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Steps To Create The Anime Eye Makeup


Anime makeup is perhaps the toughest makeup technique that you can go for. But if you follow the right steps, then I can assure you that you will get the best anime makeup look you have been looking for. Besides, there are a lot of people who do not know much about anime eye makeup looks. So, today I am here to show you how to create the right anime eye makeup look as well as what the anime makeup looks are. So, let us get started.

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What Is Anime Eye Makeup?

Anime makeup is a makeup technique that is derived from real anime characters. Through this technique, you can create a look at your favorite anime character. In the beginning, the makeup type was followed only in East Asian countries. But with time, this technique has become so famous that it is used in Halloween parties as well.

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How To Create Anime Eye Makeup?

To create the anime eye makeup look, there are a few certain steps that need to be followed. Thus, to help you guys out, I have written how to create anime eye makeup in two parts.

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Part 1: Start By Enlarging The Eyes With Makeup

Step 1: Apply A Concealer And Foundation

The first step is to apply the concealer and a foundation. You can easily conceal dark circles under the eyes with the help of these products. Besides, it can also help in giving you quite an even skin tone that you can work with. Thus, you should select a foundation that is way lighter than your original skin tone.

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anime eye

Step 2: Add An Eye Primer

Adding a primer to your eye is quite helpful. What you need to do is to first cover the area around the eyes with an eye primer. This will help you in keeping your makeup in its place. Then, you should make the appearance more durable. You should tap on it up to the eyebrow.

anime eye

Step 3: Use Eyeshadow

Using eyeshadow is also quite an important step. You need to make sure that you brush the eyeshadow on and around the eye area. Besides, you must go for the best colors that have softer and lighter shades that can accentuate the great and cute appearance of most female anime eyes.

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Step 4: Accentuate With An Eye Shimmer Powder

In case you are looking for a glittery effect, then you must add an eye shimmer powder around your inner eye corners. If you are not interested in this or are hesitant, then you can skip this step as well.

anime eye

Step 5: Create a pale outline of the inner eye

The next step is to create a pale outline of your inner eye by using a white or a pale eyeliner that can help in drawing a V shape with the help of a tear duct area of the eyes. You can extend your outline slightly onto the waterline of each eye. But it is important to know that you should not exceed more than ⅓ of the way across your eyelid.


Step 6: Make A Longer Outline With Dark Eyeliner

The next step is to apply a black or a very dark eyeliner either to the bottom or to the top. This will help you in making your eye look way more dramatic than you believe it to be. One thing you need to do is to avoid the area with the white eyeliner. If you cannot avoid it, then make sure to carefully outline the white area.

On the outer corner, you need to make sure that you extend the eyeliner past the waterline by at least 1-2 centimeters. This will help in making your eyes look bigger and wider. You can also create a small wing at the corner. Winged eyes mostly do not look larger or extra dramatic, but large wings can help in giving a heavy and closed look.

Step 7: Go For A Black Mascara

You can use a volumizing and lengthening mascara that can help in making your eyelashes appear fuller and longer. Besides, the outer lashes mostly appear thicker than the inner ones in anime. Thus it is important to concentrate on these. There are two major approaches you can use for numerous effects.

You can choose between the ones that are below. Note: Make sure that your mascara gets dry first.

  • You can start by applying numerous coats thickly across the eyelashes to get a bolder and dramatic effect. If you have mascara that clumps together, then you should leave it.
  • Apply one but a good three brush coat all across the outer, middle, and inner parts of the lashes. You should repeat it as needed until you get the required result.

Step 8: Go For The False Eyelashes

In case you are unsatisfied with your current created look, you need to go for the best fake eyelashes. You can use demi lashes or you can cut the full length lashes shorter and cut them for a better experience. You can apply the lashes a little back. This way, you can create a larger eye.

In case you are uncomfortable with false lashes, you can go for the curling of your lashes. Now, curling your lashes can help you in a good way. You can still get a dramatic and full-length beautiful effect.

Part 2: Achieving The Other Anime Features

Step 1: Changing The Eye Color Is Helpful As Well

You can go for the large “circle lenses” that can get you a more dramatic effect than normal makeup. You need to make sure that your eyes are measured by an optometrist first. Then you should purchase the contacts from a reliable source. Ensure that you do not go for poorly made contact lenses.

To get a great and dramatic effect, you need to try sclera lenses. These lenses make sure that they cover the entire visible eye.

Step 2: Use A Light Gloss Or Lipstick

One thing that you should do is to go for a light gloss or a light lipstick. When you go for dark or bold lipstick, this can create problems as your lips will gain the attention that you need for your eyes. On some face types, over-accentuated lips and eyes can be quite chaotic. You need to consider pink lipstick or a clear gloss if you want your eyes to get attention.

Step 3: Add A Pink Blush

If you want to get the innocent look of the majority of female anime characters, you should go for a pink blush. What you can do is to cross the blush over the bridge of your nose from the cheekbone to the cheekbone.

Step 4: Alter Your Look By going For a Colored Eyeliner

The next step is to go for a bright color. The color depends on your choice. You can choose a blue, purple, blue, green, or any other eyeliner color you want. This is important as if you are going for a cyberpunk anime, then using these colors instead of the black eyeliner is a better option.

Step 5: Draw On The False Eyelashes

One thing you should know is that a thinner, higher arch looks more animated than a normal eyebrow. In case you are not satisfied, I would recommend you use unusual colors.

Step 6: Tighten Your Eyes By Using A Teaspoon

The last step to create the right anime eye makeup look is to keep two teaspoons in the refrigerator for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Put the bowl of the spoons over the eyes until you make sure that the spoons have warmed up. This will help in pulling the skin around the eyes tight.

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