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Top Anime Hairstyles To Create The Perfect Look In 2022


Creating the right anime hairstyle is not as easy as it seems. Whether you wanna create the anime hairstyles female or you wanna opt for the anime hairstyles male, you still need to make sure that you go for the right steps.

So, are you eager to learn about the best anime hairstyles? Gladly, your wait is now over. Here are the best anime hairstyles you can copy from your favorite anime characters.

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Best Anime Hairstyles For You

The best anime hairstyles have been classified into two different categories. One is the anime hairstyles for males and the other is the anime hairstyles for females. So, let us start with the anime hairstyles for males first.

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Best Anime Hairstyles Male

1) Baldies

This might seem odd, but the baldies are perhaps the best hairstyles you guys can go for. The baldies are among the best and most popular male anime hairstyles that you can go for. Instead, the majority of the bald characters in Anime are either seen as the best with experience or are the ones who have unbreakable morale.

So, if you are looking to create a makeup look, you should try this magnificent anime hairstyle.

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anime hairstyles

2) The Ahoge

The word “Ahoge” means stupid hair. Besides, it is one of the best and most striking anime boy hairstyles out there. Although this may appear to be just a strand of hair that you cannot comb, the Ahoge helps in providing significant insight into a character.

The single strand of hair that sticks out from the normal, parted style can help in emphasizing the lightness of being of the character.

While this may not seem as cute and pretty as the anime girl look, this will work fine.

anime hairstyles

3) Shizuo Heiwajima

One major fact that you can never deny is that dyeing your hair is quite symbolic. As it is vastly related, the dyeing of the anime characters is either symbolic of rebellion or is an overall shift to the character depth.

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anime hairstyles

4) Male Binding Bangs

Want to go for the best anime boy hairstyle? Go for the male binding bangs. The real reason why these characters have real charm is that there is something very eerie and secretive about these characters. The Male Binding Bangs are definitely among our best anime hairstyles.

anime hairstyles

5) Helicopter Hair

Going for the helicopter hair to create the right anime makeup look is quite impressive. If done accurately, the hairstyle can provide the perfect look you have craved for.

6) Anti Gravity

You might see a few attractive hairstyles, but this anime hairstyle male is perhaps the best and perfectly balanced between sexy and impactful. Not only does this anime hairstyle have earthly abilities, but the anti-gravity hairstyle is an embodiment of the character’s traits that transcends the human mind.

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7) Mohawks

The Mohawk hairstyle has been famous all over the world. Not only this hairstyle is used for anime characters, but this hairstyle was even used by the ancient Red Indians as well. Thus, you can create the perfect anime guy makeup look by going for this.

8) Hair Reboots

Although this hairstyle might not be as cool of an anime hairstyle as anti-gravity, the hair reboot style has a class of its own. This hairstyle not only aids in the new character arcs, but it helps in propelling the storyline in unfathomable directions.


9) Top Knots for Men

One of the best and most iconic hairstyles you can go for is the top knot. This hairstyle is the perfect option to show. If you are extremely eager to create the best anime makeup look, I would suggest that you create this anime hairstyle at least once. I know you will not be disappointed.

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10) The Afro

Although it is long forgotten, the Afro hairstyle still resonates with the idea of being cool. And numerous hipster hairstyles are derived from this iconic hairstyle. As told before, this anime hairstyle has been out of the limelight for far too long, yet it is still the best and most striking anime hairstyle that is around.

11) Short And Spiky

The short and spiky anime hairstyle needs no introduction. This anime hairstyle can provide you with the best anime makeup look that you can ever dream of. Thus, if you are looking to create the perfect anime makeup look, this anime hairstyle is among the best options.

12) Dreadlocks

As this dreadlock anime hairstyle is an act of perfection, it can exude a serene and calculative nature. Not only this, but if we look at the physical level, it can show that the character is concerned about the overall appearance, cleanliness and is quite caring about hygiene.

Best Anime Hairstyles For Females

1) The Beehive

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word beehive hairstyle? Well, this might sound a bit cringey and inclined to the typical western culture, but that’s not the case. You might also think that this hairstyle is of the famous Marge Simpson. But Marge Simpson’s Asian counterpart Edel has her version of the beehive hairstyle. You, on the other hand, can try this version and create a great anime hairstyle and anime look. So, what do you say?

2) Compression

The compression hairstyle develops because the longer hair is compressed by a simple sort of headgear or helmet. By going for this anime hairstyle, you can create the right anime look. All you need to do is to follow the right steps.

3) Match-Match

The match hairstyle is not only about the hairstyle but this involves pretty much everything. From your hair to your eye color, you need to take care of everything. The match-match anime hairstyle requires that your eye color matches the hair color. This might seem a bit tough, but if you are eager to create the perfect and cute anime hairstyles, you should go for it.

4) Antennae

Have you seen the great movie Avengers: Infinity War, remember that annoying character whom Drax always hated? Yes, you guessed it right. I am also talking about Mantis. If you are a fan of her, you can have a look like her by going for this anime hairstyle.

Apart from Avengers, you can see this famous look in most anime female characters. This adds a certain element of intelligence and wit along with a quirky twist.

5) Hair Intakes

The hair intakes hairstyle cannot be associated without going back to its feline roots. While the majority of the other hairstyles cater to a specific female character, the hairline intake can be used to represent numerous character traits.

6) Bangs

Characters like Ayatsuji and Olivier Mira Armstrong, have shown time and time again that bangs are truly incredible if you know how you can wear them. You can be just like your favorite characters with the bangs if you follow the right tips.

7) Slicked Back

Although this hairstyle establishes a no-BS attitude, it is still highly attractive. This anime hairstyle for girls not only enables you to carry a chunk of the arc but also makes it attractive while doing so.

8) Side Swipe

This anime hairstyle for women portrays the characters as extremely less sinister and provides a propensity for softness. But in some cases, this side swipe portrays the coy nature of the character.

9) The Ponytail

Ah, the Ponytails! We all know that women all over the world love to go for the ponytail hairstyle. Although a lot of men are now going for this hairstyle, it is still a trademark of women’s beauty. You may think that ponytail is an anime hairstyle? But the answer is that while it is renowned in the west, a lot of Eastern characters have used this hairstyle. Thus, I must say that, if you haven’t opted for the ponytail hairstyle yet, then there is nothing you have done.

10) Short Hair

Short hair anime style is another symbol of women’s beauty. This hairstyle is in the league of its own. The best thing about the short hairstyle is that it can be created with ease and it ensures that you get a long-lasting effect.

Final Words

Creating the right anime hairstyle and anime look isn’t an easy task. There are a few things that you need to focus on. Besides, to create your favorite anime characters’ look, you need to make sure that your hairstyle is completely similar to them. Hence, I have revealed the best anime hairstyles for both women and men that you can go for.

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