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10 Tips For Asian Makeup


When one thinks of Asian beauties, they imagine smooth skin, silky straight hair, and flushed cheeks. Whilst most of them are true, Asian features are changing every day so we took the liberty of helping out our scouts with tips to help improve their Asian makeup, including their Asian eyeshadow looks and Asian eyes makeup

Asian Makeup Tips That Actually Work

Be the next Asian face known for being a pro at Asian makeup by following our simple yet ingenious tips!

Bring Notice To Your Eyes

Your eyes are one of the most alluring features of your Asian face so don’t be shy to explore ways to enhance them. Use eyeliner to open up your eyes; trace the shape of your eye to give it a natural look. 

Natural Yet Enhanced Eyelashes

Asian facial features are awe-worthy but the eyelashes are generally straight and small. You should prepare a routine that includes using both eyelash curler and mascara each time you get ready.

Raise Your Cheekbones

An Asian face is sometimes flat but you can define it by using the right blush. Try to steer clear of blush palettes with peachy undertones because Asian skins are already rosy. If you want to give the illusion of raised cheekbones, you will need to concentrate the blush on the apples of your cheeks all the way up to your temples. 

Fill Out Your Brows

If the last few years have taught us anything it is the importance of properly shaped brows. Botched eyebrows can ruin a person’s entire look. Unfortunately for Asian women, most of them have very thin brows. It is not a setback, this allows you to use brown eyebrow filler to draw the perfect shape and bring about your Asian makeup transformation.


Avoid Dark Lip Colors

Since Asian faces have thin lips, we would urge you to mostly stay far away from your dark lipsticks. Dark lip colors have a slimming effect on lips. Use peach/pink lip color that has a shimmer to it, if not then apply lip gloss on top of it.

Own Your Monolids

Many Asian facial features include monolids and we would encourage our scouts to own theirs because 2021 is all about being true to yourself!

Dress Up Your Forehead

tips for best asian makeup looks

People with tall foreheads need not worry because they can just get fringes to reduce the height.

Pick Out the Right Foundation Shade

We do not want to change the tones of Asian skins. Stick to yellow color based foundations as those fit right in the Asian skin tone palette.

Contour Your Nose Thin

One of our favorite Asian facial features is the nose but if you want to change it up to get a thinner nose then utilize Asian makeup. Contour the sides of your nose whilst highlighting the middle line to make it look small. 

Add Sunscreen To Your Arsenal

asian eye makeup looks

2021 is the year we expect you to be responsible so make sure to apply and carry sunscreen with you every single day. It will do miracles for your skin.

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