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How To Do Anime Lips Makeup


Anime fans and makeup scouts, hear us! Anime lips are the epitome of anime beauty and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. How many times have you gone on Google to search up “how to draw anime lips”? So have we! And we have got the answer for you right here! 

With our animation makeup tutorial, you will be the knockout of every anime makeup contest, Halloween party, or cosplay. Don’t just sit there, learn all about anime lips drawing, and give yourself the chance to marvel at your skills.

Anime Lips Makeup Tutorials

how to do anime lips

It is time to start scouting for anime makeup to become the next known name in the world of anime beauty. Open your eyes as we give you the most jaw-dropping animation makeup tutorial on how to draw anime lips.

Makeup Products For Anime Lips

An artist is handicapped without their tool so will you if you do not possess the right tools for doing anime makeup. If you are to do anime lips drawing, you will need certain essentials in your makeup bag to become the anime beauty. Newbies of the anime makeup circle, we have gathered all the information you will need about the products. You have complete discretion about the brands of products that you will choose to add to your makeup pouch.

  • Concealer of your choice
  • Pink lipstick
  • Liquid liner
  • Gel liner
  • Red lip gloss
  • Lip brush

Draw Anime Lips From Scratch

Anime lips drawing can be a child’s play if you play your cards right with steps of animation makeup tutorial and the right anime makeup products. Here is a how-to-draw anime lips for all you queens and kings.

  1. Apply concealer on your lips to create a blank canvas.
  2. Grab a pink lipstick and take some of it on to your lip brush. 
  3. Apply the lip shade on the inner parts of your lips. Make sure to keep the brush strokes focused on the inner circle only.
  4. To achieve a natural anime lips look, blot out the lipstick with your finger in the targeted region.
  5. To draw the lines, apply the gel liner with your lip brush. Concentrate on the natural lines of your lips. Along a diagonal line from the top points of your cupid bow, draw two shaded lines from the center of your upper lip down to the end of the lip. 
  6. On your bottom lip, draw a shaded line in the center, following your natural lip line. 
  7. With your lips closed, start at the corners of your mouth and draw lines tracing them inwards, creating a shaded line.
  8. Take your liquid liner and draw a defined line in the center of the areas where you drew shaded lines.
  9. To give color to your lips, apply the pink lipstick to the plump areas of your lips with the help of your lip brush. Concentrate on the areas around the shaded parts of your lips specifically.
  10. Take a small amount of red lip gloss on your lip brush and apply it to the areas around the shaded zones.
  11.  Give final touches to your anime lips by shading in black gel liner and pink lipstick and red lip gloss where they are not popping out. 

Occasions For Anime Lips Makeup

anime lips makeup

Do you think that a person needs a special occasion to wear anime makeup? Some would say no. If we were to limit it to specific occasions, our list would include Halloween parties and cosplays. 


You cannot hope to be an anime beauty if you are not informed about how to draw anime lips. If you are a novice in anime lips drawing, we have selected one look each for a Halloween party and cosplay event. 

Pop Art Anime Lips For Halloween

We celebrate innovation and change and in that spirit, we advise you not to stick to basic anime lips drawing. Stand out from the crowd by drawing the most elaborate pop artsy anime lips anyone has ever seen. Combine the soul of comics, pop art, and anime to draw 3D anime lips. The highlights of the anime lips drawing will be:

  • The main choice of lip color will be red.
  • The lip will be outlined in black color.
  • Dimensions will be created by tracing in black lines at the center of the lips.
  • To get that gleam of pop art, the glossiness of the lips will be brought out by drawing white horizontal lines to highlight the lips. 

Cartoon Anime Lips For Cosplay Events

You do not need makeup anime makeup skills to draw believable and alluring anime lips. The difference between these cartoon anime lips drawing and the above one is the choice of color. Pop art lips use the classic red whilst cartoon lips are all about sporting the color pink. The key points of these lips are the same, except that you will be switching out the red lipstick with a rich pink one.

Print of Anime Lips Drawing For Anime Makeup 

anime lips

Anime lips are defined by small cute lips which is what you should try to achieve if you are aiming to nail the basic anime makeup look. Once you have mastered that, we would invite you to venture beyond that and try out pop art and cartoon anime lips drawing. 

Anime makeup will not be complete without the perfect anime lips. To get the true sense of anime beauty, there are a couple of points that you ought to remember for anime lips.

  • Exfoliation will enhance your anime lips beyond your imagination, buy or make a simple exfoliator specifically for your lips. 
  • Always make sure that you use a foundation or concealer as a main step.
  • The trick is to bring attention to drawn in lines supported by the pop of color. The lines are what give the whole look depth and dimension. 
  • Most anime makeup looks have washed out lips which is unappealing. Even if you want to stick true to the spirit of anime beauty, make sure to apply nude lipstick to make your lips noticeable.
  • Any animation makeup tutorial worth its while will tell you to avoid all glossy lipsticks. Stick to matte lipsticks and lipglosses.
  • A slightly contradictory tip that we will impart here is that you should never shy away from underemphasizing your lips. A minimalistic look for your anime lips can easily rival dark colored lips at any time. 

Final Word

The world of anime lips is exciting, it is a place where you can explore your potential in anime makeup. With the right tools and animation makeup tutorial, you can ascend to the level of an anime makeup guru who is famous for flawless anime lips drawing. 

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