a lot of research. I have narrowed a list of the best bb creams for you. So, here is a list of the bb summer creams that you can buy without any fear.

1. Missha BB Cream

When it comes to makeup, Korean makeup products are excessively popular nowadays. So, naturally, my first recommendation is the best Korean bb cream which is the Misha BB cream. I know that I have been telling you that a bb cream is not a foundation and it has a lot less coverage than foundations, but hello, the Misha M full coverage bb cream is here to prove everyone wrong. 

This is a super tinted bb cream foundation that gives a medium to full coverage. So you can use it as a foundation. Moreover, it has SPF40 to PA+++, so you don’t really need to wear any sunscreen underneath it. It is available in six different shades which is a plus point since you can get the one that matches you.  

The only setback with the Missha BB cream is that most people complain that it has a greyish undertone. But let me tell you that the grey undertone is actually good for covering an acne-prone or red skin. Also, since this bb cream does not have a lot of oily moisturizers, it is kind of the best bb cream for oily skin people.

2. Maybelline BB Cream

bb creams guide

One of the best drugstore bb creams is the Maybelline bb cream. The formula of Maybelline bb cream is super light, and you can get both the minimal and medium coverage ones. If you want a bb cream that acts more like a moisturizer than a daily foundation, then go with the fresh Maybelline bb cream. 

However, if you are looking for a good coverage bb cream which is also hydrating and not very mattifying, then I would recommend you to go with the Maybelline pure bb cream. Both of these have amazing results. The only setback with the Maybelline bb cream is that it does not have SPF, so you have to wear an extra layer of sunscreen underneath. Otherwise, it is among the best bb creams.

3. Elf BB Cream

bb creams 101

Talk about cruelty-free makeup and the Elf is the best brand that you can get. It is a super affordable brand that gives some high-quality products for so less. If you are looking for the best drugstore bb cream, then I will definitely recommend you to try the Elf bb cream which has been the bb cream 2019.

It has a quite thick formula which is extremely hydrating. So for the dry skin people, it is a gift sent from the heavens. But from personal experience, I would say that it is the best bb cream for oily skin people too. Although it is highly moisturizing, it does not get greasy even under the sun if you set it with some powder. 

Moreover, this bb cream foundation gives almost medium to full coverage. It corrects out the blemishes well, and the skin does not show through it. Also, it has SPF 20, which makes it work as a sunscreen too. So the Elf bb cream is a really good one to try this year. 

Well, apart from these top 3 bb creams, there are some other brands too, which are worth mentioning here. All of these are also some of the best options of bb creams to choose from:

  • Tarte BB Cream
  • Loreal BB Cream 
  • Purlisse BB Cream 
  •  Garnier BB Cream

Which BB Creams To Buy?

When it comes to buying makeup products, it all depends on your skin type. What works for most people may not work for you. Plus, you have to look at both the positive and negative sides of a brand before choosing it. This is why I have talked in detail about the three best bb creams available in the market. 

My last advice on it would be that before you get a bb cream just look at three things: is it moisturizing enough, does it have required SPF, and does it give the required coverage? If all three questions are checked, then you can safely buy a bb cream and make it part of your everyday skincare and makeup routine.

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