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6 Best Asian Eye Makeup In 2020


Although this year has been a great disappointment, it did provide us with some good opportunities. While at home, many of us got the time to try new and crazy looks that we missed due to our busy schedules. If you want to start with a new makeup look, why not go with eye makeup as many new Asian makeup ideas are trending in 2020.

Usually, the biggest problem with Asian eyes is that they are tiny. That is why the majority of Asian eye makeups focus on making the eyes more prominent. So, before we waste any extra time, here are the 20 best tips for Korean eye makeups for the year 2020.


1 Asian Eye Makeup Look Of Invisible Eyeliner


best asian eye makeup ideas

This makeup for Asian eye technique is given the name of “invisible” because no one would be able to notice that you are wearing eyeliner. This would make you look terrific, while no one will be able to know how you did it. This invisible Asian eyeliner technique works by lining the upper waterline to make your lashes extra thicker.


Steps For Invisible Eyeliner Look For Asian Eyes Makeup


1: Wash Hands

Before you get down to business, make sure that you have cleaned your hands before trying the monolid eye makeup. The reason behind this is that you will be working close to your eyes. Thus, if you want to stay safe, it is essential to wash your hands first.


2: Hold Your Eyelid In Place

To get things started, you should lift your upper eyelid. This way, you can quickly line the waterline. Stay vigilant, as when you use an Asian eyeliner, the skin around the eyes may get a little damaged.


3: Line The Upper Water Line

This is the last step of this makeup technique. What you need to do is that you should gently line your upper waterline with a black pencil. It is essential to lookup. It is necessary to press the pencil against the eyelashes. This will give a more significant effect.


2- Tight Lining Technique For Asian Eye Makeup


asian eye makeup Technique

Another important and easy Asian eye makeup technique is the Tightlining technique. In this technique, one will have to line the upper waterline “again” to create a wide-eyed and fuller look. This way, you can easily enhance your eyes. In this technique, one can create an illusion of dark and dense lash roots. This happens when you place the eyeliner in the lash line of the top lashes. Here are some steps that can make things easier for you.


Steps For Tight Lining Technique


1: Prepare Your Eyes

Again, before you start, it is essential to clean your hands and face. Also, apply a small amount of eye primer over your lids. This will keep your eyeliner in its place. This will also ensure that your makeup does not fade away. Before you move on to the next one, allow the primer to dry.


2: Cover Up Dark Circles

After the primer has dried up, you should look towards covering the dark circles. To do that, you should choose a concealer. The color of the concealer should be no more than shades lighter than your skin tone. Put the color on the dark circles. Blend it gently. You can also use a translucent powder to set the concealer.


3: Tightline Your Upper Waterline

In this step, you should hold your upper lid in place with the help of a Q-tip. Also, raise the chin and look back a little. You should make sure that you coat the bristles of your brush with enough pigment. Vertically hold the brush, and shake its tip gently in the top waterline. Your goal is to make your lashes look more fuller. Thus, wherever your lashes are, apply the eyeliner.


4: Repeat The Previous Step

To make it look more effective, you should repeat the previous step on the lower lash line. This way, you can push the pigment under your lashes. You can start from the outermost corner and tight line two-thirds of your lash line. Although this is a tiny step and may look insignificant, it can help you make your eyes look bigger.


5: Clean Up!

During makeup, one can make a lot of mistakes. So, after you have finished, use a Q-tip and dip it in a water-based makeup remover. Then clean any errors or smudges.


3- Asian Eye Makeup Of Edge Eye Liner Technique


asian eye makeup

The edge eyeliner technique is relatively easy. You can do it by following these four simple steps.


Steps For Edge Eye Liner Technique

1: The first step is to draw the tail of the eyes long. You have to keep your eyes closed while doing this.

2: The second step is to draw the line. You will draw this line by turning the direction a bit inward.

3: The third step is to draw a line from the inside of the eyes. Then, you should connect this line with the line that you drew in the previous step.

4: After you have matched both the lines, you should fill in the inside of the outline. Calmly fill in between eyelashes with detail.


