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10 Shocking Asian Makeup Transformation


The magic of Asian makeup transformations is unrivaled and it includes a play on Asian eye makeup. Such videos can generally be found on Instagram or Tik Tok. Exercise caution though because once you go down this rabbit hole of illusions, you might never be able to come out again!

10 Astounding Asian Makeup Transformations

Are you ready for your mind to be boggled? Let’s go! We have got the most impressive 10 transformations for you in the category of Asian eyeliner looks and Asian eyeshadows

1. Elfish Beauty

asian makeup transformation

Kudos to this Asian makeup before and after where the artist transforms herself into a beautiful magical elf with pointy ears and a chiseled face. To complete the look, she wears a flower crown. 

2. Kimono Warrior

asian makeup

This talented Asian without makeup adorns herself in a kimono and modern version of a traditional Chinese headwear. The artistry shows in the way she sculpts her face to get a lean look.

3. Anime Magic

asian makeup transformation

It is an Asian makeup transformation that utilizes remarkable contouring techniques and tape to produce a look of an anime character. We will mark it as a success because it contains the classic anime characteristics, colored hair, big eyes, and rosy cheeks.

4. Lustrous Eyes And Retro Look

makeup transformation

The defining characteristic of this specific Asian makeup is the hooded eyes that completely transform the artist’s face by bringing attention to her wide captivating eyes.

5. Sexy And She Knows It

Defined cheekbones and a small chin are the highlights of the transformation and will make you believe in the power of makeup for Asians.


6. Taping Back For A Thin Face Structure

transformation of asian makeup

Every Asian without makeup is beautiful like this lady who uses tape on the sides of her face to give the appearance of a slim face.

7. Pronounced Scar Wax Nose

Scouts, our interest peaked as we witnessed how this makeup artist transformed her nose by using scar wax and manipulated the shape of her chin by duct taping certain areas.

8. Straight From The Youth Fountain

Asian makeup and the transformation it does can be witnessed when this makeup artist engineers herself a small nose and does her makeup to make herself look 10 years younger.

9. Wax Nose Is All One Needs

makeup transformation of asians

If you want inspiration then check out this artist who fashioned herself wide eyes, a cute nose, and a small mouth.

10. Chiseled Jawline Made of Duct Tape

asian makeup before and after

Last but not least is this gorgeous who does Asian makeup before and after by adding a dyed hair wig and adds dimension to her face by taping back her cheeks. 

Asian Makeup Transformation- Components Focused On

Are you fascinated but haven’t figured out how the transformations take place? Pay attention to all the transformational videos and you will notice that the main changes are brought in targeted areas of the face. Many of the changes are inspired by cartoons, mythical creatures, or even the current makeup trends and preferred looks. The focus regions and accompanying changes are:

  • Eyes are made to look bigger or hooded.
  • Noses are molded to look small and often prominent nose bridges are introduced.
  • Cheeks are pulled back by using duct tape.
  • For defined jawlines, duct tape is used to pull back certain areas of the neck. 
  • Eyebrows are drawn on to make them look fuller and luscious.
  • Most transformations focus on making the mouth look small but defined. 


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