4- Smokey Eyes Makeup For Asian Eye Makeup


Smokey Eyes Makeup

Another technique to make your eyes look a bit more memorizing is to go for the smokey eye makeup. Asian smokey eyes makeup is a style in which a dark monolid eyeshadow is to the eyelids’ bottom and top.



Steps For Smokey Eyes Makeup

Step 1: The first step is to apply a mid-tone shadow over your lid. If you want to create a perfect smokey eye, you should opt for browns, greys, or heathers.

Step 2: The second step is to apply a liner along the lash line. It is essential to make sure that you coat and deposit color between the lashes. This will instantly pop the eye.

Step 3: The third and most crucial step is to layer the lashes with a dark tone shadow, such as charcoal, smoke, or espresso. Blend it halfway into the lid and up the lid shadow. Also, apply to the lower lash line by softly pressing the brush on the root of the lower part of the lashes. After you are done with this, smudge it all with your fingers. This will give it a smokier finish.

Step 4: After you are done with this, add a final touch with Mascara. Layer three to four coats if you want a full lash effect.

Step 5: At last, you can add a sparkling shadow touch with your finger. This will give it that real luxe finish.


5- Nude EyeShadow Look: The Colorful Eye


Nude EyeShadow Look: The Colorful Eye

Another Asian Eye makeup technique that can come in handy is the easy eye shadow look. When you think of the word nude, the last thing that comes in your mind is a pop of color. Although vibrant nude shades can be difficult, a well-placed nude shadow can help you amp up more colorful shadows. Thus, here are the five steps that can help you out while going for the Asian eyeshadow technique.


Steps For Nude EyeShadow Look


1: Apply a primer

To ensure that your look will last throughout the day, apply an eye shadow primer to your eyelids. This will help in preparing them for your eye makeup.


2: Create the Base

The second step is to apply a nude eye shadow across the eyelid. This will help in neutralizing the color of the eyelid. This way, you can hide any veins or any discoloration. Also, you can aid your colorful eye shadow to show up more frequently once applied.


3: Add The Color

Choose an eye shadow shade of your own choice. After this, you should apply the shade over the nude eyeshadow. To blend the shadow out at your crease, use a fluffy brush. To apply the same shadow over your lower lash lines, use a flat top brush. This will help in adding a pop of color.


4: Line The Water Line

In this step, you should use a waterproof teal pencil eyeliner. This way, you can line your waterline for a colorful and coordinated look.


5: Apply Mascara

No makeup look on Earth is complete without Mascara. That is why if you want to get the best Mascara for Asian eyes, you should use black Mascara. Using black Mascara will add drama to your lashes. This will also intensify the color of your eye shadow.


6- Summer Glow Makeup


Summer Glow Makeup

Unlike the other Asian makeup tutorials, this one is a bit different. The super glowy makeup technique has become a part of our daily routine now. Although this Asian makeup look can make you look more mesmerizing, it is essential to follow these steps.


Steps For Summer Glow Makeup


1: Choose The Right Primer

The very first step is to choose the primer that will benefit your skin needs. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or combination, using a primer is the main priority.


2: Go For A Mineral-Based Medium and Light-weight coverage Foundation:

Using a light-weight foundation is the best way to achieve a natural look. Still, if you are not satisfied, you should apply one more layer. To do this, you should use a mineral-based medium coverage foundation with a clean damped blender.


3: Use Warm, shimmer, and light-color eyeshadows:

The goal of this whole technique is to do natural makeup for small eyes. This way, you can make your eyes look more bright. You should know that the shimmer eyeshadows will only be suitable in one condition.

You should use the transition color. This transition color should be matte.


4: Use The Mac Fix Plus Or Rose Water Handy:

The max fix plus is considered as one of the best in the market. Using this will make all of the shimmer shades pop up. It will also give your face a damp look. Before you apply the shimmer shades on your eyelid, brow bone, and inner cone, you should spray to your brush. After you have done your makeup, give at least two sprays directly to your face. Even if you have an oily skin type, no problem will arise. As you have already prepared your skin with a primer. This way, your face look will not melt. If you want to feel fresh as well, use the Rose-water spray. This will give you the same result as well.


5: Concealer And Highlighter

Choose the concealers and highlighters carefully. Similar to the foundations, you should choose the concealers and highlighters correctly.



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